Monday, March 10, 2014

Gaura Purnima Sunnyvale w/ Karnamrta dasi


  1. Karnamrta Dasi is the first female Western Devotee to be trained in the classic art of singing Kirtan? I guess Prabhupada's training Jamuna Devi and the rest of the devotees he personally trained and sent to England doesn't count. Thank you for informing us of your attitude Sunnyvale.


    [PADA: None of these devotees are around anymore? For that matter, there is barely any harinama in the whole Bay Area, or even in the entire USA really. If there are some "traditional kirtana" devotees around here, who are singing in the original ISKCON temple style, they are welcome to come to Sunnyvale and sing there. Where are these people?

    Problem for your theory is, these "traditional" people do not seem to exist.

    There is barely anyone to sing at the ISKCON temple here either, but there is a packed crowd at Sunnyvale. There is a regular nice traditional style kirtana at the Sunnyvale temple all the time, for the general programs, and there is also a nice female bhajana group that sings at Sunnyvale regularly.

    This is a special event.

    Anyway, if you can produce the traditional chanting process and its local devotees here, we are all for it. Just show us where they are and we will advertise for their process. Right now you are apparently saying -- this program is not good, therefore, no program is better. Sour grapes. Accomplishes zero.

    At least there is some chanting going on here, that's better than your program, mostly no chanting is going on anywhere around here. Example is better than precept, show is the way and we will follow.

    Attacking the Sunnyvale program is not leading the way to anything, its like our neighbor's dog, he is always barking at the tires of a passing by truck, it makes a lot of noise, but does not benefit anyone. He can attack by barking at others, but he cannot lead anyone anywhere because he has no process of his own to do that. So either lead, follow, or get out of the way, as the saying goes. ys pd

  2. It's wonderful that Karnamrta dasi, the only person who has ever apparently sung a note of kirtan in America, will be at your program instead of Prabhupada's ISKCON.

    [PADA: You still have not identified the better kirtan group who would come here? Or what better program to you have? You have none, you are a bluffer. At least we Prabhupadanugas have a program, you have nothing to show for your preaching whatsoever. Sour grapes.

    As for me "cashing in" on using the title "Prabhupadanugas," I was using that as the title on my early 1984 documents, and have used it ever since. If someone else has been using that title to any big publicly known degree, or more than us, we never knew who they were. We wrote various papers in the 1980s / 1990s and used the title as Prabhupadanugas, while others were not using that title at the time.

    Does that means we should get credit for using that title? I don't know, you tell us who else should -- by showing us who they are, and sending us copies of the documents they made in the 1980s and 1990s using that title?

    Where is this alleged group or individual who was using that title before us, more than us etc.? You also keep failing to tell us what "cash" we are getting from alleged "cashing in" on using this title? This is a little silly, we are cashing in, but getting no cash or anything else to show for it?

    If we are not the persons who should "get credit" for the Prabhupadanuga's title, simply show us who else was using that title, by showing us copies of their documents. Of course at this point that would raise the question, why did no one else know about this alleged alternate Prabhupadanuga program / use of title / until just now?

    We think its you who has nothing to cash in on at all, so its another example of sour grapes: you could not and did not do anything that is recognized by anyone anywhere, so you blame us for using cashing in on using this title, while giving us not hint of who else used that title before we popularized it? So you are cashing in on calling us the bad guys, just like the GBC has done all along, but you have nothing better to show for it. Its all bluff. ys pd]


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