Monday, June 10, 2019

Jvalamukhi Speaks About Radhanath Swami (Video)

[PADA: Yep, some ex-kulis (children of ISKCON) love Radhanath and are taking initiation from him, and are making him the guru of ISKCON. Meanwhile there are other ex-kulis who are mortified that Radhanath is being worshiped as a guru. I have been told some ex-youth feel physically ill just seeing Radhanath appear at festivals.

A devotee just wrote me an explanation of how so many devotees are just arrogant, and that is why they have supported these evil doers. They just cannot be bothered to analyse things because they think they have it all figured out already. Or else, they are with the agenda of promoting deviants as acharyas?

He also said, the reason they are so much brain dead is, because they are so absorbed in their false society, friends and love, they cannot see the reality. I said yep, we even have the Sanat / Mukunda / Prahlad / Dayalu Nitai's HKC Jaipur's people who agree, anyone who addresses the molesting issue needs to be "taken off the internet" so their sexual predator worship in samadhis program can flourish. They are aggressive defenders of the pedophile pooja process.

HKC Jaipur's Prahlad even wrote to say, the promoters and supporters of the worship of illicit sex with men, women and children gurus are "innocent" and should not have to pay the victims. Worship of homosexual pedophiles as messiahs is "innocent"? Who knew! Wow, and then there are people who tell me our critics are themselves closet homosexual pedophile worship lovers, otherwise, why would they support this process and call it "innocent"?  

So this not at all new. Some people said Krishna is bogus for having the "innocent" supporters of the Kauravas killed. Especially the grieving wives of the dead soldiers, they chastised Krishna for having their husbands, the so-called "innocent" supporters, punished. Sorry, but Krishna had to explain -- the supporters are implicated in the karma of the whole process. 

So the supporters of the Kauravas are "innocent," and Krishna is a deviant for punishing the supporters? This has been the logic of this class of people all along. No, the supporters are not innocent, they are implicated. Of course, any ordinary citizen walking downtown San Francisco knows that the supporters of a molester guru process are not innocent.

One TV news lady interviewed me and she showed me footage of Kirtanananda covered with the hands of little boys. She said to me, "This man is a pedophile, right"? And I said, "Yes." She said, "Thanks to God that I met you, you are the only Krishna devotee -- out of hundreds that we have spoken to -- who said this man is a pedophile. I thought all of you agreed with pedophile worship. Everyone else, including  some of the senior members, said he is a pure person. You are the only one so far who said you do not think he is a saint." Well, yup.    

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