Sunday, March 23, 2014

Krishna West Program Details

Dear PADA: Hard to keep up to date with the "Krishna West" craziness. Hridayananda was talking to his Mexican followers on SKYPE along with some of his other devotees in regards to how they need to stay with his Krsna West program -- and they need to avoid the GBC's ISKCON program. He spoke in Spanish to them for hours. He still calls himself Srila Acharyadeva. It seems the GBC does not want to actually start a major war and declare he is no longer the official "Acharyadeva" of ISKCON, so they are just slapping him on the wrist.

Hrdayananda has also heavily defended Mahanidhi, apparently he wants to stop the idea of the GBC challenging their runaway acharyas. Hrdayananda followers still post photos of him with Jayapataka and so on, because they are trying to keep up the impression Hrdayananda is still part of the GBC's guru program.

The program for Krishna West is gradually being detailed by Hrdayananda,

Acharyadeva said their morning program will start at 6:00 a.m, and that's because its too hard for people to get up earlier. And there will be 15 minutes to sing samsara, 15 minutes for guru puja, and then a short class. Not too sure about his japa time, but when asked about "how many rounds one should chant," he said that they will ask people to do their best. So if they chant just one round is ok.

He said for himself being older is impossible to have such a long morning program from 4:30am till about 8:30am and during early hours. He also said the music instruments they will use will be in sattva guna, which it's ok if used for Kṛṣṇa. Then he played from a small keyboard as an example. He also plays piano just by himself and has made some videos of that for his followers.

I saw and heard much of this on some videos he made awhile ago, this has been going on for years really, but the GBC never said anything about it until now. He speaks for many hours via SKYPE in Spanish to his disciples in Mexico, so its not clear how the GBC ban will work since he does much of his preaching on SKYPE.

He also said his Krsna West centers will have to be far from Iskcon temples so it won't cause trouble. So, despite the GBC sanctioned Hridayananda Goswami from traveling to Europe, he's still going there by SKYPE anyway.

Here's the latest, and bashing Kirtananda (ex) swami.  You have to click on Second Video of Krishna West.  Los Angeles to Hanover - Germany March 2014.

So this is another example of a GBC guru running amok and going renegade, and the gutless wonder GBC has no effective way to control their out of control acharyas. Anon das

[PADA: Right, Jaya Madhava / Rocana says their "guru reform" needs to be completed, they still think these Hrdayananda types are gurus and they just need to be re-educated and reformed, then they will be good as new messiahs. Problem is, there is no history of the guru needing reforms? ys pd]  

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  1. The GBC look like they have no "balls" at all.

    Prabhupada would have kicked this Hrdayananda on his ass, out the door, forever more. All glories to Srila Prabhupada! No glories to "Srila AcharyaDave".


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