Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Thanks PADA! (from Eleven Naked Emperors Page)

Eleven Naked Emperors

Yesterday at 6:26 AM ·

Many thanks to Puranjana Prabhu for helping promote our forthcoming book about the history of the zonal acharya era in ISKCON by posting the Dedication to "Eleven Naked Emperors" on his PADA website. Actually Puranjana is quoted in our book quite a bit. He was an eyewitness to the zonal acharya era, and complained to some members of the GBC in 1980 regarding the less-than-guru-like activities of Jayatirtha "Maharaja," and says a couple GBC members offered him a post as zonal acharya of Ireland if he kept quiet about Jayatirtha.

Puranjana is also quoted talking about his friend and former GBC member, Sudama prabhu (formerly Maharaja), who was invited in 1977 to join the conspiracy to take over ISKCON even before Prabhupada passed away, and spoke about it to Puranjana.

Puranjana became a vocal critic of the zonal acharyas and best friend of Sulochan dasa, who (as we all know) was murdered for his attempt to "demean, slander and blaspheme the character of Srila Kirtanananda Bhaktipada in a manner unprecedented in ISKCON" (as noted by the GBC in their letter of expulsion from the Society for Sulochan.)

Yes, Purajana can be controversial, but we are grateful to him for all the work he has done to expose bogus gurus and we thank him.

[PADA: Thanks prabhu. Glad to be of help. There were many different versions of the Gaudiya Matha's history from many different God brothers from their program. Some versions are more widely accepted than others, some not so much. However, Srila Prabhupada's version is the one that will stick overall in the end, because its recorded in so many of his books and lectures etc. and that will stand the test of time. 

Same thing we feel about our history version. 

Its not accepted by many / most God brothers, but its ALREADY been recorded in so many karmi newspapers, TV shows, Books (Like Monkey on a Stick), Rolling Stone Magazine articles and so on, its too widely spread out there to make a big history re-write change. Various Srila Prabhupada citations and documents from our site were also submitted into the Delhi supreme court, and that too will stand over time. And our version of the history has been on the Harekrsna.org site for decades, and this site has been linked to hundreds of other sites. 

And we contributed to other various media, books, and so on, that are out there already, and some MORE documents and books are in the process of being made now. Thus overall, there will be some who will try to present other history accounts, but we are confident ours will be the main accepted one over time. ys pd]      

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