Sunday, June 30, 2019

India Water Crisis Affects 100,000,000 People in 5 Years

PADA: OK lets hope this calculation is not correct. But then again, maybe it is correct. And Kali Yuga is just getting started. A devotee told me, this is the karma reaction of the ISKCON GBC's stopping Lord Chaitanya's Hari Nama movement. These bogus leaders have indirectly or directly destroyed the entire planet, because hari nama was the only way to prevent these catastrophic events. Possibly true, in which case, their karma is going to be excessively bad. 

In any event it seems India is in for a bumpy ride -- no matter what, unless something drastic happens and soon. 

Without water, life as we know it ceases to exist. The major water shortages ALREADY existing now are making life very difficult, if not intolerably hard, for many to live -- at all. It also seems like Kali yuga lasting for another 428,000 years and having a bunch of survivors existing then, is a bit optimistic the way it looks now. 

Sad, but it is self evident that Krishna and His agents are not happy with the way things are being managed at present, and the world is suffering some sort of increasingly stringent collective reaction. 

Desalinizing ocean water is a possible solution, but that will require a whole lot of investment, giant pipeline distribution networks, power for pumps, and so forth, a huge undertaking even in a more technological country. If that will be the solution, or even a partial one, they better get on with making it now. 

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