Sunday, May 13, 2012

India corruption makes complaints difficult

Delhi Devotee says (to Ramya dd):

Mataji this is not America this is India and in India police can be bought and sold if you have money. Most Indian devotee do not have money like this to pay bribe to police. The ISKCON have this money. The homosex matter was taken to ISKCON authorities but they will not listen. You say we bring shame to Prabhupadaji but these authorities bring more shame to our ISKCON than we do. We appeal here because we need support and no one knows of the situation inside ISKCON ashrams.

The police are being involved now after long time asking authorities to help. But when anyone ask them they the asker is called a liar and many times kicked out of ashram. But what will happen when ISKCON will pay big bribe to quiet this all up? Nothing mataji they will find all of our names and kick us out. So you tell me am I pagal? So please understand our situation in India and don’t think bad against us.

Already ISKCON has very bad name in India so who did this? We? No the ISKCON authorities have done this. It is very easy to do right thing in Temple for authorities. Why allow homosex in ashram for many years this goes on why HH Gopal Krishna Maharaja not do the right thing for us? Why you also speak like this and say we are causing bad name to Prabhupada and ISKCON?

I am sorry mataji that you dont understand the situation in ISKCON India. It must be very different for you where you live in America but it is different here.

[PADA: Note that Delhi devotee is afraid to use his real name.]


Puranjana dasa says:

Most devotees even in the WEST have not reported anything to the police, never mind even if their life savings were stolen, their marriages broken up, they were made to serve bogus gurus for 10 years, in fact — most of the molesting was not even reported to anyone, not even to the other parents! In fact, I know of instances of very severe beatings, even murders — that are almost always not reported at all by anyone, because these folks are afraid of the GBC’s goonda’s program. Its more like pulling teeth to get one eye-witness to speak up at all, and then they often run away once the heat is on the situation.

Hence: Most devotees just leave ISKCON and allow the crimes to continue without reporting a thing. Of course in the ideal dream world of Ramya dd, it would have been nice if all these victims, or even a handful, had gone to the police, but Ramya dd is just dreaming in color expecting this to happen. Its not going to happen. There are no doubt easily hundreds of other victims of ISKCON leader’s crimes, but this one lone person has come forward to make a police complaint, he is a lone wolf type. Do not expect others to follow his lead, although hopefully he might encourage a few more folks to come forward. Its possible, but not likely from my experience.

This guy who went to the police is a special person, there are almost none others like him in the ISKCON environment. Why doesn’t Ramya DD know this by now? The crimes are NOT being reported because people fear the regime. So they leave and do not report even when their own child is molested, there is a mood of fear and reprisals. So there has been only a few people, in the 1980s mainly me and Sulochana, reporting anything anywhere.

And we all know what happened to him, and without the help of officer Joe Sanchez and the FBI, what would have happened to me as well. So this has somehow escaped poor Ramya’s attention, there has been no alternative except to go public with these complaints, because if you try to bring this to the attention of the GBC privately on your own, like Chatur Bahu did, you might end up with your throat being slit from “an inside job.” As happened to him.

I wanted to call Chatur Bahu and tell him how dangerous his idea of having “private meetings” was, but by the time I got through to his house, I spoke to his wife to find out, he was dead already. Ramya has no clue what we are dealing with here, this is another person who is sentimental like Chatur Bahu was, and the results are she is making it dangerous for those who address these issues. You have to go public full on, because then there is a paper trail — if you get bumped off, this makes it harder for them to go after us, and that is the only reason I am alive now. Ramya also does not realize, I get letters from hundreds of devotees over the years thanking me for informing them, and thus SAVING THEM. Ramya thinks we should not have saved these people. That is almost as foolish as the GBC scheme. As for Naranaryana Visvakarma, he was the person who agreed with the folks saying the molested children need to be killed, chopped up and fed to dogs to “save ISKCON.” And so we should not sue over the molesting. Why are you citing this individual? Is this also your plan to save victims? If you have a better plan, then do it. Talk is cheap. ys pd

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  1. The essence of Jesus's life with His disciples is summarised in this verse.
    Here is the message we have heard from him and announce to you. God is light. There is no darkness in him at all.
    (1 John 1:5 NIrV)
    This implies a moral absolute, a standard, of Holiness, of absolutely no sin, evil, mischief or materialism, in God.
    So a follower of Jesus has a moral imperative, an example, to do what is right. But the greatest fact is that Jesus has given each disciple the empowering presence of the Holy Spirit which changes him from the inside out, gives him a vew heart, that loves to do what is right and holy, pleasing to God.

    Note that this is in total contrast to the concept of Lord Krishna.

    Let us relate that to a daily practical example.


    Is there anything wrong in giving bribes?
    The Bible says categorically that bribing perverts the way of Justice and is wrong. No grey area there.
    What would a follower of Krishna do?
    There does not seem to be any moral absolutes in the life of Krishna. He could be kind and loving, and also kill, flirt and do other acts which could be termed ungodly by people of other faiths.

    If Krishna has both aspects, what is to morally prevent his follower from bribing? Is there any commandment or aspect of the life of Krishna that encourages them to aspire to a life that is considered good?


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