Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Transcendental Vision (from Vidya Vani site)

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    Vedavyasa swami (see pic above) is a highly educated German academic. Why is he not preaching in German speaking countries and instead goes to 3rd world nation like Argentina? After all Germany is Europe's number one and one of world's strongest economies.

    If you can manage to run a successful project there it has impact on the whole planet. So this is rather shady, dubious that Vedavyasa swami is hiding in Argentina. There are others doing the same thing, transferring everything from West to Eastern countries. Reason for this colossal relocation is of course that ISKCON cannot reach intelligent Westerners anymore. Their preaching is disconnected from Krishna's powerhouse.

    So what they do is to capture 3rd world folks who figure to gain access for eventually migrating to 1st world countries. They join with ulterior motive of improving their material situation by joining ISKCON. Same happens big-style in Asia.

    In sum clearly this is not Prabhupada's formula of expanding the Sankirtan movment. Prabhupada instructed his followers to become intelligent enough in order to impress bhakti upon local people and turn them into devotees.


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