Saturday, June 29, 2019

ISKCON's Mahatma Dasa Wins by Losing! (Video)

PADA: OK You win! By losing?

Mahatma is now making videos like this, really about his apparent mundane marriage counselling program. Lose by winning also sounds like some sort of mundane psycho-babble, because -- it is.

This is all fitting together with the other "new age" GBC programs that a number of the other leaders have been making all along. And all this fits in with their overall Hindu-ization, car poojas, wedding hall rentals, demigod worship, bogus yogi speakers at temples, and so forth. ISKCON is changing into a sort of Hindu-ized / new age hodge podge, which is EXACTLY what Srila Prabhupada was never in favor of. 

This has been going on all along, here are a few examples:  

Jayatirtha introduced his LSD and ecstacy drug program to "update" ISKCON.

Kirtanananda wanted the devotees to wear brown monk's robes.

Hansadutta wanted the devotees to have a lot of guns, and worship a Vodka drinking sexual predator as their messiah to "update" the process.

Bhavananda had a sort of gay program going on, which he thought would update things.

Satsvarupa wanted to introduce his whack-doodle art as the new representation of the parampara from God.

Someone sent me a picture of people tied up in hell and said, "this is also what Satsvarupa is saying with his art, he is tied up in hell, and he wants you to join him there, also tied up in hell." Sheesh!

Hrdayananda is famous for saying Krishna consciousness needs a "Krishna West" update.

Krishna West: The fact that culturally appropriate uniforms may bring certain sociological advantages does not prove that ISKCON’s current “uniform” is appropriate or practical in the West. Rather, I believe that our strange appearance has erected a high, impassable wall that separates the fallen souls from the devotees. If modern society is a headless body, ISKCON today is surely a disembodied head.

ISKCON is a "disembodied head"? Wow, so the enemies of ISKCON do not have to criticize the movement, the leaders are doing that for them.   

Radhanath is getting his people to preach all sorts of new age psycho-babbling. And Bhakti Vikas swami had to retract his criticism of Radhanath's writings.

Bhakti Tirtha swami was preaching about the lost continent of Mu, and all sorts of other tin foil hats speculations.


OK, ISKCON has deteriorated, and now its promoting the glories of various bogus yogis (like those found in Radhanath's book) and there seems to be a lot more emphasis on mundane yoga classes, new age therapy type preaching, and other mumbo-jumbo foolishness going on. Now Mahatma is simply joining the new age "marriage therapy" program with his "relationships counselling." 

In a society that has way worse divorce rates that the regular citizens? 

Why? Often because Mahatma's "gurus" are interfering in the marriages. For example, ordering people to get divorced and / or to fight with a spouse who does not share the same GBC's guru process. A woman just told me her "guru" had told her to divorce her husband, because he was talking about something that he had read on PADA web sites while in the temple. 

Kirtanananda was famous for his marriage breaking preaching, and that is why the Mahatma program buried him in a samadhi?  

Mahatma das also inspired many of his God brothers to take sins as diksha gurus, and they mostly got sick, fell down and many died prematurely, and that is a win, win, win. For Kali Yuga's agenda? Yes, many of the victims of this process suffered badly, a number died, all because Srila Prabhupada says, if we neophytes take sins "you will have to suffer."  

Is causing suffering and death for your own God brothers -- a win? Of course this begs the question, who would say that causing people to become sick, fall down into scandals, or even die, is a "winning situation"? Never mind ISKCON went down the tubes when many of these gurus went down. 

Tens of thousands of people "blooped" when their gurus "blooped," and this made ISKCON into a empty desert. Never mind the widely publicized scandals then made it very hard to recruit new replacements. This is all winning, winning and winning, but for whom, Beelzebub?

Mahatma's pal Gunagrahi was made into a big cheeze bag authority and guru, who was watching porno. He made a huge mess out of the lives of hundreds, perhaps thousands of devotees in South America. This created a huge exodus of devotees over to the Paramadvaiti / Gaudiya Matha programs there, or they just left in disgust. Another big win?

And the porno swami mess created yet another sannyasa / guru scandal for ISKCON, which also drives people away -- in droves. A win, indeed a double win, or triple win. For whom? The Gaudiya Matha? Kali Yuga? Or whom else? 

Then, as Mahatma's porno pada messiah was evidently in a lot of pain, dying, and on his way to the hospital to die, a person was still touching his feet. Why? To give him another boat load of karma to take with him into the next life. Or to finish him off in this life with more sins. Or what? Mahatma helps porno pada take a boat load of karma, but Srila Prabhupada says that is forbidden for us neophytes, because the process of absorbing the sins of others will make us suffer. Did I forget to mention, porno pada did have to suffer, and greatly? 

Suppose one is dying, because Srila Prabhupada says we have to suffer for taking other's sins. Then, the way to fix this is - MORE people are still touching one's feet and giving one MORE and MORE karma. Again, exactly "who" is winning here? Same thing with Jayapataka, he is suffering from taking sins, so the Mahatma program's plan is -- JPS takes even more disciples to add to his boat load of karma / sins. Of course people were asking for prayers to help Bhakti Tirtha swami when he was ill "from taking our sins" and so forth.

Founder father of the illicit sex acharya program.

And then Mahatma says all this is -- a win, win, win situation? You guys won what exactly? Your best pal had to get terminal cancer, likely from taking sins, and you co-caused that to happen by saying these people can take sins. 

Porno PADA Gunagrahi.

Yep, we are winning -- by losing! 

I also saw a big exchange about the new age preaching of Gopal Krishna's and Radhanath's people in India, by people in India. They were all agreeing -- its fraud and deviation. Anyway, all this begs the question, did these people enter ISKCON to water it down to make it ineffective, as some are saying? Maybe so. In any event, at least more people are waking up and agreeing with PADA, this is all a huge "mission drift" from the original teachings of Krishna and Srila Prabhupada. 

We are going to bury sexual predators and porno swamis in samadhis, and they think Krishna will not get his Yama dutta agents to take action to send them packing to a dire destination? A bogus psychic was sued here for giving bad marriage advice, maybe that should be done for Mahatma's bad advice? Heh heh heh. ys pd  

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