Sunday, May 13, 2012

TV report of Bombay ISKCON rape case

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  1. OMG! I really believe in I and my surroundings faced a lot fake ISKCON members....or members who came to ISKCON only for foreigner girls...
    I am sure most of you know Neeraj Sharma who is calling himself Nandkishore...he is singing in Gaura-Mani's bhajan-kirtan group. This is one of those bastards being in ISKCON for money and girls! At first he behaves like Krishna, takes girls to parikramas and all, even spends some money on them...then starts asking them money as if he is in trouble or as if he needs it for GO-SEVA....then starts proposing girls, then starts slowly touching them...only when u tell him that u will report on him he stops all and behaves as if never knew u...
    Another one is Sharanga Das from Orissa. He was married to a wonderful Mataji...but in 7 years gave her so much hard times that she left him...we still tried to help them be together again but girl refused! Later he showed his real face to us all too. He started asking our devotee boys to find a girl for him to have sex...then he started doing matchnaking...He brought married muslim indians to our temple and introduced them to our devotee girls...told lie that they like Krishna and they want to marry...later all was clear when those guys wanted sex and when girls refused talking abt 4 principles, those muslim guys told that ur guru eats my shit....Sharanga is still doing the same...he is going on net and flirting to all white-blonde girls...When we had a fight with him he told that all gang in Vrindavan is his friends and he will show us!!!
    Next is Adidev Das from Honolulu...bastard of bastards! Giving lectures and preaching...but himself having sex with devotee girls cheating them with false marriage proposals and then kicking out saying that I did not force you...
    Next one is Danavir Das from ORlando, California...He is a pujari, but he has so much spare time that flirts online all the times and when matajis do not reply he starts abusing, cursing them! And this is the people serving Deities!!!

    I want ISKCON to stop all this shit!

    What is more important for you? Spirituality or MONEY? I know they close their eyes to such things as they get money from this type rascals...But enough! Let ISKCON teach its shits to behave or let ISKCON change its name and be A SEX COMMUNITY! I am more than sure that ISKCON is not of Prabhupada's anymore...Alas :((((


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