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Radhanath-ization of ISKCON Continues

PADA: Some of the former "ex-ISKCON youth" have recently taken diksha initiation from Radhanath swami at his NYC "Bhakti Center." OK that program was formerly the place that was being run by Kirtanananda's groupies. And Radhanath was the former right hand assistant to Kirtanananda, and thus a number of people think he is one of the main responsible parties who was helping orchestrate the New Vrndavana criminal empire. 

Did we forget to mention all sorts of people, both in and out of ISKCON, object to Radhanath's "Journey Home" book, his helping bury Kirtanananda in a samadhi, his connection to all sorts of corruption and crimes from being a Kirtanananda fanatic at New Vrndavana etc.

The book "Killing for Krishna" details a lot of what was going on there under the Kirtanananda / Radhanath leadership, and there is no need to repeat it herein, its an encyclopedia of nonsense. 
Not really so much blaming the ex-youth for going to surrender to RS here, most of them have simply been following in the footsteps of their leaders, parents and superiors, who also participated in the ISKCON take over and encouraged the whole New Vrndavana process.

SRIDHARA MAHARAJA was the first person that the GBC sent thousands of people packing off to. And Sudhir Krishna, Tripurari swami, Jagat Guru swami, Panchadravida -- and many others -- still are in that camp. Former members of that clan like Hansadutta, Jayatirtha and others siphoned off thousands of people to that program as well. 

And Sridhara Maharaja was the founder of the Gaudiya Matha's bogus guru deviation, and was the original backer of the "zonal guru" idea. Sridhara Maharaja supporting Hansadutta even after all his monkey business was well known and helped create all sorts of bad media stories.

NARAYAN MAHARAJA was the next big person the GBC went wandering off to. And needless to say, ISKCON lost more thousands and thousands who were siphoned off to his process. Jadurani, Jnana das, Bhagavan das and many others still are connected to that program. NM was another big cheer leader of the GBC's gurus, especially Tamal. Many ISKCON parents, acting as pied pipers, took many hundreds of ISKCON kids off to that process.

KIRTANANANDA's program was always more or less separate from ISKCON, and his program lost thousands of more people from ISKCON, many of whom were simply burnt to toast by the mess there and they just vanished into the woodwork. The only good news is that a few of them are helping PADA correct the history of all this development. Radhanath swami is simply an extension or by-product of this process, he is also quite independent from Srila Prabhupada's original ISKCON program and policy. How do we know?, some GBC type folks agree?

JAYATIRTHA also siphoned off a mass of ISKCON people to his "peace Krishnas." The only seeming good news is that he was taken out by a disgruntled disciple who was convinced he was "a Satanic like demon." That ended his sinful behaviors, at least for this life. The bad news is, this created a huge mass of bad publicity for ISKCON, and Jayatirtha was perhaps the "better nice guy" in the pack, too bad he had to go first. 

The Babajis and etc.

And so on and so forth, all told, emptying out the ISKCON society and spawning all sorts of competition for ISKCON. In many if not most of these cases, the parents of these children encouraged their offspring to participate in these off shoots. So its a little hard to blame the ex-youth for all this, they are victims of the overall situation.

I was at a Rathayatra festival a few years back, and ended up in the middle of a large group of "karmi" teen age boys. As soon as Radhanath walked onto the stage and sat in a big seat, and he spoke for just about ten seconds, one of the boys shrugged his shoulders and said "this guy is gay." And they all walked off laughing (apparently disgusted). So when people tell me "these GBC guys have a lot of charisma" well maybe, but they seem to have charisma only in a small sector of the society. Not saying Radhanath is gay, but his associations and his mannerisms seem to raise red flags among some folks.

In any case, a lot of this is apparently the karma of all these people. What else can we say here? Its also a failing among the so-called Prabhupadanugas that they have not generated a superior program to attract these folks. We often have questions from people who say, tell me where your Prabhupada program is in our city and we will join. OK, what if there is none? So now Radhanath has new recruits from the ex-youth, meanwhile other ex-youth tell me they are totally bummed out that the SAME people who helped the leaders of the regime that oppressed them (like Radhanath) are still being worshiped as the top leaders. 

Yet another ex-youth told me that most of the youth ended up frustrated, confused, or worse -- with mental problems, because, the society and / or their parents did not direct them properly. I had to agree. So the people who say the GBC is back-pedaling by not containing Radhanath are -- right.

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