Saturday, March 1, 2014

Sedona ISKCON Center Grand RE-Opening


  1. The Paula McCartney of kirtan looks like she needs some instruction on how to cover up her breasts a little better so as not to disturb the bramacaris and sannyasis. Oh right, ritivks don't have any! My bad, let her show them to one and all.

    Cornville? Are you serious? LOL!

  2. PADA: Oooops this is an ISKCON program, its not a ritvik program. ys pd

  3. Looks like there is no Paula McCartney and this is just for pulling the crowd? Sounds like Paul McCartney's daughter but he has no Paula...

  4. Who cares what her name is? Click on the link above and listen to her free songs. She is the best thing to happen to ISKCON since Kirtananda's famous hot crab apple chutney! I've been waiting for someone this good to join the movement for over 40 years! I wonder if she was born a while after Vishnujana left the planet? Finally someone who knows how to write some songs! As far as pulling in the crowd Srila Prabhupada had a mantra rock dance so you ritviks can just be as envious as you like. She gives out free samples what more do you want? Let's see if you can do as much service as she has. She will do more service in her lifetime than all of the rest of you combined!

    [PADA: Dasarath das is in charge of Sedona, and while he is not 100 percent a ritvik, he is certainly no fan of the GBC gurus. And he has wrote various letters complaining that they are not authorized etc. He says the GBC is supposed to be a managerial body working under the Direction Of Management, and they are not doing so. OK, they are supposed to be managers and not bogus acharyas. I do not care if they are doing new age kirtanas there or not, right now most of the temples are struggling to keep the doors open. They have to invent different ways to make money since the pure samkirtana program is a way long ways off at the moment. At least he has not made a Haitian Disco, and a bingo hall, like another ISKCON temple have done. We think Dasarath is closer to our idea than the GBC idea. I have nothing against the lady here and wish her well, and yes, she is probably more spiritually advanced than many of the leaders of the official GBC. Would not doubt that for a moment. ys pd]


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