Friday, May 25, 2012

Bhakti Vikas / Danavir / OneISKCON video

This is a PADA video, ys pd

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  1. Prabhupada dasa says:

    Bogus Gurus and leaders in Iskcon Oz have continually used their positions to advance their own sex lives with women and men. Ramai has his Gold Coast pad to carry on his voyeurism of the naked women sunbathing. He spends his time in Sydney with old pal Pratapana holed up in their Kings Cross sexpad that is continually filled with young Kings Cross prostitutes. Ramai knew about Prabhavisnu’s sex romps with prostitutes in Thailand and Prabhavisnu knew of Ramai’s Kings Cross adventures. When sex mongering Prabhavisnu was sprung the GBC cut a deal to keep him quiet about everything he knows about Ramai and Devamrita. That is why Prabhavisnu is consecrating Deities and giving classes clad with garlands and disciples in Chennai and Vrindavana. Ajita and Aniruddha are long known for their young female temple helpers for a bit on the side from their fat old frigid wives. Pedophiles roam freely amongst Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney Temples scouring the ashrams and children for their next victims under the watchful hands of these control freak so-called gurus/sanyassis and leaders.


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