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Hrdayananda Swami Responds to GBC Ban


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"In contradicting the principles of modern psychology and sociology, which have been proven scientifically beyond any doubt, Srila Prabhupada has exceeded his authority." Hridayananda.

Hrdayananda will be making his version of the Gita called "The Insiders Edition." (from a forum)


From: Hrdayananda Das Goswami
Dear Devotees,

Jaya Srila Prabhupada. Last night I received a letter and phone call from my God brother Anuttama Prabhu, who acted on behalf of the GBC. He informed me that based on GBC concerns about Krishna West, the GBC decided that I should not go to Europe at this time. Anuttama Prabhu invited me to speak with him so that I could clarify the facts about Krishna West.

Here are some relevant points that I wish to share with you. I state them as simple facts.

I knew that the GBC would discuss Krishna West in Mayapura and therefore I repeatedly urged several GBC members to give me the chance to personally reply to their concerns, through any media, before they made a decision.

[PADA: First of all, why aren't all these big gurus going to Mayapura to represent themselves and their zones at the meetings? For example, Satsvarupa's books are being sold all over ISKCON, but he never seems to attend any Mayapura meetings for decades, at least that we know of. The GBC finally forbade the sale of some of Satsvarupa's crazy books like "A Life of Prayer" and "Sanitorium," but they still force temples to sell all the rest of his books now. Why are the main "intellectuals" and writers for ISKCON not bothering to find out what is going on in ISKCON? And why hasn't the entire GBC cleaned up this mess -- decades ago? 

Satsvarupa wrote most of the 1980s GBC's "position papers" like the GBC's highly offensive 1980 paper "The Mahajanas Have Difficulties" (co-authors were Sridhara Maharaja, Jayadvaita and Jaggadisha) yet none of these papers has ever been discontinued or withdrawn, these offensive papers are still considered as bona fide documents by the entire GBC system.

Tamal Krishna swami is simply another example of a "leader" who avoided going to the Mayapura meetings for many years. If these people are "managing ISKCON," but not attending the meetings pertaining to ISKCON, what is that? Meanwhile, Hari Vilas, Radhanath, Romapada and others, perhaps they might attend some meetings once in awhile, but they have all formed separated charities that are not in the name of ISKCON. These people are no longer even part of ISKCON, or what? So we have leaders who do not attend, others who attend but they are no longer part of the official society, this sounds like absentee managing. 

And what exactly is "Krishna West"?  

"Krishna West is part of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness, the "Hare Krishna Movement," founded by Srila Prabhupada. Thus, Krishna West is a "movement within the movement." We seek to serve the Western world with intelligent, appropriate, non-sectarian spiritual activism that powerfully addresses, with spiritual wisdom, issues of social and economic justice, the global environment, and ultimate liberation. Our vision, that every living being is an eternal part of God and thus worthy of our love, forms the basis of our approach to justice, the environment, and enlightenment."

PADA: Krishna West is thus another spin off organization. Then we wonder why no one seems to have a hand on the tiller as the ISKCON ship hits the rocks ...]

HDG: The GBC did not do so. They asked me not to travel to Europe, and other places, "until we can come to an agreement regarding these problems and misunderstandings." They decided this without allowing me to reply to their concerns. They believe this is proper procedure, perhaps due to their limited time in Mayapura. Since the GBC is very busy in Mayapura, they might have asked one or two trusted leaders to speak with me and present their concerns before their discussion on Krishna West.

Anuttama Prabhu, Ravindra Svaraupa Prabhu, and I will hopefully meet within a month to discuss relevant concerns. They will then report their views to the GBC body, who will reconsider the matter. I am hopeful that with proper information, we can come to a fair agreement.

[PADA: Ravindra Swarupa das has just been kicked out of Philadelphia for being abusive, if not being another example of absentee / mis-managing despite being on the premises. He has not managed the place properly, its as though he has been on a permanent vacation. Why is Ravindra Swarupa still being considered as the main policy making spokesman for ISKCON, when he has been drummed out of his own temple due to severe mis-managing and maltreatment of his congregation? 

And there is an ongoing forensic book keeping investigation of "where did all the money go in Ravindra's temple"? Never mind that, Ravindra is said to be still associated with a young woman disciple -- and so on and so forth. Why is Ravindra the main person being called upon to fix everything for the GBC, when he is creating disasters of his own making -- which have not been resolved? Ravindra's Philadelphia disaster has not been fixed -- and while Ravindra's own situation is a sinking ship -- the GBC is appointing him to fix another person's sinking ship?]

