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Aindra prabhu's manifesto

Here Sripad Aindra Prabhus quotes :

"Let the over-intelligent, doggedly resorting to materially contrived managerial stratagems, injudiciously undermine the essential principle of keeping single-minded confidence in the lucid instructions of the institutional Founder-acarya; they’ll have to learn the hard way – as will the attendantly implicated!

Let hundreds of heedless sannyasis and guru-figureheads plunge from their pompous pedestals owing to their often sentimentally justified, inappropriately frequent, and overextended proximity in dealings with their female disciples and so on. Why should we lament or bother ourselves to in any way condemn or condone; these things are going on – and on – and will continue to go on and on and on . . . Trust no future however pleasant.

Let the upper-organizational oligarchy essay to save face by repeatedly rehashing their clandestine attempts to cloak the pitiable transgressions of the institutionally rubberstamped guru-figureheads."
( Sripad Aindra Prabhu)

Aindra Prabhu Speaks about ISKCON :


[Principles of psychological disempowerment]

1. Convince the enemy [us, the laity] that there is no war – so we see no cause for alarm.

2. Make us believe that they [the institutional power elite] are stronger than they really are, and make us believe that we [the grass roots contingency] are weaker than we really are.

3. Hide the truth – cover-up, distort, lie, confuse, falsify . . . divert, pervert, put down, and demonize the truth . . . to manipulate the history, present, and future of society.

4. Quell the resistance before it has a chance to raise its ugly head. Slander, scorn, and/or eliminate dissenters [the audacious few who break the code of silence] to demoralize further potential protests.

5. Intimidation – compel by unilateral communication of increasingly ever-constraining institutional law. Supplant multi-angular philosophical discussion with sophistical dogma.

The institutional power elites are small in number [potentially weak] but at present considerably organized and dominant – though not very popular. We, the unvoiced majority, are potentially powerful but presently misinformed, under-educated, apathetic, obsequious, disarrayed, and disorganized – too busy with our dumbed-down pursuit of our daily fare to think very deeply about anything..The power elites, by exercising their political leverage, have quite a handle on the temporal institutional facilities [men, money, social and organizational infrastructure, media (spin control), etc.] They are parasitic in behavior, fat, corrupt, speculative, deceitful, increasingly sluggish, and paranoid. We the laity control very little of the institutional hardware. It will be very difficult for us to erect a power structure as they have to counter their political advantage within the context of “their” establishment. Yet those of us who are awake to the power elite’s misguided agenda to stealthily hijack, dysfunctionalize, and derail, from within, the Krishna consciousness movement by incremental trans-sectarian interfaith homogenization can and must assiduously acquaint ourselves and others with the true principles of sampradaya as per the gaudiya-siddhanta according to the statements of A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada and the previous acaryas.


Everything is not alright. We have been and are being purposely steered off course. Do not acquiesce to any so-called leader’s [or any group of so-called leaders’] deviant philosophical misconstructions. Understand the issues: errant material control systems, corporatization, centralization, bureaucratization, social liberalization, rubberstamped guruship, psychologically coerced communal compliance, marginalization of nama-sankirtana, contractual institutional commitment, etc. Understand the ramifications: guru-avajna; crippling of individual striving, creativity, and expression; decline of pure devotional ethos into obscurity, vulnerability to broad-scope multi-level globalist infiltration.

They rely on our ease-loving ignorance, our tendency to gravitate through the supposed path of least resistance, and our lazy disinclination to stand up against all odds to fight for truth on behalf of our predecessor acaryas. We cannot blame anyone except ourselves for our lack of Krishna consciousness. We must think with our own minds – not with theirs. Understand their tactics. Increased awareness of the truth brings with it increased spiritual power. Increased spiritual power puts time on our side. That is our strength.Temporal institutional might does not make right. Even if the clandestine manipulators of institutional affairs are able to nefariously usurp the external institutional set-up, they can neither usurp our souls nor will they ever win our heartfelt comraderie. It is time for revolution – a revolution of consciousness. Let the institutional power brokers beware.

The increasing numbers of we who are on to their antics will have revolution with or without their consent or cooperation. The biggest bubble of maya can doubtlessly be burst by the minutest pinprick of genuine Krishna consciousness. The critical mass of our spark-like grass-roots Krishna consciousness will ultimately prevail and conflagrate their insinuative billowing-cotton-like mayic institutional tyranny.


1. Intelligently fight institutional maya with the most powerful weapon of the Holy Name.

2. Form local daily nama-sankirtana cells world-wide.

3. Regularly congregate for prolonged mass hari-nama-sankirtan demonstrations.

4. Start chanting a minimum of one lac of Holy Names daily.

5. Confront local, regional, and zonal institutional authorities and convince them to do the same – its either shape up or ship out.

6. Organize a grass roots signature campaign to express the general lack of confidence in the current institutional leadership.

7. Transition from the problem-think to the solution-think mind-set.

8. Be Krishna conscious in all circumstantial success or failure.

If we are not part of the solution – we’re part of the problem.

The solution is simple [for the simple]: Harer-namaiva-kevalam.
Take shelter of the Holy Name as your only business.

Nothing to lose – everything to gain.

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