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Hrdayananda swami "Banned by the GBC"?


[PADA: We'd like to hear the actual details of this story is anyone has them.

It seems however, here we go again: France Yatra is "in desolate condition." Yep. Just like everything else these bogus gurus touch, it turns into dust. And some were hoping Hrdayananda could help out, but ooops, he has allegedly been "banned" from participating. 

Is this because he was telling our associates that we need to dress Krishna in a suit and tie, and have devotees dress as Westerners, and this has been alienating more and more people? Or did the "congregations" in these areas finally stand up and say, "No thanks GBC, we do not want your messiah on our doorstep." 

This is always a big problem with the GBC, they have: (A) Parampara acharyas, gurus who are (B) Pure associates of Krishna, who are assisting the gopis, who are sum totals of the demigods etc., but simultaneously, (C) Have to be banned, censured, monitored, suspended, removed, excommunicated and so forth for deviations, ok for things like illicit sex, rejecting Srila Prabhupada, rejecting the Vedas, rejecting Krishna and so forth. This is an insult to the pure devotees, gurus, assistants to the gopis etc. -- to say that their process is full of such deviants. 

Anyway, this is another sign things are falling apart further for the GBC gooroos, their programs are in a desolate condition, and they have no solution, and when a solution is proposed, its shot down. Lets face it, they are never going to repair the devastation they caused. Anyway this is good news, they are apparently realizing, they have no credible persons to act as their spokesmen. One by one their spokesmen's credibility is disintegrating, whether -- Hari Vilas, Danavir, Dravidra, Satsvarupa, Jaggadisha, Jayadvaita, Hrdanayanda, Ravindra, One ISKCON, etc. they are all being attacked for not following the process given by the acharya. ys pd]     



Cyril Wohrer
Hace 19 horas · Editado

I am on FB for 48 hours to make an appeal to those who have sympathy for Krishna West. As of yesterday in Mayapur, the GBCs' decided to forbid (for lack of a softer word) Hridayananda Goswami from going on his upcoming European tour next month. Hridayananda Maharaja was going to travel to Israel, UK, Italy, Poland, Scandinavia, Norway, Germany and - last but not least - France, where I was going to accompany him, along with his God brother Gopaswami prabhu, traveling all across the country. 

Maharaja has been studying French every single day since three months in preparation. I already bought my ticket to Paris. I can speak about ISKCON France: it is in a desolate condition. It confuses my mind how the GBC would prefer to have nobody preaching there this summer over having Hridayananda Maharaja - with all his supposed "deviant" ideas - and me and Gopaswami prabhu. 

I think it would be a positive gesture if those who are not happy with this decision express yourselves *respectfully* to your local GBCs or to Braja Bihari prabhu at ISKCON Resolve (
Expressing one's opinion to one's local GBC is a venue of communication which Srila Prabhupada himself set up. However, if you are passionate or disrespectful in doing this, you will hurt the progress of Krishna West more than you will help it. Therefore I insist: if you talk/write, please do it within conservative Vaishnava etiquette.

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  1. Thank you Pada for posting this and Cyril for asking him to. Cyril, Srila Prabhupada said it is better to have an empty barn than a barn full of crazy cows! As long as that smugfaced "gooroo" wearing the saffron hat in this picture with his kakhis on holding his hands up like he is being held up in a stick up continues with his trying to outdo Srila Prabhupada he is one hell of a crazy cow to me. You couldn't ask for a better picture than this to decribe the whole situation. The disciples look more advanced than the gooroo in every one of the pictures I have seen of him lately since he started wearing karmi clothes, just like when Kirtanananda started doing the same thing. The bliss looks amiss, no matter how many garlands you try to bury him with.

  2. HDG managed to have kind of a private function, family situation, with his approx. 3 dozens followers.

    Problem is HDG cannot convince Westerns to become Vaishnavas. His follwers are mainly economic migrants from 3rd countries who came to California for improving their material condition, refugees driven by poverty. Of course they did adopt the dress of Vaishnava but mainly this whole setup is a social contact point, drop-in center.

    In some, intelligent Westerners won't buy it that HDG is a spiritually enlightened guru, spiritual master. Wherever he goes, university campus, town hall, press conference, tv show, etc. people figure not to do what this man is instructing. However, according sastra, a genuine guru is able to convince others and make them devotees.

    Not only that, from a spiritual master in the succession of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu it is expected that he can save fallen souls bigstyle. Thing rather look like HDG became disconnected from Lord Caitanya's power house and simply comes along on a mental/intellectual plane without potency to actually enthuse people's heart with Krishna bhakti. Sad but true, what can be done? These type of mundane men simply create disturbance?

  3. Cyril Wohrer

    France in bad shape? This man is sarcastic! France is desolate since Bhagavan era.
    Whoever doesnt know this is either a fool or on the participant list of intentionally duping people in general. Europe is 45 nations, present status is that "good in business" is Hindu hotspot ISKCON London (2 mio Hindus) and thats it. ISKCON Hungary is celebrated as highlight how to successfully run a vedic village. However, why all other 43 European nations look like burned down to the ground? If they really know how to manage why only one country? So this is rather orchestration. London cannot actually be counted because this is a Hindu hotspot. George Harrison's house is a Beatles museum where Beatles fans go for pilgrimage.
    And these so called ISKCON gurus are presenting the "latest news", France is in bad shape....

    So this is all a club of charlatanism and fooling some clueless people in India to come to the West and work as volunteer when they open once a week for Sunday-feast in otherwise empty temple buildings?

  4. How DARE that one man with the kurta on next to "Maharaja" wear such a thing when everyone else is wearing karmi clothes. Doesn't he know he is ruining their consciousness? How can they think of Krishna when someone is wearing a kurta? It is disgusting it reminds people of ISKCON and Srila Prabhupada! Being sarcastic of course.

  5. How do a non conscious object become fruitive?
    "karmi clothes"
    I profess I use a karmi Chair, a karmi computer, use a karmi keyboard & mouse.
    I've yet to find the Vedic authorised Mobile Phone. Is it the i-phone or the andriod?

    I am confused please explain how Kritananda trying to use European-Medieval Monk robes is in anyway the same as dressing in common garb?
    I would make that by your example christian clothes. Man I love clothes that follow Christ. They love their neighbors like themselves.

    As for bliss, yeah man I got bliss clothes, a bliss smile and a bliss walk. You should see my bliss shoes those are dope.
    Everyone knows I'm advanced in bliss in that outfit, pulling a bliss smile and asking if you want fries with that. (If I don't fake the bliss I get into trouble)

    As for a Kurta that reminds me of the middle east and Islam. As the saying goes its a Muslim Kurta, and Insha'Allah the kurta will surrender to the will of God.


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