Friday, March 21, 2014

Save Hrdayananda From GBC Bullies!

PADA: Amazing, no one seems to "make a petition" for the GBC to quit saying that acharyas are debauchees, that is not an important topic. Meanwhile, Hrdayananda's main site, ISKCON-us, seems to be down? ys pd


  1. It says that Prabhupada invited gay devotees........
    so this is yet another maneuver to construct that all those senior devotees who watch things from a distance stay away from ISKCON.
    When do you get it, they don't want you to come back. Of course new bhaktas are joining in this way. This is present ISKCON, always staging chicanery to keep off especially Prabhupadanugas.

    Resolution Passed by the ISKCON India leaders regarding " Krishna West "

    Whereas, the ISKCON India Governing Bureau has taken cognizance of the “Krishna West Mission Statement” and website authored by Hridayananda Das Goswami that presents profoundly disturbing and confusing logic, that contradicts Srila Prabhupada clear instructions in regards our philosophy and its cultural applications in ISKCON. Whereas, because of the worldwide popularity and accessibility of the internet, these heterodox concepts are being spread the world over, via his website, on Facebook, other such social media. These views are passing as a correct interpretation of the teachings of ISKCON and Prabhupada, when in fact they are a misinterpretation of them. Therefore the ISKCON India Governing Bureau calls upon the GBC to take necessary action to check Hridayananda Das Goswami from continuing to propagate the heterodox views that he is spreading and that is gaining popularity amongst a section of ISKCON devotees, before that number significantly increases.

  2. is not a HDG site - it's run by Alexander Shenkar in New Vrindavan.

  3. Correct, anyone who wants to use the name of ISKCON to promote gay marriage acharyas like Hrdayananda is legally allowed to do so. And of course Hrdayananda is famous for promoting homosexuals as messiahs as well, so all that agenda is legally allowed to do so. Yet, if we want to use the name of ISKCON to promote the worship of the pure devotee, we are sued for $20,000,000. That is quite right, the GBC allows people who are promoting deviations to use the name of ISKCON, but anyone who wants to promote the pure process is banned, beaten, sued, if not assassinated etc. That has been the whole GBC / Hrdayananda process all along since 1978. Good point, promoting deviancy in the name of ISKCON is legally allowed by ISKCON, whereas promoting people who do not support gay marriages and so on are legally blocked and checked. This fellow is from New Vrndavana, wow, thats great, the place where Kirtananda and Radhanath started the original "Krishna West" brown monk's robes and etc. is the place where Hrdayananda's Krishna west is being boosted. Makes more sense now ... ys pd

  4. Well Howdy Partner my name is Krishna West and I'm the rootinest shootinest gosh darn tootinest guru this side of the Missouri River. So let's all mosey on over to brokeback mountain and ride each other bareback and go skinny dippin in the river. Then, in order to make sure we don't catch cold, we'll all snuggle up together naked for warmth inside the same old sleeping bag like the Eskimo used to. Vegetarian marshmellows will be provided for Smores at the campfire and hot chocolate and canned weenees as well, the vegan kind. You can take a bite of my weenee, and I'll take a bite of yours.

  5. Is this statement from "ISKCON India" true or false. It contains spelling errors. Who signed it? Why can I not find it anywhere else on the internet?


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