Friday, June 21, 2019

Surabhi Kunja Devi Dasi Needs Medical Help (gofundme)

Surabhi Kunja Devi Dasi is diagnosed with several difficult and painful health conditions due to trauma.

[PADA: Right, she is not part of the golden inner circle of GBC's managers who can spend millions on: bogus court cases, their own unlimited travel expense accounts, Mercedes style transport, opulent housing, and of course their own private medical expenses etc. 

Yep, where is the "care department" for these lowly peons? Anyway, if anyone can help this poor lady after her "many years of service" that would be nice. 

More and more rank and file devotees are getting more elderly, thus getting more sick or disabled, and / or having housing and financial difficulties, if not some are dying without enough funds to cover their body's disposal properly, etc., and there is evidently no plan to care for them? The struggling peons have to self-finance their own care -- after giving so many years of service? Yep, that ex-kuli was right when he told me -- these GBC leaders are much like Kim Jong Un of North Korea, the elites are taken care of, the peons, ok not so much. ys pd]

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