Saturday, March 22, 2014

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  1. When Prabhupada introduced Gurukula school system, Prabhupada also would introduce vedic village life as ideal life-style for his followers.

    In other words, we have to see things in proper context. Home schooling your kids and later on sending them to work at karmi job is idiocy.

    Exactly this is ISKCON policy. They destroyed Prabhupada's vedic village project but still, home schooling of their children.

    What happens that as soon your child is 15 years old it finds out that their is no Vaishnava infrastructure where young devotees are integrated to have a fulfilled live in a functioning Vaishnaca society and runs off.

    Functioning Vaishnava society means that all members are able to have Vaishnava families, exemplary Vaishnava household and never ever, having to depend on karmi jobs/money.

    At present we are having a whole contingent of young devotees who received home schooling and later are forced to work at karmi job.

    You are doing it wrong!

    First of all at one point many devotees kids run off. They find out that they don't like it and run off. Then there are those who stay devotees but have to go for work in order to pay the bills. Circa 99% of present ISKCON temples have no varna-asram infrastructure where young devotees can be integrated.

    In sum, this home schooling is nothing but basic problem, fundamental evil of child abuse. Homeschooling and later on send your child to work at karmi job is a crime, felony. Crime doesn't pay.

    Unless there are whole countries or big cities running on vedic principle you cannot isolate your children and give them bog-standard, run of the mill hodge-podge education and later on for the rest of live send them to work at karmi jobs.

    Your child never ever will excuse your enforcement. It is irresponsible and already many kids have chosen suicide. At present moment with totally botched, destroyed and ruined vedic village program your child will have to work at a karmi job. Please give your kid proper education and not end up as loser, bum, poverty-strikken.

    Even Prabhupada's father who was a pure Vaishnava send his son to college, university and enabled adequate position as manager of a corporate group.

    Please do this out of simple decency. Don't cheat your child and later on send him/her to work as peon for the rest of life at karmi jobs. This is rather insult. Vaishnavas are already known as bum, nogoodnik.

    Kindly correct this irregularity. Thank you!


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