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ISKCON / Jesus / Ritviks / Etc. (PADA)

PADA: There seems to be a pattern of our "Krishna devotee" opponents attacking the worship of Jesus (and Srila Prabhupada) as "the ritvik deviation." Translation, we cannot worship a "posthumous, post-samadhi, post mortem person." Ummm, like Krishna and His acharyas?

Worse! There seems to be a WIDESPREAD pattern here. Various ISKCON GBC guru folks, Gaudiya Matha folks, Narayan Maharaja folks, and / or their clones like Torben, Ajit Krishna, Hanuman Croatia, Kailash Chandra, and of course GBC clone folks like Bhakta das and their assembled associates, all unitedly call our Prabhupadanuga idea "the bogus Christian idea." 

Yep, worship of the acharya is a really bad idea! 

Except, Srila Prabhupada said that Jesus is still taking the sins of his sincere followers even now, after 2,000 years. This begs the question, who is going to have the bhogha offered to him, who is going to accept the disciples, who will absolve sins etc. -- if there is no "current" acharya for people to take shelter of in ISKCON? We cannot offer bhogha to the guru, we cannot offer the disciples to the guru, we thus have no path for people to be absolved of sins. So there is no process for people to move forward with. That is essentially blocking people from taking shelter of the acharya, while presenting no valid alternate. 

And is this not also an insult to Jesus, to say his worship is some sort of deviation? And hasn't this created a huge mess, having a concoction of conditioned souls taking sins without authority. This is making them fall down, get sick, create huge scandals, and die prematurely. We have not yet figured out -- this process isn't working? 

So we cannot have people worshiping Srila Prabhupada, or Jesus, thus there is no avenue for people to have their sins absolved, for starters. Then we might wonder why so many devotees are suffering from depression, drug addiction, alcohol problems, if not cancer, and so many other terminal illnesses. It might be partly because, their process for absolving sins is being checked. And thus these people are keeping their own sins to fester, grow and flourish within themselves, with no real process to purify and jettison them. Thus their sins are staying with them and not moving away, which will never have a happy ending.

Rocana even wrote a giant paper complaining about "The Church of Ritvik" where he compares the Prabhupadanuga's idea to -- the Christian's church.  And he wrote an "ISKCON constitution" where the GBC's existing guru voting process is made "more efficient" by having tighter legislation to control the voted in gurus. And people like Kailash Chandra are ghost writing articles for Rocana's site. 

Rocana does not seem to comprehend that a "managing committee" of defective conditioned soul people does not "manage" the Lord and the Lord's acharyas? Did we forget to mention the GBC has not been able to manage -- and have controlling dominion over -- a bag of fleas, because they cannot seem to control countless MINOR LEAGUE problems, such as giving proper food to their gurukula children. 

And then there are so many other deviations that are going on left, right and center -- right under their own noses. And on top of all this mess, they are all of a sudden going to stand up and start to "manage" their voted in guru successors to God. This job that is generally not done by any of the jeeva souls anyway -- even the pure ones, and would basically require considerable spiritual ability, such as being on the same level as the Supreme being.

And besides that, hardly no one is waiting for Rocana's "guru reform" to take root and eventually fix things. Rather they are leaving the ISKCON ship in droves and they are not coming back, end of story. That is because, waiting for deviants posing as gurus to "reform" is not a very useful path, since they never reformed in the Gaudiya Matha since 1936. People need to get on with the rest of their lives, and they are not going to sit around and spend it "waiting" for a day dream of "reforming the gurus" to come true.

The GBC / Rocana thinks -- if we simply make a few adjustments, then the GBC guru management system will suddenly right itself and start managing "the sum total of the demigods" better than they have to date. Their previous "managing" resulted in: banning, beating, molesting, police raids, lawsuits, bankruptcy cases, and murders, but what is the problem? We just have to make a few adjustments and this can ALL be fixed. Yes, this is essentially a pipe dream.

At the same time, many ISKCON devotee parents told their children the same thing, we cannot worship the "posthumous acharya Srila Prabhupada" -- instead -- even their own children needed to "find a living guru" and worship him instead of Srila Prabhupada. And that explains why hardly any of the ISKCON children ended up accepting Srila Prabhupada as their guru, and they mostly ran off to the Gaudiya Matha, Narayan Maharaja, and a number were initiated by GBC's gurus like Radhanath etc. Worse! A number these ex-children ended up being highly unfavorable toward the religion, and they blamed the religion for being the cause of more problems for them than solutions.

