Tuesday, March 25, 2014

One ISKCON web site attacks Hrdayananda


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The threat of Hridayananda das Goswami’s consequentialist moral philosophy to ISKCON’s spiritual identity.

By His Grace Krishna-kirti Dasa

Originally released on 3/24/2014, Here is a link to the WORD file: hridayananda_consequentialism

This paper shows that Hridayananda Das Goswami’s recent statements that question the validity of certain narrations in authorized Vedic scriptures, and which have been accepted by Srila Prabhupada and other acharyas, arise from a moral philosophy called consequentialism. In a 2005 paper titled “Vaisnava Moral Theology and Homosexuality,” Maharaja explains his conception consequentialist moral reasoning in detail. 

His application of it results in a total repudiation of Srila Prabhupada’s authority, a repudiation of several acharyas in ISKCON’s parampara, and an increase in the numbers of devotees whose Krishna consciousness depends on the repudiation of these acharyas’ authority. 

A non-consequentialist defense of Śrīla Prabhupāda is presented along with recommendations for resolving the existential threat Maharaja’s moral reasoning poses to the spiritual well-being of ISKCON’s members, the integrity of ISKCON itself, and the authenticity of Srila Prabhupada’s spiritual legacy.

[PADA: This is really interesting, ONE ISKCON is attacking Hrdayananda (for his attacking Srila Prabhupada and the acharyas). Great! The bad news is that these OneISKCON people still support Hrdayanda's false guru program. We heard a rumor that Hrdayananda was going to Kansas to Danavir's place? And Danvir's people are exposing Hrdayananda? What is going on here? And Danavir is voted in as a messiah by the Hrdayananda clan? Does any of this make sense? ys pd]


  1. Everyone has got to understand that the corrupt ISKCON leadership is completely crashing and disintegrating. They used to be able to keep filling the ranks of corrupt leaders with other self promoting Srila Prabhupada disciples. But its the material world and it couldn't last forever and now everyone is leaving their body and the time factor has exposed everyone's insidious motivations. So these false gurus are now scrambling, completely in survival mode. In that state of consciousness people make unholy and illogical alliances. So a Danavir Hrdayananda alliance isnt so far fetched.

    Actually, they are really similar in the sense that they are both fanatics. One is an extremest as far as western academics goes and Danavir is a known sexist fanatic and both are practically IMPOSSIBLE to live with. Thats why hardly ANY of either one of these "gurus" disciples want to live with them. Trust me, I am friends with some of these devotees and they all say it.

    Both of them are just opposite sides of the same deviant coin. Nether one of them has much potency to attract people to Krishna and both of their decades long legacy's prove it. Time tells all....

  2. Right, these folks should be beaten with sticks, they have no right to criticize. They militantly support the living guru doctrine and fully support ISKCON's way to install new gurus. Throw grenades at Prabhupadanugas.

    According their own resolutions these gurus have to be worshiped as good as God. Now when these freakos find out that their "as good as God" gurus make strange things they shout conspiracy.

    Hey, always remember, it is you who promotes ISKCON's guru system from begin with!

    So this is all chaotic madness and nobody will join such a nuthouse. Agreed, there is a whole army of 3rd refugees who found out how to exploit ISKCON and get certificate to enter 1st world countries. Thats their so called ISKCON movement, fine preaching work there. Sleep tight.

    Good news is, PADA is there to help you! PADA will rectify all this so you can peacefully eat and sleep without any digestive trouble, fer sure!

  3. Hrdayananda now says he has to bend rules to prevent people from blooping. He has already blooped? Thanks oneiskcon, you are right about Hrdayananda is bogus. What are you going to do now oneiskcon? Worship another bogus person?

    When are they going to learn to quit their changing gurus every few years idea, its bogus? Is Danavir going to take over the Hrdayanandas program, the rumor we heard. Danavir is going to save the foolish Hrdayanandas, which Danavir said they have to worship Hrdayananda in the first place.

    People in ISKCON have the same memory as a flea. They can not remember Danavir is a person who wanted everyone to worship Hrdayananda. Now Danavir is going to save them from worship of Hrdayananda. No one remembers Danavir was the Hrdayananda pied piper.

    These people are like a dog chasing his own tail around a circle. They run real hard, and end up same place everytime. The people who first gave ISKCON the Hrdayanandas, will save ISKCON from the Hrdayanandas. Memory of a flea.

    I am glad we have people exposing all this foolishness, Bhakta JJ


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