Tuesday, May 1, 2012

PADA meeting with Narayana Maharaja

PADA: When Narayana Maharaja came to the USA he said he was here to talk to us, the Prabhupada devotees. I had wrote him a 23 page letter of questions and he said he would answer me when we met in person. So by chance I was chanting on Venice beach when his party came there in 1997. So they came over to me and Jadurani dd asked me to come over and meet NM in person at the ashram, and NM was there and he smiled and he also invited me to come to his ashram. So later I drove for 1.5 hour to Fullerton for the meeting. Oddly, NM cancelled our 8 am meeting, then he cancelled our 11 am meeting, then he cancelled our 2pm meeting, then he cancelled our 5pm meeting, and then he left the property by sneaking out and not even seeing me at all for 30 seconds. So this means he could not even answer one question from me. Anyway, he does not know much about vaishnava etiquette. You do not invite someone to your house, even if he is a sudra, and then leave him sitting outside your room for 10 hours and not seeing them. Why bother inviting them, just say, I could not answer any of your 23 page letter, and so do not bother meeting me, just stay home, I was defeated by your letter. But no, he wasted my whole day there for nothing. This is not Vedic etiquette, of course even when the karmis invite me to their home, they are not rude like this, do not leave me setting for 10 hours and then they sneak off. This was good though, it taught me that NM does not even understand basic ordinary etiquette, which even the karmis understand better. In Vedic culture, even if a person is your enemy, when you invite them to your home, you have to treat them and greet them and make them feel at home, that is the Vedic idea, NM does not even know the basics of the Vedic principle of greeting of other people, which even my karmi neighbors know better. ys pd

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