Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Professor of Foolosophy Ravindra Swarupa

FIRST COMMENT: Rabbindra is just another believer of mundane and highly speculative Academic contrivances. He is regularly coming here to Mumbai for GBC meetings in Karitika mas, and for past few years he is being accompanied by very young woman who in not his wife and age-wise she could be his daughter.

Most devotees here in Mumbai believed at the time, that she is his child but after his last visit and some inquires to other GBC members it became known that she is not his family member at all. So here we have an ISKCON guru / GBC member who is traveling (and sleeping in the same room with?) a young girl who is not his wife nor family member and the ISKCON leaders accept such avaisnava behavior as normal (same as Gopal Batta and Hridayananda no / swami regular women escapades).

These are clear symptoms that ISKCON is running just as another mundane corporation and nothing else. Spirituality is not the requirement but mere shortcoming in the ISKCON`s shrewd political corporate word.

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