Monday, March 24, 2014

You say Kristo we'll say Krishna (Bangalore news)

Hare Krishna,

“You say Kristo and we’ll say Krishna.”
Charu: I arranged a program at St. Pascal’s Franciscan Seminary and Prabhupada gave a wonderful lecture about the universality of God consciousness—how God consciousness is for everyone. He said that a religious person is not necessarily Christian, Hindu, Muslim or Jew or one who pays lip service to this or that denomination but one who follows the laws of God. 

Give up false enjoyment
We seek enjoyment because we lack the means to satisfy our own self. The whole creation is filled with living entities who are seeking pleasure and satisfaction externally.

Playing or working in dirt, makes you smarter!
Prabhupada: ... When men are uncivilized, they do not how to grow food, they kill animals in the jungle and eat. When they are civilized, they know how to grow food now and the nice food grains, fruit, flowers.

Learn to tolerate happiness and distress

Jai Srila Prabhupada!

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  1. Dear PADA
    there are now quite some people posing as Prabhupadanuga who are a plaque. All day they simply post stuff like ISKCON Bangalore is the gateway to hell and rich people like Bill Gates are illuminati demons who want to destroy. In sum these rascals simply turn off anybody. Nobody wants to support conspiracy idiots. So at one point this whole Prabhupadanuga program will be labeled as neonazi madness and kicked out. Then there are GBC undercover agents who simply spy on Prabhupadanugas. Take Cakravarti and Dinasharana's grown up children, what are they doing, are they even devotees? What is with Cakravarti, he was caught with another woman, married mataji. What is actually happening in Germany? There are supposedly 400 new devotees? Why nothing is reported, zero? Now they say is a whole temple of Prabhupadanugas there? What are these devotees doing? So it seems there is a whole smokescreen going on? Same at Pratyatosa's forum, this place is dead. After 10 years of total silence suddenly Hansadutta reappears? What the heck is going on there? Yasodananda pr, the great Mr. Mysterious who never speaks one word but just posts quotes, year after year? Is this man dead or alive - what is he doing all day? Now they plan to transfer money from India to California to construct a new temple, are these devotees insane? Americans watch all day porn and Indians bring money to open a temple for these gay idiots? Tell you what, this will never work like that. Unless you really get all these rascals and pull them out of their sofa cushion this reformation is doomed.


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