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PADA's Summary of Recent Events March 2014

Can fly us back to Godhead faster than bogus GBC's gurus? Yep!

SOUTH AMERICA: Report from there says their local guru Virabahu has been staying in a mental home? Does anyone know whats up here? A devotee who used to live in the apartment next to Virabahu said he never attended the programs, and would get up at around 9 am to go down and fetch his "Wall Street Journal." Another rumor is, he lost a bundle of money by gambling on the stock market. The good news is, Virabahu said around 1988 -- that 95 percent of the GBC's sannyasas (i.e. gurus) would eventually fail. At least he told people they are being cheated, these "sannyasa" people are -- not -- really gurus.

INDIA: First of all, most of the GBC's biggest "guru gangsters" are long gone, like Kirtanananda, Ramesvara, Harikesh etc. They have however, one leftover heavy duty mobster / thug / enforcer to hold the fort together, namely Jayapataka swami, and he wanted to sue the Prabhupadanugas to stop us, but he too is on the way out.

Devotee comment: "He ate so much, got fat as an elephant, then his brain exploded."

Jayapataka's influence is clearly dwindling and his main program, Sridham Mayapura, has been criticized for "spending too much money on lawyers" instead of making their TVOP building. Thus the building remains incomplete. At the same time a report from India says -- JPS health and mental capacity are further deteriorating. And what is the reason JPS got as fat as an elephant?

Perhaps because, he was depriving the ISKCON children of their resources, according to some of them at least, that included food, medicine, blankets etc. while he was eating 50 courses feasts. In other words, there is a complaint from many victims that JPS was using resources meant to care for the children -- for himself. The results are self-explanatory?  

Meanwhile, we heard a report that Bhavananda is basically in charge of Mayapura, and since he is not exactly the heavy duty gangster type, its leaving a big hole in the GBC's thug enforcement program. Meanwhile, Bhavananda says he hopes to be alive one year from now, he is also on his way out.

At the same time, rumors have surfaced that important Mayapura property had been secretly off-shored to another corporation that is in the control of a few JPS disciples, and not ISKCON. At the same time, some GBC folks have allegedly attacked Radhanatha for not making his charities part of ISKCON. At the same time, Radhanath is apparently helping sue Bangalore for using the name of ISKCON, while he is not using that name? At the same time PADA and similar sites are getting a lot of views from India, so at least some folks are getting informed over there.

Even the karmi media people sometimes say to us, these guys must be atheists, they think they can make degraded people into God's successors, and they do not fear any repercussion in their future lives, because they are atheists who do not even believe in a future life. In other words, even the karmis know these guys are going straight to Yamaloka for a long and hard ride, complete with the barking hounds of hell chasing them all the way there.

Srila Prabhupada also says if one artificially takes disciples as a diksha guru (like JPS is doing) then one is taking the disciple's karma, and this will have malefic effect. If one is not qualified to absorb all these sins, and one "takes the karma from their disciples," one will get sick, fall down, or both. Most of the GBC's gurus have thus had various chronic ailments and illnesses -- including falling off horses and breaking both arms, melanoma cancer, heart attacks, blood poisoning, headaches, inability to eat, eating way too much, partial paralysis, drug addiction ... and various untimely deaths etc. Never mind some of them have become critical of Krishna and / or the Krishna religion itself.

Jayapataka is almost their best poster child of "what happens when and unqualified person takes other's sins." The problem is -- once these unqualified gurus take the sins of others, then they have to take those sins with them -- not only now in this life -- but into the next life, and suffer very severe reactions. For example, taking a female as a disciple, when she has had one or more abortions, means one is taking up the sin of abortion. So unless one is very powerful spiritually, one will have to suffer these sins, never mind many disciples were eating hamburgers and who knows what else they were up to before taking initiation, and the GBC's gurus have to absorb all that karma as well. Vipramukhya used to say, every time he initiated another disciple he felt sick for a week, of course now he has left altogether.

As for their guru clan's infamous tail spins and fall downs, well we all know whats been going on here. Lets see, there has been illicit sex, drugs, rejecting Srila Prabhupada, attacking the Vedas, criminal activity, and did we forget to mention, illicit sex with men, women and children? Sounds like a happy group of messiahs if there ever was one!

[ISKCON buildings not as important as buying expensive lawyers.]  

BHAKTI VIKAS SWAMI: Then we have gurus in India like Bhakti Vikas swami. He says the main body of the GBC's are totally bogus for spending all their time preaching to Hindus in India, then he spends most of his own time, how did you guess, preaching to Hindus in India. He came out addressing problems with Radhanath swami, but quickly retreated when "the big boys" forced him to recant. Yep, Radhanath is burying dead molesters in the holy land and yet even the greatest "strict scholars" of ISKCON are helpless and powerless to get these obnoxious carcasses out of the holy dham.

