Saturday, March 1, 2014

India's Tallest Temple will be Prabhupadanuga

[PADA: Meanwhile the GBC's Philadelphia temple is a "bombed out disaster area," at least according to a person on the scene there. And the GBC has been struggling to make their temple in Mayapura because they have spent $20 million dollars on foolish lawsuits and neglected their building programs. A devotee recently said that the ISKCON leaders working on their Mayapura building project are old pretty much old men now, and its unlikely they will even live to see the building completed in their lifetimes. 

This devotee said, that is because these now old men wanted to waste most of their lifetimes, and much of ISKCON's funds, on banning, harassing and suing the Prabhupadanuga devotees. Lets face it, they are not truly interested in making nice temples. They said in 1997 that they would "spend the next 100 years suing the ritviks." 

In other words, even their own people admit, they wanted to spend their lives making nice mansions for lawyers, and have low class, run down, or even ghetto conditions and / or un-finished buildings for Krishna. And the result of this policy is, they have Krishna living in a dump like they created in Philadelphia. They are devotees of lawyers, only their lawyers get a nice residence, not Krishna. The good news is, people are finally catching onto this program, and they are withdrawing their support. Meanwhile, our Prabhupadanuga devotees are gaining support, and so we are moving ahead with various independent building programs, because we want Krishna to live in a mansion and not lawyers. ys pd]

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