Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Gurudeva Has Come Back! (Jadurani / Shyamarani)

PADA: Wow! When we said Srila Prabhuapada is living in his vani, Narayan Maharaja was saying no, we need to hear from a living person (him). Yep, we need to hear from NM, a big supporter of Tamal and the GBC's bogus guru system. 

NM is also a person who: Complained about a number of things Srila Prabhupada says; Helped Satsvarupa write the bogus "Guru Reform Notebook"; Says the biggest Gaudiya Matha deviants are "acharyas like Srila Prahbupada" and so on. And he is a person who joined the Gaudiya Matha's protest of calling Prabhupada "Prabhupada" and they all called him "swami maharaja." Narayan Maharaja was joining with the Gaudiya Matha's people who were all meeting to complain about us calling him "Prabhupada" and according to BV Puri and others, NM was one of the biggest ring leaders of that protest. 

Who can forget that NM says all of us are monkeys, and 11 of us monkeys are gurus? Monkeys are Krishna's successor gurus? So, after encouraging the GBC program that bans, beats, molests, sues and kills us, and places pedophiles in samadhis etc., we need to hear from the biggest cheer leader of that process, NM? 

Of course, we also agree, for a person to promote a homosexual and pedophile guru lineage for so many years, he could have some sort of demoniac mystic powers to be able to help co-create such a process, that is possible. So while children are being starved, beaten and molested, NM is assembling the ring leaders of that process to expensive "India jet set fly ins" so he can teach them rasika. Just the cost of airline tickets alone for one of his rasika programs could have fed a thousand children sumptuously for ten years. 
Did we forget to mention NM was always hanging out with Tamal and his GBC's gurus sabha giving them "rasika classes" as their entire program of banning, beating, molesting, suing and murders were going on left, right and center? Did we forget to mention NM was vehemently opposed to us when we forwarded the poison issues because we were offending his pal Tamal? And so on! 

Jaduarani is right, we need to hear from books and tapes, but not from the books and tapes of the world's biggest defender of the deviant and sexual predator's acharya program. So, the biggest defender of the GBC's bogus guru process has -- come back, to keep defending such foolishness? Oh no! Supporters of a deviant if not homosexual and pedophile acharya's program are "pure devotees who have eight mystic powers." Who knew? Its very sad that some people will go to their graves defending -- if not worshiping -- the cheer leaders of the illicit sex with men, women and children messiah's project. 

Yes, there are STILL glorifications of Tamal on various NM web sites. 

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