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ISKCON Second Generation Surrenders to: Radhanath swami?,6985/?

[PADA: Yep, we said all along that some (many?) of the ISKCON parents have been involved in promoting these false gurus. On the one hand, we have many ex-kulis (students) who are angry, upset if not mortified that Radhanath is STILL a GBC guru -- because of all the abuse they suffered in the GBC's / New Vrndavana's / Radhanath's program. Meanwhile, on the other hand a number of parents are still apparently encouraging their children to surrender to Kirtanananda's right hand henchman -- Radhanath swami. 

All that -- after all the evidence of the New Vrndavana corruption is in?  

Did we forget to mention that some of the ex-victims are even more mortified that Radhanath's program helped bury known sexual predator / criminal / Kirtanananda in a samadhi in the holy dham? So this really shows how there is an almost total lack of concern for the feelings of many of these victims of abuse in the false guru's society. Yep, you were victimized by their regime, therefore -- you have to worship the leaders of their regime as your messiahs.

One of the victims said, promoting Radhanath is like sticking a knife in us victims, and then twisting the knife. Of course some of our so-called "ritviks" are angry at PADA for not helping them promote Radhanath's cheer leaders like Bhakta das. These guys are also trying to stick a knife in the victims, as some of the victims have verified to me. 

Its sad, but at the same time at this moment in history -- people for sure get what they deserve to. Because its well known BY NOW what the New Vrndavana regime has been up to, and who were its leading lieutenants, enforcers, enablers and cheer leaders. 

I was attending a Rathayatra and was suddenly surrounded by a group of "karmi" teen age boys. As soon as Radhanath stepped up on stage and he spoke for just ten seconds, one of the boys shrugged his shoulders and said "he is gay." And the entire group of boys ALL went away laughing (and also appalled?). So it seems -- not all the world thinks this program is very bona fide. Its amazing that some folks still think this is all a peaches and cream bona fide guru process.

Of course, can Radhanath absorb the sins of all these people? There is a story from the Vedas about a snake being eaten by ants. And the ants were former disciples of the guru, and the guru was now the snake. And the ants / disciples were now eating their guru (alive) -- because he promised to take their sins and he could not do so. Thus the disciples subsequently took birth as ants, the guru took birth as a snake, all to punish and chastise their former guru by biting him for cheating them. I think we are going to see a lot more of that type reaction as these "guru" programs start to move on to their next destinations.

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RE: Radhanath Swami

June 2010: On or around this date in history 9 years ago, Radhanath Swami visited Dharmatma at his home in Alachua, Florida, and requested a private darshan. Radhanath then hounded his godbrother in his office for over an hour. He attempted to convince Dharmatma that he was mistaken when he testified that he had given money 24 years earlier to Bhaktipada and Radhanath to help Tirtha and Tapahpunja escape to India. Dharmatma described Radhanath Swami’s visit during a December 2016 telephone conversation with the author:

“In June of 2010, Radhanath Swami called to arrange a meeting with me at my home in Alachua. This was unprecedented, so I immediately began wondering what it could possibly be about. Maharaja asked if we could speak privately, in the process excluding my wife, who has known him since the early 1970s at New Vrindaban. What unfolded was a serious discussion that lasted over an hour wherein Maharaja tried to convince me that I was mistaken in my testimony wherein I had stated that he and Kirtanananda had come to the Sankirtan House [on Sunday, May 25, 1986] to collect money to be used to help Tirtha (Sulochan’s murderer) leave the country. 

Maharaja used every trick in the book to coerce me to change my testimony even though I was thoroughly convinced of my recollection. At some point I agreed to say that there was a possibility that I could have been mistaken, more because of his relentless persuasion and promises made to me, than anything else he said to convince me. Subsequent to this incident, and after more fact-finding and corroboration from a witness who was in the Sankirtan House at the time, and after refreshing my memory by seeing the timeline of the arrest of Tirtha and Tapahpunja, I stand by my original testimony. I was disappointed at the fact that Radhanath Swami was so concerned about his public image.”


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