Sunday, June 9, 2019

3 Year Old Identifies Past Life Murderer

NOTE TO PADA: I noticed your posting "3 Year Old Identifies Past Life Murderer" and especially after seeing at the bottom that the sources was a nondescript "Agencies" I quickly searched that headline and got to a site that gives what appears to be a more balanced presentation, by Prashanth Damarla, who concludes that that the validity of  case is undetermined. 

Prashanth shows that he is not against the concept of reincarnation in the last paragraph where he names what he says a proven case, " A 4-year-old Indian girl named Shanti Devi has proved to be the reincarnated spirit of another woman". Stories about her are available through

In any case, if you want to publish stories that have been peer-reviewed, I recommend that you look to Ian Stevenson and/or Jim Tucker, who have been published by the University of Virginia Medical School. 

That University is the only major university that I know of in the States that has a department for the study of parapsychology. Edgar Cayce was from nearby Virginia Beach.

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