Of course, anyone who assists the party that is burying dead molesters in the holy land, thus polluting the holy dham with odious garbage, will end up living in some sort of odious garbage heap oneself -- perhaps as some sort of insect eating rotten dog food out of tin cans, and this could go on for a long time. In fact, billions and trillions of years are like teeny nano-blips of time to Lord Krishna.

We need not detail all of the obnoxious hells from the 5th canto that even some of ordinary mundane people will have to endure for their bad actions, but these guru guys are going to fall into far, far worse conditions than these karmis are doing -- on steriods. Which is why, these bhoghi gurus are destined for the most obnoxious regions, worse than the mundane man, at least so says shasta.

The only good news is that Bhakti vikas once in awhile makes some sort of weak attack on the bogus guru's system, but he is too compromised to make any tangible effect. He knows what is wrong, but does not take appropriate action. Unfortunately the karma for this is, one day he will be suffering and many people will know about it, but no one will address the problem properly, or there will be some weak tea address that has no impact.]

[Not really with the GBC's gurus, ooops sorry, really is with the GBC's gurus.]

MAHANIDHI SWAMI: The Mahanidhi problem exposed the fact that the GBC has been "back door promoting" all sorts of "ISKCON allowed" association with the "rasika babajis of Radha Kunda." This was a big set back for them after they claimed that they were getting rid of the Tamal / Narayana Maharaja "rasika club." Even Paramadvaita swami wrote a letter chastising the GBC, -- they vote in gurus -- then vote them out again.

This is not at all part of the Vaishnava tradition. Actually that is correct, the GBC is bogus for voting in gurus, voting out gurus etc., and this is more indication of their foolishness, and its being exposed more and more. Paramadvaita swami is correct, what kind of credibility does a group have when they are always voting in and then voting out their messiahs? This sounds like mundane corporatism, corporate directors are voted in and voted out, but this is not how a bona fide religion views its messiahs.


PRABHUPADANUGAS INDIA: Making more and more devotees and temples meanwhile?


PHILADELPHIA TEMPLE: Now that Ravindra Swarupa is sort of out of power there, where will he go to cause further havoc? Some say he is taking shelter of Anuttama and the Maryland temple. Meanwhile his congregation is saying that there is a witness intimidation process going on here, which may not be legal. You mean -- like Ravindra's program bans, beats and assassinates dissenters since 1978? PADA will help with an affadavit here if they need it, yes, intimidation of dissenters, it is their middle name.

ARIZONA: Community there is up in arms against Harivilas. More people are challenging the GBC authority.

VANCOUVER: Same problem of people rejecting GBC authority here, except we have a nice independent Prabhupadanuga program going on there which is attracting more people. Rocana also lives in this area, but he has not had any devotional programs, nor is he really interested in making another program. So our program is growing, his is not. A report says that Vancouver temple is in ill repair, and there is a temple resident's house with an alleged rat problem. To sum, our program is expanding, their program is diminished, Rocana has no program, so we are winning here, and that's a pattern.

SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA: Our independent Prabhupadanuga program is growing nicely here, and is currently making a huge new temple on 80 acres of land.

Russia / Ukraine: More Prabhupadanugas programs going on there, and some important leaders even in ISKCON expressing doubts about GBC guru process.

South America: Making headway here with more Prabhupadanugas.

OneISKCON site: Raya Nitai admits the GBC does not endorse his program, nor can he endorse their program. Prominent writer on the site, Krishna Kirti das, rejected Hrdayananda for his support of Gay Marriage. That means the GBC's own sympathizers are pulling back from supporting these GBC's gurus.

OTHER PROGRESS: There are also many other nice Prabhupadanuga programs going on in many other places, including sites that advertise original books and so forth. For example, our devotees were recently asked to lecture in a big Hindu temple in the USA. So we are making good progress.

"HOLIER THAN THOU" -- WITHERING: Another good sign of progress in the ISKCON environment is that devotees in general are becoming more alert to self-advertised "big devotees," and they are becoming more reliant on the actual writings and overall instructions of the pure devotee Srila Prabhupada. In short, Srila Prabhupada is sort of emerging as the final authority -- by default -- as these other boastful people fall away.

Nowadays, anyone making boastful claims like -- "I'm the real deal devotee," -- Kailash chandra's "real explanation," -- Rocana's "I defeated the ritviks," -- Krishna Kanta's "I defeated the poison issue" -- Hrdayananda's "Krishna West is the answer" etc. -- is being viewed as more and more dubious these days.

The GBC gurus of course started this trend, claiming to be pure devotee acharyas no less in 1978. Since then, various people have tried to claim the mantle of being "the most advanced," but problems soon developed and it became self-evident these people were not really what they claimed.

Mahanidhi did perhaps the best job in recent time of making an attempt to gain the mantle of "the most advanced rasika-ness devotee in the ISKCON group," but something went amiss in his camp as well. His own followers ended up reporting him as being "unfit for the post."

The problem of making false claims to glory also unfortunately extends to persons who have entered the Prabhupadanuga camp, to try to catapult themselves into the seat of "King of the Prabhupada faithful hill," but they are being exposed more and more as well. Some of the people who entered our camp even demanded that we "give them more credit." Ummm, devotional service is not about getting credit?