Captain of the sinking ship, sent to fix another sinking ship?

HDG: I am very grateful to the North American GBC for giving us the opportunity to work cooperatively to expand our western mission. I am hopeful that the North American GBC approach will prove to be wise and beneficial for ISKCON.

If you believe that ISKCON’s leaders should have discussed their concerns with me before taking an action that affects the lives of hundreds of devotees, then as a member of ISKCON, and according to Prabhupada’s standards, you may express your views to your local GBC representative or to the ISKCON Ombudsmen, Braja Bihari Prabhu at ISKCON Resolve. If you choose to do so, please follow Vaishnava etiquette and express your views respectfully.

[PADA: This is the whole problem in a nutshell, many years ago people began writing to the leaders about serious abuses. Victims wrote long letters detailing all kinds of problems to folks like Satsvarupa swami, Mukunda swami and many other leaders, and these leaders were being contacted for help, but to no avail. And this has gone on for many years, and nothing substantial ever seems to get done. Now there is an "ISKCON resolve committee" -- which seems to be the same process -- asleep at the switch? Is this simply a continuation of the "sweep it under the carpet" policy? As one devotee said, writing to the GBC leaders to complain about deviations, abuses and other problems is "like writing to outer space, and you will have about the same response."]

HDG: I sincerely regret that I must cancel for now my trip to Europe and Israel based on what I believe to be misunderstandings that might have been easily cleared up by communicating with me as I repeatedly requested before a decision was reached, not after. In any case, I am more and more enthusiastic to serve Prabhupada and his mission. I place all my faith in the perfect judgement of Lord Krishna who will reveal to all of us over time what is best for His movement. I will be happy to hear from you.

With best wishes,
Hridayananda das Goswami

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In regard to the GBC’s recent discussion of Krishna West in Mayapura, and their request to me, I wish to explain the following:

1. As everyone must know, there are few, if any, secrets in ISKCON and therefore the GBC must have known that the letter they sent to me would soon become a public document.

[PADA: Right, even the GBC now knows that the only way to reign in their bogus messiahs is to make public statements to expose them. Goody.]

2. The GBC requested me to stay in America and not travel to other regions such as Europe and South America until further discussion of Krishna West. Thus effectively and literally, the GBC placed me in a state of quarantine. Quarantine is applied when a person has, or is suspected to have, a serious, contagious disease. Thus by placing me in a state of quarantine, the GBC, whatever their intention, sent the world a clear message: Hridayananda das Goswami has, or is suspected to have, a serious, contagious spiritual disease. Again, whatever their intention, this is the clear message they sent.

[PADA: Way back in the early 1980s Dravidra and others were writing complaints that Hrdayananda was too closely associated with some of his female followers (one of these letters said a woman Hrdayananda was always chatting with "has large boobies." We reported on Mustang Sally a long time ago. Then Krishna Kirti wrote that he rejected Hrdayananda for the gay marriage thing, and so on and so forth, the amazing thing is that nothing has been done up till now.] 

3. Before taking such a heavy, damaging step, did the GBC exercise ‘due diligence’ to verify there was a credible danger that I had a serious, contagious, spiritual disease? Did they follow normal standards of fair inquiry and discussion? Not at all. Here are the facts:

Before the GBC meetings, I repeatedly begged many GBC members to let me reply to any accusations at the meetings, before the GBC reached any decision. I did this because I knew that many false criticisms were circulating.

Again and again I told the GBC that although health considerations did not allow me to travel to India, I would be available by phone, email, skype or any other media. They voted to quarantine me without allowing me to first answer my accusers. They arranged for a discussion to take place after, not before, causing significant harm to me and other devotees.

[PADA: Hrdayananda cannot travel to India, but he can travel to France and all over Europe? Makes no sense. If he cannot travel, he should not be going anywhere.]

I was not alone in urging the GBC to be fair. Several of the most senior leaders of ISKCON, including senior GBC members, also urged the GBC body to wait and hear both sides BEFORE taking any decision. The GBC rejected this advice.

4. The inevitable result: the GBC voted to quarantine me based on obvious misunderstandings. Here are some examples:

At the GBC meeting on Krishna West, a ‘tipping point’ came when I was accused of disrespecting the Acarayas.

[PADA: Hrdayananda wrote in his "Bhagavatam" that the best acharyas on the planet are Kirtanananda and Bhavananda, the main deviants of ISKCON. He has always backed these types of corrupt people, and he stood up in 1986 pleading that we need to keep Bhavananada as an acharya. Why do we glorify the people who support the worst corruption in ISKCON?]

