Sunday, June 30, 2019

Petition for Westerners Visas in India

[PADA: This is quite true. Most devotees cannot participate in the GBC's ISKCON program in the West. Thus a number of them are fleeing to India to get some spiritual program in their lives. Problem is, there are not many organized programs for independent Westerners in India either, and so they cannot find advocates and sponsors for their visas there either. 

What is really needed is to fix the Western devotee's program so people can participate here, and simultaneously to start some sort of a devotee's refugee program in India that has some organized method of assisting people to get longer visas there. 

A number of devotees have just gone to India and got into trouble by not being able to extend their temporary tourist visas, and many of them are poor and they cannot hardly afford to keep flying back to the West to get another visa -- then going back to India (as some folks have been doing). Longer term visas will not be available most likely, unless there is some structured organization that can vouch to care for these semi-citizens and advocate for their longer stay. ys pd]

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