And some of these people, like for example Sanat and Mukunda, are even going so far as to promote Radhanath's biggest cheer leaders like Bhakta das, in order to get some cheap following, cheap glory, cheap "credit" for some wonderful achievement. These actions have simply been back firing on these people nowadays. Its making these cheap-shot compromised folks look more foolish than ever. Again, all this is good because it re-emphasizes the need to focus on the pure devotee Srila Prabhupada and not these cheap - shot compromisers.

Of course now we have Prahlad das openly advertising for the worse offenders and critics of Krishna and the pure devotee on his own site, as is explained here:

So its pretty obvious, he never was a Prabhupada faithful person. Prahlad now wants to advertise for his real allies, where his heart really feels at home, i.e. with Prabhupada's worst attackers -- the same folks who told PADA its wonderful Prabhupada died from poison. And these are the same people Prahlad is advertising as his authorities and spokespersons, i.e. he is with these people.  

As one devotee explained to PADA, this is because he is becoming more angry that he is not being recognized as "the real leader." This devotee said, that is ALSO what many of these bogus GBC's did, they made pretend they were great Prabhupada devotees, but they really wanted glory for themselves. And when their glory was thwarted, then their real natures emerged, they began to attack Krishna and Prabhupada. They only made pretend they were great devotees. Prahlad is simply another example of this phenomena. At the same time someone told PADA, Prahlad is even worse than these bogus gurus, even these gurus are not as degraded as Prahlad that they would combine forces with the people who are gloating that pure devotees are crucified.

Krishna Kanta also wanted some sort of post from the GBC, its not going to happen, so his compromising with them was all for nothing:

So this is all good, it means more people are waking up to all these false compromisers, false horn tooting self promoters, if not supporters of Srila Prabhupada's attackers, and they are going back to the source, Srila Prabhupada and not relying on these false shelters. More and more these "big devotees" are no longer being recognized, and the real "big devotee" Srila Prabhupada is being recognized. ys pd

ys pd


  1. the pittsburgh program is hosted by imfamous new vrindaban child rapist Sri Galim

  2. Really, yikes! Thanks for the info. ys pd

  3. Thanks for the latest gossip Pada, there might not be any big big gurus in ISKCON right now but one is sure to come along sooner or later. ISKCON needs to admit they only have little gurus but Prabhupada is a big guru then bas, all problems solved.

    1. Hare Krishna. Srila Prabhupada has been and is a living guru now. No need of other so callaed living gurus. Srila Prabhupada is living and giving diksa to thjousands NOW. But many never really met Srila Prabhupada and went on to promote themselves to as "as good as Krishna," so new people have practically no idea as to who Srila Prabhupada really is. They think there is a need of some other guru. In this way they cheat themselves and others. But those who are more sincere, have learned who Srila Prabhupada really is and live happily serving him and having more and more devotees get initiated by Srila Prabhupada and all these devotees are building huge beautiful temples and electing at least 9 so far GBCs like Srila Prabhupada wanted, by TPs votes. Totally blissful!! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!!

  4. Here is a link from your old site: on that page it has pictures of sri galim's pittsburgh kirtan center

  5. The caribbean devotees, who are still serving under today's corrupted Iskcon's leadership need some waking up too. Is there any effort by any prabhupadanuga group being undertaken in that zone? I believe the "initiating guru" in that area is Virabahu das Adhikari, whom, if I'm not wrong, was voted in as such at the same ceremony Bhavananda was re-instated. Let us not forget this far away regions for they are full of potential sincere followers of vaisnavism who need to be brought under Srila Prabhupada's lotus feet. May Lord Caitanya's mercy for this age, carried on by His commander-in-chief, HDG A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, reach every nook and corner of this earth. All glories to Srila Prabhupada! All glories to the Prabhupadanugas! Jai Sri-Sri Gaura-Nitay! Hare Krsna!

    1. Hare Krishna. Yes. There are devotees serving in ALL regions!! Contact me.

  6. Wow, went to the philadelphia temple for guara purnima and it was a whole new world without ravindra there! Everyone was so happy he is gone and the kirtan was ecstatic. A lot of devotees who werent around for a while were back, it just shows you how bad leaders chase people away. Even mahapurusha was there and devotees were hugging him and welcoming him back. Pretty ecstatic, definitely was the best I ever saw that place. They might actually have a fighting chance. The Arizona temple has got to do the same thing with harivilas, i feel it is a very similar situation. But I still think it is best to just start new better temples that are out of the reach of the gbc wranglers. But at least a few temples might be able to be saved

  7. Those old farts have held on for too long. It certainly is like when Kamsa sent demons to Vrndavana so Krishna and the cowherd boys could enjoy taking them down after they caused so much trouble in Vrndavana. Now the "gurus" are falling one by one, Krishna is taking them out, and the sincere devotees will dance and chant with glee.


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