HDG: This charge was based on a misinterpretation of a statement made someone else. In other words, it was not even my statement. And the GBC misunderstood the context of the other devotee’s statement. Further, this very issue, based on the same statement, came up one month before the GBC meeting on the Brasil forum. I explained there the misunderstanding and clearly stated that I fully respect the Acaryas’ statements according to principles taught by Prabhupada and the Acaryas themselves. Thus this issue, which so disturbed the GBC, had already been resolved and clarified weeks before the GBC meeting. A two minute phone call to me would have resolved this. The GBC did not make that call. Instead they voted on a misunderstanding that would have been easily resolved by fair procedure.

[PADA: Fine except that Hrdayananda supports Jayadvaita, the person who says our acharyas are often falling into debauchery. These people are attacking the character of the acharyas for the past 35 years. Instead of removing these people, the GBC makes Jayadvaita their editor in chief.] 

HDG: The GBC misinterpreted my statement that Krishna West is a destination not a bridge. I explained over and over and over again before the meeting that this does NOT refer to starting a new movement, or promoting separatism in ISKCON.

[PADA: Great, the GBC is finally realizing that many of their leaders are forming separated legal entities, separated corporations, if not charity scam operations. Tamal started "The Texas Krishnas." This is going on all over the place, and unless it is stopped and soon, there will be no ISKCON society left, there will be simply a loose conglomeration of spin off organizations that are no longer under the control of ISKCON. 

If Hrdayananda's spin off is "separatist," then why has the GBC never reigned in all the other leaders who have started independent charities and corporations? Rocana did a good analysis of some of the hundreds of spin off "legal" charities, corporations and organizations that are going on, and none of them are using the name of ISKCON. Yes, the GBC is finally catching on, if this process continues, there will no longer be any ISKCON left. There will only be all sorts of dubious legal spin offs that are totally independent of ISKCON. The GBC is spending millions of dollars to stop us from using the name of ISKCON, meanwhile their own people are making new movements to siphon off the manpower and assets of ISKCON, to drain it dry. And its almost totally dried out now.]

HDG: I explained this to a prominent Euro-GBC who wrote back to me that he was happy to have my answer, and that he would support me in Mayapura. I have his letter in my files. Yet the GBC still voted on a misinterpretation. Again, a two minute call could have resolved this. The GBC did not make that call. It is a fundamental duty of the GBC to promote peace and cooperation in ISKCON within the boundaries of Srila Prabhupada’s teachings.

[PADA: OK, except what happens when the leaders make all these spin offs that are not even ISKCON any longer? Their people are using the sentiment of ISKCON to make their own separate movements, just like Kirtanananda was branded by the GBC in 1986 "he had his own cult, he was not part of ISKCON."]

HDG: Like any large society, ISKCON has liberals and conservatives, preservers and innovators, both of whom are necessary and valuable. The GBC should not underestimate the number of devotees who believe, as I do, that given the current state of our western mission, we should at least try to apply in the preaching field certain opportunities and adjustments explicitly authorized and even urged by Prabhupada. Krishna West seeks to do this, cooperatively and within the laws of ISKCON.

[PADA: Innovations like what? Allegedly, Hrdayananda said to our associate that we should dress the Krishna deity in a business suit and tie, to attract Westerners. Maybe that was a joke, who knows, but changes are being made in such a way that the whole mission no longer represents the original. The books are being changed, the deity worship offers bhogha to fools and debauchees instead of pure devotees, the siddhanta is being changed, all sorts of things are being changed, eventually we no longer have any ISKCON.]

HDG: I want to make clear that I fully support Prabhupada’s GBC system and like other devotees, I want the GBC to be respected and admired. I also acknowledge openly to the world my own imperfections and mistakes in presenting Krishna West.

[PADA: Here we go again, the acharyas make all sorts of mistakes, they are full of imperfections, that is a change to the whole siddhanta itself.] 

HDG: In the Bhagavad-gita 18.48, Krishna states that all endeavors in this world are flawed. This is certainly true in my case. I have repeatedly and openly stated to all devotees, including my disciples, that Krishna West has made mistakes and we are sincerely trying to correct them. In fact, KW has demonstrated time and time again that we cooperate with the GBC. History shows that every time the GBC requested KW to adjust something, we complied. KW has never refused a GBC request. Therefore there was no reasonable cause to doubt that in my travel to Europe I would cooperate with the GBC. Quarantine was entirely unnecessary and unjustified.

