Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bhakti Vikas condemns the GBC's gurus

PADA: Bhakti Vikas Swami (BVKS) says that ISKCON is intentionally developing into: A social welfare program, a society of mundane academia, a Hinduized organization, a business, a secular society and so on. He says "the powers that be" (the GBC's gurus) are forcing people out of the society when they protest, and there is "no consultation" by the leaders with the rank and file. He also says that there is no development of varnasrama, no kidding, then we would find that these "sannyasas" are not bona fide. Overall this is good, it means more leaders are STEPPING BACK from the mess that the GBC has created, and the main body of GBC are being openly criticized by people like BVKS.

BVKS sums it up -- "I do not want to be part (of this movement)." He says he has decided the only two things left to do are: (a) to leave, or (b) to stay and "complain." He says he is staying to complain. And then he says, ISKCON is developing as a karma kanda program which will not give a person liberation. Where is the unity, he asks? He says the leaders are diverging from the teachings of Srila Prabhupada and DELIBERATELY avoiding the main body of Srila Prabhupada's teachings.

BVKS complains that the leaders only put in power those who agree with their business model. But he says satyam eva jayate, the truth will prevail. And he says those promoting the truth, they are small in number. And those who rule the society are "making up their own rules" that "do not represent the teachings of Srila Prabhupada." He says either we promote ourselves as Hindus, or we do not, and now we are promoting ourselves as Hindus. He says that devotees are not being allowed to do Harinama in Oxford England, because the GBC are trying to promote a Hindu program there. "Some of the statements I made here may offend some," ... "I do not know how to say things in such a way that people will not be offended."

He says, "We are cheating people by mis-representing what Srila Prabhupada wanted." "The last time I lectured like this it created quite a stir, and so I told the GBC I was only telling this to my disciples." NOTE: How did BVKS become a guru in the first place? He was voted in by the GBC. So BVKS is coming forward with some complaints, and that is good, but he is still in the illusion that the GBC can appoint gurus (like him). He also criticizes the gurus who use "hypnotherapy" and "laughter therapy" and other new age programs. He says in the mid-1980s he talked to Tamal, and Tamal said that the fact that you are disturbed means you are not Krishna conscious.

So he admits Tamal was just off-putting the problems. He says there is very little hope of changing the course of ISKCON because its so entrenched.

Anyway, like I said, this is a good start, the leaders are going after each other. BVKS never addresses the root issue, the GBC people were never appointed as gurus in the first place. ys pd




  1. Wow - he is just skin and bones. Someone pull him out there before he's finished. How could it get so far? Ok, forgot, this is ISKCON, they love to snatch the belongings of deceased devotees.

  2. Unfortunately, the above commentator is so dull headed that he is not in a condition to understand that we must not understand somebody with their body, definately not if he is a devotee. Even ordinary people must be identified as spirit souls, what to speak of Vaishnavas. The moderator may delete this post as he is also similarly dull headed because of sinking into a well of offences, but if he is really intelligent, he must atleast for a moment think as to why HH Bhakti Vikasa Swami is speaking his concerns about ISKCON if he wants to indulge in the cheating process. Problem with ritviks is that they also follow an authority, but that authority doesn't agree that he is a Guru, but he acts as good as a Guru. He just says Prabhupada is your guru, but in reality, he himself becomes their Guru.

  3. Bhakti Vikas was voted in as guru by the same people who simultanesoulsy reinstated a known homosexual pedophile as their Vishnupada acharya of ISKCON. So he is certified as guru by the recoronators of deviants as gurus. He says gurus are not voted in, but he is himself voted in, and he is voted in by deviants. He has to practice what he preaches, if gurus are not voted in by deviants, why is he taking their certification? You have not answered the main question, why doesn't he practice what he preaches? And look at the photo of him with Prabhavishnu, he is still working with these people who covered up Prabhhavishnu prostitution problem for the past 12 years. Why is he with them? ys pd


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