Sunday, June 2, 2019

Sri Vallabhacarya's Last Words

These are the last words of Sri Vallabha Acharya, which were written in sanskrit in the sand of the ganga river bank in kashi, shortly before he passed away:

“Listen to my last words. I foresee a time when all of you will forget God and become engrossed in worldly matters. It is likely that you will become slaves of your passions which will turn you away from the path of devotion. 

Instead of rendering service to God, which is your primary duty, you will waste your time and energy in idle pursuits. But, if you follow my advice, Lord krishna will not forget you. You should believe that Shri Krishna is our God and never weaken your faith in Him and then He will surely protect you. 

You should regard Him as the be-all and end-all of your life. Your ultimate good lies in serving Him, which should be done with all your heart, mind and soul. Trust in His protection. Remember Him always in all thoughts, words and deeds.”
[PADA: Very good advice! ys pd]

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