Sunday, June 9, 2019

ISKCON Groupie Thinks Krishna Chooses Conditioned Gurus

IG: Of course, now that India has legalized homosexual acts between men, this completely defeats the argument! Case closed! Men, women and homosexuals can become gurus if Krishna's chooses them! There is nothing left to say on this topic.

[PADA: OK now homosexual marriages and so forth are legal according some laws in certain countries, but the state's laws are not Krishna's laws? It seems like the GBC are choosing gurus who are not qualified, and then the result is = people think Krishna has chosen these deviants as His guru successors. Then again we have some GBC's gurus ilk "giving blessings" to homosexual marriages and trying to incorporate various other deviations as "Krishna West" and etc. Nevermind they are burying homosexuals in samadhis and anointing them as saints.

This is something we are experiencing all along, "Well prabhu, Krishna has chosen the GBC and the GBC is choosing these gurus." What happens if Krishna has NOT chosen these gurus as His successors? Then its the blind leading the blind, into a ditch. 

I find it amazing that some GBC types think the state's laws are also Krishna's laws. This has been an argument we have got for some time, if the GBC are bogus, then take them to court. Except the courts allow all sorts of mundane preachers, priests, gurus, avatars and so on to flourish already, the courts are not the standard for who is a guru. 

So the courts legalize homosexual marriages, and that means Krishna agrees, and now because of the courts, Krishna will select some homosexuals as His gurus? Just because they are now legally married? Probably Krishna is not too much concerned, what to speak of following, what the courts decide. Just saying! No, a conditioned soul is not going to be chosen by Krishna as His guru successor, it does not matter what form of mundane contamination that person has. 

ys pd]

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