Friday, March 21, 2014

"Fake documents" in Mayapura Land Sales?

Warning: Mayapur Real Estate


I am sending the message below with a very good intention.

Every devotee dreams about settling down in Mayapur, as it is the birthplace of Sriman Mahaprabhu. Indeed, our Acaryas have greatly emphasized residing in Mayapur Dhama. But before you purchase any property, please take note of a few points, which should come to your notice. And I humbly request you take them in the right spirit.

1) 90% of the buildings in Mayapur are not built according to the rules of the State govt.

2) The properties are built and promoted by greedy humans in the guise of devotees. These so-called devotees are from Bangladesh and have procured Indian Citizenship through unlawful means. They are poor from birth and have bought properties at unimaginably low price - 1 katta at the rates ranging from Rs10,000 or less to 50,000. But they are now selling it for more than 20 times the original price. The money they have invested has also been earned through unlawful means.

3) Mayapur has loose top soil and needs special foundations to make a building strong. As the devotees promoting the constructions are from Villages and have absolutely no idea about construction are NOW big-time realtors in Mayapur and their buildings are built by engineers and designers from local villages who have only a capacity to built a single storage mud house.

You can ascertain the quality of the construction and planning by visiting the Mayapur residential areas. This visit will bring to light the sordid quality of the designers and engineers.

4) It is a rule in India that flooring is planned according the width of the main road in front of the building.

Most of the apartments in Mayapur have not less than 5 to 6 floors and some of them have 7 or 8 floors, which is totally against the law. Mayapur soil needs special foundation base(which is expensive) for supporting 7 or 8 floors. Most of the so-called devotees choose to ignore such a need, as they are interested solely in cutting costs down.

Also, very soon the local govt will notice these flaws and will order a colossal demolition of the apartments. The devotees who have purchased the apartments will either pay a considerable amount of bribe or fine to the govt officials or lose their apartments.

5 Last year, I wanted to buy 5 apartments for myself and my friends in Mayapur and made a detailed research for 6 months and found out that all the apartments were not constructed as per the construction laws. And none of the apartments had any govt. authorized documentation. I also took 2 engineers and a designer from a leading construction company in India ( paid Rs. 200,000 ( 3 thousand dollars)for a period of 5 days as fees). They observed the construction method and studied the plans of the different promoters and concluded that most of the buildings will fall apart in less than 10 years' time. In the next flood many buildings will disappear.

6) Some so called devotee promoters showed me their documents and pamphlets of what materials they have been using and I scrutinizingly cross-checked the materials and found that they were using low-quality, cheap materials to reduce costs. So, the buyer is cheated with pamplet advt.

Please do not waste your hard-earned money in investing in properties which have no quality. Moreover, please do not encourage devotees to make money out of the holy dhama. It is a terrible offence to make money out of Mayapur. Real estate rates have gone unimaginably high in Mayapur and one of the main reasons is that so called devotees want to make big money out of construction and by exploiting the divine sentiments of the devotees. We should not pollute Mayapur. The only way to save the situation is by our Mayapur Temple management has to pull down the prices, then automatically the real estate racket will collapse . The future and sanctity of the dhama is in the hands of our Iskcon Mayapur management. The management need to have a big heart to do this work. By this the real estate scam will be finished and will also encourage devotees from poorer backgrounds to come and settle down in Mayapur.

I have shared this information with a very good intention and request you to please pass this message on to your temple leaders and websites so that the temple devotees and the congregation will be saved from being cheated.

There are many more malpractices in to regard to Land purchases in Mayapur. Fake documents are promoted and being sold to devotees. Please pass this message to your friends and contacts . Please bring this notice to the GBC management. Thank you.

Vaishnava das,
Radha Ramana dasa

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