Friday, May 11, 2012

Gopal Krishna Swami complaint explained further

Abominable Activities by the secretary of H.H. Gopal Krishna Mahārāja

Concerned Devotee – Delhi: Pamho // AgtSP // AgtGG. This is to inform all the sincere & honest Vishnavas who have genuine concerned for the ISKCON movement of Srila Prabhupada .

Dayanidhi das who is a secretary to GKG, he has a serious problem of homosexuality. He has contaminated quite a number of devotees. For this reason only 2/3 brahmacharies have left the ashram in Delhi Temple. GKG personally caught him in Mauritius while he was engaged in a homosexual affair with another devotee and then Maharaja banned him from service for 6 months but allowed him to stay in the Ashram.

Despite of the punishment he continued with his abominable act. Like, if a devotee is sleeping and he is somewhat a new devotee having no good connection with the higher authority, then he is an easy victim of Dayanidhi. He will go in the middle of the night to that devotee and grab out the genital by asiding the loin cloth and would start to suck it.

Then he would threat that devotee that if he ever dares to tell to anybody about this then he will get him out from the temple within no time. And he has prolonged homosexual affair with Prabhavishnu das (Who was a secretary to Mohanrupa Pr. Delhi TP, and now designated as Sankirtan In charge), in this case they have of course a mutual understanding. But everybody in the temple aware of it.

Despite of all these GKG reinstated him in his service. But as the saying, old habits die hard. Soon after his joining with Maharaja, he went to Indore with Maharaja for the boat festival. In Indore temple there is an innocent devotee called Gopi (Not initiated but the devotees there call him affectionately) lives there. He is from Orissa, and when he was a child, some tragedy happened with him, in an unpleasant incident some people killed his mother and raped his elder sister. Since that incident he was kind of traumatized and its quite visible in his depressed face. But this ruthless demon Dayanidhi even didn’t spare him. He slept with him in the night deliberately and when he started his dirty business, that poor fellow woke up and ran towards the door but this demon dragged him back to the bed and sucked his genital and leaving it wounded to some extent.

And Dayanidhi the very next morning flew back to Delhi with Maharaja . Then that poor fellow Gopi specially came to Delhi to narrate this incident to Maharaja . Maharaja heard from him but no justice was shown to him, rather he was told to leave the temple as soon as possible.

Yet another incident took place when Dayanidhi did it with Acyuta das (the personal servant of GKG in Delhi NCR). After a tiring day when Achyuta das went to take rest at 11'0'clock at night in the servant room, Dayanidhi entered and started sucking his genital. When he woke up and rushed towards Maharaja , Dayanidhi grabed his legs and pretended to beg forgiveness and told him that from now onwards we are brothers and he would never do it again. But was helpless to give up his dirty business.He did it again with Achyuta and consequently Acyuta informed Maharaja .

But we are not able to understand why GKG Mahārāja is exhibiting weakness of heart and not taking any action against him despite of his so many abominable activities. Now Achyuta Das also wants to leave Krsna Consciousness and go back to his home. Dayanidhi is just like a virus for our movement. As Prabhupada has said, gallons of blood need to be burnt to make one devotee. But the demons like Dayanidhi never hesitate to force so many devotees to leave Krsna Consciousness. So it is our humble request to all the noble souls to take some strong actions before this demon victimizes other innocent souls who are yet to be blossomed in Krishna Consciousness.

If anybody wants any further information then he can also speak to Achyuta das (Phone Number given on request)



  1. HARE KRSNA--This is a real disgusting story.I feel real sorry for any young man/boy who joins ISKCON looking for spiritual perfection---Then wakes up to an "advanced devotee" crawling into their bed.YUK!!!

  2. Looks like im gonna get some pepper spray and a good Industrial strength Kali-yuga Tazer for my next trip to india. :)

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