Further, KW has benefitted from the criticism and advice of other devotees, including the GBC. I pray that we can go forward in unity based on mutual respect and fair procedure.

With best wishes,
Hridayananda das Goswami

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[PADA: Hrdayananda is no longer in touch with the devotees. He lives in a bubble in a nice townhouse in Venice Beach where he has little to do with the day to day situation in ISKCON. He has no idea that his promoting illicit sex gurus resulted in mass molesting and murders etc., in sum he does not know what his actions are doing because he has no conscience. We are all like expendible lab rats in his living guru experiment, that he can harass, torture and maybe orchestrate being killed, and its all fine because "we all make mistakes." This is not a mistake, he knows he is wrong, he is just angry others are catching on. ys pd]  


RD: What I find disturbing is that he's never dressed as a devotee, he's not sitting on the floor like a swami. He is always sitting at his fancy kitchen table in his luxury townhouse, eating a huge feast, with his "women servants" dishing out the feast, like some Westerner karmi with female maid services. Does not the GBC know a sannyasa is not supposed to have female servants? They do not know the basics of sannyasa and they are claiming to be gurus. He's almost never even wearing a dhoti. He does not go out and do harinama, preaching programs and act like a sannyasa. Why hasn't the GBC been able to figure out this is wrong in 35 years? There were reports of his over associating with women in the early days when he first became a guru. Everyone else knew, but not the GBC?

BD: I tossed the grape into the air.....

JD: Why was he not allowed to go on trip around ISKCON europe by the gbc? Can someone confirm...

WD: Worse yet his trip to the Holy Land (Israel) was cancelled.

RKD: Oh no not him in another scandal again ... suwar ka bacha

BKD: hahahaha

BDC: I'll never forget in the late seventies when he was one of the "Annointed eleven cent pure devotee's prabhu!" I was asked to give him a massage. Beer Krishna was his right hand man ... at a certain point in the massage he says "You know prabhu I had a dream that I was going through the ISKCON house sending confidential messages from Prabhupada"....then he say's, "I had another dream ! .... I was the confidential servant of Radharani" ....he looks at me then he looks at Beer and say's, "WE'll talk later !"

I was in AWE we were all taught that their 100% pure devotee's, then they started falling like domino's ... now when he see's me he KNOW"S the Bullshit he was pulling !..... OHHHHH Radharani's confidential servant, who plays basketball with his female disciples and hates devotional clothes......don't you just hate BULLSH*TTER"S ? ... sorry but it's an absolutely true story, and I don't care who reads it.... CAUSE IT"S TRUE.

PD: Yep, they said that deviants are the servants of Radharani, and Hari Sauri was their writer all along. Now Hari Sauri says we are offenders to the gopis because we did not go along with his annointing fools, deviants, homosexuals and perverts as "Krishna's intimate servants." And we have fools like Wyatt who are upset we did not work with Hari Sauri's scheme of placing perverts in the post of "servants of Radha."

VD: It is very sad news that a devotee of Hridayananda's intellect has allowed himself to stray so far away from his spiritual master's instructions. Let us not laugh too loudly but rather examine our own lives that we have not, or are not, falling into the same pattern. It is very easy to do. There is an important lesson here. The path is straight and narrow as they say...

BDC: Oh I'm not laughing .... cause it isn't funny, and your right I need to be a good disciple but then again nobodies washing my feet and drinking the water.

WD: The motive for ridiculing the hedonistic antics of these self-anointed "gurus" is to dispel the fog of sanctity and reverence that surrounds their swollen heads. Truly, no one should care a fig about what they do. But if there is no warning cry many more innocent souls will be victimized by these charlatans.

Whatever foibles we may encounter in our own spiritual practice, at least we can be sure of Srila Prabhupada's blessings for openly exposing these rascals who are hell-bent on mutilating the heritage that he left for the benefit of the suffering souls of this age.

To hell with these bastards, where they belong,and where they are destined.

PD: The Isopanisad says these false acharyas are destined for the most obnoxious regions of the universe, nuff said!

WD: When I talked to him, some months ago, he made some offenses and I had to walk out of His place. When I left, he said a few things like "we are not going to discuss the controversial issues."

PD (2): The solution to the problem of the preaching no longer being very effective in the West is not to stray even further from Śrīla Prabhupāda’s instructions, but for the GBC to stop ignoring the July 9, 1977 ritvik henceforward directive. Do you think that the ISKCON Bangalore devotees on Hare Krishna Hill are stupid or what?

