Sunday, March 30, 2014

Mormons Attend Hindu Festival

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  1. Latest trend in Europe, ISKCON devotees and GM devotees join together. What possibly can go wrong?
    Both groups stumble along, are doing worse rather than better. How can it be otherwise? Misery looks for company. ISKCONites are cut off from Prabhupada and GM folks are totally helpless too. Both can't attract anybody to join their camps and this won't change very soon. Only problem, watch out, there are always people ready to exploit when spiritual consciousness is not alright. But who will listen? Many temples are rather places Prabhupada used to warn us: He remains compact in temple worship, that's all, to show the Deity and get some money and fill up the belly. My Guru Mahäräja condemned this process. Of course, it is condemned in this sense, that those who are thinking that, "I have got this temple. Let people come here out of sentiment and they'll pay, and it will be a source of income for my filling up belly..." This is most condemned. My Guru Maharaja used to say that one should be honest. He should work for getting some money. (Mayapura, October 9, 1974)


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