Saturday, May 5, 2012

RE: Narayana Maharaja

Dear Michael prabhu, OK it was Narayana Maharaja who is the person who said we are "poison ritviks," he knowlingly demonized us amongst a pack of GBC people he ALREADY knew were making violence and murders, and which his pouring gasoline on their fire resulted in our people being beaten and killed. He called us poison, he demonized us, knowing this would lead to violence. He knew this better than anyone, he knew that the protestors to the bogus gurus after 1936 were being beaten and killed, and so that means: he knew we would be also beaten and killed, but still he supported the GBC gurus by saying they are gurus, he even helped write their bogus papers, and he said we are poison to dissent from these GBC gurus, and he hung out with Tamal and supported Tamal and made a bogus gopis club out of the GBC. Then he invited me to his ashram and made me sit for ten hours without speaking to me. That means NM does not even know basic etiquette that my karmi neighbors all know, you have to welcome a guest after you invite them. NM should have minded his business and not done these things. ys pd

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