JD: There is no such a thing as a devotee of Hridayananda, he was never a guru, and whom ever he call his disciples are stolen deciples from Srila Prabhupada. So lets face it, these guys are thieves and direct offenders to the teachings of Srila Prabhupada. This stupidity about being careful of commiting offences to them was created by them to keep devotees under control with the idea that they should not act or react to any of their bogus deviations. we would commit an offense, hahaha, funny, trough my whole life I see how they fooled and controlled the devotees with their "offenses" mantra, but the real OFFENSES ARE THOSE THEY COMMIT TO PRABHUPADA AND THE WORLD.

WD: At least somebody understands. He will not survive and will perish since he starts his own institution. He needs to fish for admirers when visiting the ISKCON temples for his speaking fame. Also when he slacks the rules and disappears into his own illusions, while traveling around the World for enjoying an extended sense gratification of receiving adulations from cheap followers. Even ISKCON now knows he is sucking the movement dry of followers to hi-jack over to his own movement.

JBD: Fishing for Prabhupadas followers to follow him, hes... that is stealing, Prabhupada never went to no bodys temple to steal followers... clearly they are thieves...

WD. They are finished. Having offended Srila Prabhupada.

VBP: i see his pic alot on my feed lately n must lol

ACD: He's a great embarrassment to the parampara

WD: My pity goes out to the supporters of this rubber-stamped guru system who have to somehow reconcile Srila Prabhupada's example of bona fide empowered Acharya with the pathetic self-absorbed dipsh*ts who, like rabid dogs, have jumped up on the sacred Vyasasan only to bark like one.


  1. As soon some ISKCON leader is getting under GBC attack PADA also opens fire, pulls out his Kalaschnikow. When TKG confessed that Prabhupada did not appoint diksha-gurus but ritviks, PADA: "We immediately felt like taking out grenades and let off hail of bullets to riddle this rascal till his blood is spread all over the shoes of everybody because TKG is a main poisoner of Prabhupada."

    Hello, this man just explained a major point of the take over?

    Of course, when being attacked by PADA too, TKG immediately took this statement back that Prabhupada only appointed ritviks and rejoined GBC.
    PADA comment, no further questions.

    Same now, Hridayananda Goswami can be easily pulled over to the Prabhupadanugas, GBC just kicked him out.

    Instead of convincing HDG to join PADA, PADA is sending him some nice pattern bombing. So thats some finest preaching work over there, never get anybody on board the Prabhupadanuga ship except, Heil Hitler illuminati neo nazis weirdos.

    Ok meanwhile these folks are worse than Hansadutta and Bhagavan together. No wonder we'll have to wait another 50 years?

  2. Hrdayananda says that Srila Prabhupada has been proven wrong by the karmis, he is not a candidate for joining anything, he is finished. ys pd

  3. hridayananda maharaja is Siddhaswarupananda has been doing the krishna west idea for nearly 3 decades. And what is ths result? Have 10's of thousands of folks joined up do to this westernized version of krishna consciousness?

  4. THIS IS CUT and PASTE FROM horriblenanda ----opps hridayanada ---Thus effectively and literally, the GBC placed me in a state of quarantine. Quarantine is applied when a person has, or is suspected to have, a serious, contagious disease. Thus by placing me in a state of quarantine,---HERE GUYS -----this is what he saying ---Quarantine -----he says only RABID dog okk ok some dog who is sick ----rabid is Quarantined ---So He is saying Beware -----WHY ---would he choose Such statements ----Quarantine ---dog ----ok so it is settled -----GBC have finally Done something RIGHT ----yes quarantine this rabid dog.

    1. As soon as a gooroo is kicked out and wishes to finally leave and take everything they can on the way out, the first thing they always do is say that the rest of the GBC is in maya, and they are not. So when he says he is being treated like a rabid dog, he might not be repentent about what he had done wrong, he might actually be setting up his disciples for stage two.

      Stage one is tell them the GBC is treating him like a dog. Stage two is take all his disciples and run! Especially in this case the female disciples it seems. And even some men seem to believe in him too? All because the GBC allow these men to pretend to be on the highest platform then lie and go along with them and say Prabhupada said they were on the highest platform to fool innocent people into giving everything to them when they join, these gooroos, and then whatever trickles down to the rest of the devotees goes to them? Is this right? Their karma is, every time a gooroo leaves, he takes all his disciples with him!


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