Saturday, June 15, 2019

Purujit Das: About Cooperation (Video)

The B.L.I.S.S. society

[PADA: Yes, it is a problem among the different "Prabhupadanuga groups." Yup! Once people think they are connected to Srila Prabhupada, then they may no longer think they need to be connected to the other devotees. Then there is no unity.

"Its an ego problem." Agreed. 

So the first problem we have had with the Purujit process is that they started arguing with PADA -- using the same identical arguments given by Jayadvaita swami, that we need to re-write the books. OK, even if I joined with that argument at this point, its just not going to be accepted widely. Jayadvaita has been rejected as the editor, so lets elect Purujit for the job. Well nope! 

The original books that Srila Prabhupada used (and we used) are the main version that were accepted all along, and will be the only accepted version by the overall Prabhupadanugas movement for the future at this point. Apart from that, we doubt that Purujit has even bothered to get the copyright use for his re-edited books, and it would not even be legal for our folks to use his re-writes for mass distribution. We have already had a problem with books being locked at the printers, and this is simply an invitation for the same problems to recur.

Now some people have told me that Purujit program is working closely with the Dayalu Nitai's HKC Jaipur folks, if so, will they accept and use his Gita? We think not. And even if they did, how big of a boost is that for their re-edited book? Its just not going to fly very far. A couple of very small programs will use his book while no one else does, which means their people will NOT be able to follow along with the audio classes given by Srila Prabhupada, and / or others who use original books. They will be reading from a totally different book. OK same problem we ALREADY have with the BBTI / JAS changes.

The other problem is that Purujit totally burned out some very sincere people when he made his own book. Some people thought he had exploited and used them by falsely asking for donations for an upcoming book -- a book which he did not tell them was going to be his personal re-write -- and his book was NOT something that they wanted to contribute to. OK some folks felt that he had used and cheated them. I also feel he cheated PADA by not informing that he was making these re-edits for three years without ever mentioning his "behind the scenes editing" program. So he misrepresented his position on purpose.

The next problem is that the Purujit people talk very nasty to others when his book re-writes are exposed as bogus. OK same nasty style that the Jayadvaita swami people do when they are challenged about the re-writes. If we are going to break away from the GBC's process, we cannot then duplicate their book re-edit program and nasty style of defending changing the books. Its just recycling the same old, same old problems back into the Prabhupadanuga process. 

As for the HKC Jaipur folks, again same problem. As soon as they heard that we were liberating hundreds of children from potential abuse in the GBC's guru camp, and the suicides of molesting victims was diminished to almost nil, they were infuriated that this agenda was being thwarted. Even various victims were shocked and surprised at how vociferously the Dayalu Nitai HKC Jaipur clan defended the ongoing abuse and suicides program. 

In fact, they defended the child molesting acharya program even more than the GBC folks did. At least the GBC folks sort of sheepishly agreed that this program needed to be curtailed, whereas the HKC Jaipur clan became the biggest defenders of the pedophile messiah's program on the planet. In fact their goonda Prahlad das said he wanted to get his GBC goonda pals to come and -- kill me for opposing this agenda. 

So again, how can we cooperate with people who defend child molesting guru programs and they are the only people on the planet happy to see children dying of suicide? Sulochan said these defenders of child abuse are "tossing children into a wood chipper," and we need to "cooperate" with same? That is not a platform where we can expect people to unite? 

To sum, if the various groups are going to work together, then they need to all get on the same page with: the same books, and the same policy towards child abuse -- and so on and so forth. If people cannot even agree that we need original books, and they vociferously defend child abuser guru programs, then how can everyone unite under one flag? We are going to unite by promoting Purujit as the new editor, unite under the idea that is a great plan to allow molesting and suicides to continue, and so forth? 

The good news is, at least we already have a number of folks united with us on these issues and our platform is expanding -- with or without -- these folks. Therefore, some of the main issues such as: the bogus GBC's guru issue, book changes issue, molesting issue, poison issue, and similar other pillar issues, should be agreed upon points, or else there can not be -- and will not be -- a unified platform on a wider scale. ys pd  


  1. True. This does not make a lot of sense. The "Bhaktivedanta Lives in Sound Society" says, the guru does not live in his sound. His sound has to be "changed up," reformed, re-written and modified by Mr. Purujit. We have to listen to Purujit's sound and not the sound that is used by the acharya. Makes no sense at all.

    And Purujit says he is upset that we are attacking HKC Jaipur, oh oh is this program now promoting the BLISS changes of books or what? You mean HKC is on board with re-writing the books?

    Meanwhile, Purujit has not answered as to why he is with HKC Jaipur, when they oppose us stopping children from being molested. What kind of "reform" is that when we oppose having children removed from molesting situations? So all of the issues need to be included for a complete reform, we have to have original books, we have to oppose child molester guru programs, we cannot listen to GBC defenders like Bhakta das and yes, we need to include the poison issue and not suppress the people exposing that issue. Otherwise, its not a complete reform. Or worse, saying we need to change up all the books, defending child molesting, suppressing the poison issue and the people who promoted that issue (like PADA), is back to square one with the GBC guru process? Where is the reform? Yep, true dat! ys pd

  2. No I am not sure if the HKC Jaipur endorses Purujit's changed books, or if he is trying to ride on their coat tails using them as alleged supporters when they really are not. Good question. HKC Jaipur's Prahlad also said he is against Hitler pada, except Prahlad recently posted an article by Hitler pada. They just don't get it, we Vaishnavas are not supposed to promote the worship of a person Srila Prabhupada says is in dog's consciousness. They are saying they are against Hitler pooja, then they post articles by founder of same process? OK they would rather listen to Hitler than us, no kidding! Anyway, yes this whole thing is like the Srila Bhaktisiddhanta story of the wedding ceremony, they rowed all night long, but kept the anchor down, so they were in the same spot in the morning. We cannot have a "reform" that is against original books, against fixing child molesting, and against the people exposing the poison issue, that is not a reform, that is simply GBC guru agenda recycled. GBC pt. II. Agreed. ys pd


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