One ex-kuli student said, our own ISKCON parents have had us playing "Russian roulette" with their own children's guru worship program. Yes, we might find a somewhat good guru, but we might also find one who is a total dud and a sexual predator and so on. Thus our own parents have been having their own children gamble their spiritual lives on total speculation. 

Of course, what kind of religion has a "Russian roulette" guru system is another question? Here is your messiah, but maybe not. He really might be taking you to hell instead of heaven, but so what -- its guru by Russian roulette! And Srila Prabhupada confirms that this is what happens, false gurus go to the most obnoxious regions -- and so do their followers. Why would we send our own society's kids potentially on that perilous path?

Getting back to Jesus here, suppose the Christian parents all over the planet told all of their children, "You kids cannot accept Jesus as your guru, you have to find another guru." Then, within a generation, the entire church would fold up and disintegrate (as ISKCON is doing). Of course, probably a lot of people did not "think out" that the reaction would be that dire. They probably thought, this will all somehow work itself out and ISKCON will continue nicely. 

They did not think through -- what would happen if most of the children rejected the official ISKCON and departed from the institution -- due to having no official connection to the founder of the religion. And thus most of the children would wander off the reservation seeking "other gurus" especially since the bogus GBC's gurus sabha was so faulty, so they went en masse to other maths, or various other institutions and spiritual movements, or they just quit participating (as happened in many / most cases).

Then again, its very odd that while many of our critics say the Christians are a pile of bogus ritviks, they move to live in a town full of the alleged bogus Christian ritviks? Meanwhile, its the "bogus Christian ritviks" and their police, FBI, media and courts who -- saved my life -- from the hands of this hypocritical proces. Credit has to be given where credit is due. 

And these critics cannot do that fully because they are still thinking that Krishna does not live also in the hearts of the Christians. And thus Krishna can speak to them to send help to us if He so desires, ... the self same help Krishna has given me from their hands, and Krishna is still doing through their hands. 

To say all these Christian people are bogus ritviks, when they are the exact same people Krishna has sent to help us, is kicking at Krishna, and kicking at Jesus, and so on, not just kicking at me. They simply don't want to give credit to Jesus, after Srila Prabhupada said Jesus and me are brothers. In other words, its a much bigger problem than just kicking at me, they are also kicking at Krishna's arrangements made by His agents and representatives. 

And Krishna has also sent another helper, namely Henry, to help educate people on the situation as well. And how did you guess, people are attacking me for accepting that help too, but what if this help is all ultimately coming from -- Krishna? Then what? It seems all these people are begrudging what Krishna is doing, or what? 

The GBC ilk evidently holds a grudge against Jesus and his followers, and the Christian siddhanta that we have to worship the acharya. They should rather glorify the "bogus ritvik followers of Jesus" as the factual saviors of folks like me and many other devotees likewise. To say that I am a bogus Christian means, they are all holding a grudge against Jesus for saving me with his society.

Did I forget to mention that maybe Krishna has made this bogus Christian ritvik society in advance, to save us from the hands of these folks? Because without the bogus Christian ritvik society, we would be dead, and that is the real reason they begrudge it? Sorry, to say that "worship of the acharya is the bogus Christian idea" is what Tamal and their whole program said the whole time. 

We should not become their parrots, rather we should appreciate what worship of the acharya Jesus has done to help make folks like me survive, and give credit where credit is due and not begrudge it. In sum worship of the acharya is not a bogus idea, rather its the idea that has given me my best helpers with their police, FBI, media, courts and sustenance. The critics begrudge that, because they did not want me to be helped, then the bad guys win by default, its simple.

Anyway, to become a parrot of Tamal and say worship of the acharya is the bogus ritvik deviation, means one is shutting the door for others to accept the acharya. Anyone who does that will have to answer for doing that with the higher authority. And the result of this "preaching" was self evident in 1988 when Lokanath swami said, ISKCON is a ghost town. ys pd

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