Friday, March 21, 2014

Hrdayananda Site on Gay Devotees

PADA: Hrdayananda has said that Srila Prabhupada has been proven wrong by modern academia, psychology and sociology and such. And -- since that is the case -- Srila Prabhupada had exceeded his authority. That is type of thing is that the GBC itself is complaining about, that HDG has been making statements in public that he is above the authority of the acharya.

Finally, we and the GBC agree on something, no one should be allowed to say their acharya is subordinated to mundane academia, and that Vedic authority is subordinate to these sources. Some of the GBC, ok folks like Bhakti Vikas swami, Trivrikrama swami and ilk, have complained about the gay marriage thing. I have my own list of issues, but it seems to be the case that the GBC itself is coming around to at least a few of these without my input.

I have listened to many explanations over the years, none of this has been explained as far as I can see. This same problem came up when we had Tamal Krishna supporting Narayan Maharaja, their "rasika club" was saying Srila Prabhupada's teachings are limited, you could not reach rasika with their outside "rasika gurus." Again the GBC agreed with me, and said that is producing another system of authority, and they came to agree with me, we cannot have Srila Prabhupada being subordinated to another authority. The real question of how Srila Prabhupada keeps being subordinated has never been answered, ever. ys pd

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  1. Yet another brilliant elaboration by PADA, GBC agrees that HDG,TKG are bogus rascals.

    Only problem, GBC appointed these folks in the first place. Not that any ISKCON guru is self-appointed, self-proclaimed. GBC says, c'mon folks, we need gurus, is there anybody, plz step forward so we can approve, and, oh, yeah, we make an election ceremony that it looks bona fide. But keep in mind, without living gurus nothing works, our movement is based on living gurus. Without living gurus the whole show is bogus.

    Like that.

    In one sense GBC is threatening these gurus that they are expelled when they don't serve properly. On the other hand GBC is rendered useless when there are no gurus. So this is rather an unholy liaison.

    Of course they could increase pressure to discipline their gurus because they have many gurus, no imbalance of supply and demand.

    Formerly when they had only eleven they couldnt have a go at them without risking their own ass, situation was precarious. Now they are having 84 gurus and immediately take a tough stance.

    So this is all easy to look through. GBC is ultimate ISKCON authority who is responsible for everything.

    Not that these gurus are responsible for anything.

    They know they are conditioned souls playing the role of acarya.
    GBC appoints these men and they are aware that these test persons are not uttama adikari paramahamsa, an element of risk remains.

    This residual risk factor is jubilantly accepted by GBC and therefore 100% of responsibility lies on them. Not on these instrumentalized gurus. They are more and more getting marionettes in the hand of GBC.
    Hope this clarifies this issue.


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