Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Mahanidhi Swami Program alleges GBC "A Pack Of Liars"

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[PADA: This is interesting! Mahanidhi swami is a GBC guru, -- because he is "2/3 show of hands voted in as a guru" by the rest of the GBC's gurus. Now (Mahanidhi swami and?) his merry band of followers are saying the other GBC gurus are -- a pack of liars? Umm, the same people who rubber stamped Mahanidhi as a guru are liars and fools? And yet -- the other GBC are maybe 50 more messiahs and acharyas. Ok allegedly. 

How can one acharya's group say -- that the other acharya's and their followers are -- a pack of rascals and liars? These folks always say they "follow the tradition," -- and the tradition is, one acharya establishes that all the other acharyas are "a pack of liars"? That is the tradition? Really! Meanwhile, one of Mahanidhi's ex-followers and personal secretary tells PADA he personally caught Mahanidhi swami embracing a woman and he was forced to leave their group for protesting (he has joined the ritviks in the meantime). 

Anyway! This is amazing! One acharya says all the other acharyas are liars, and this is "the tradition" of Vaishnava culture? Really! The acharyas are publicly engaged in name calling warfare, making up vicious lies about one another, and behaving like a pack of angry dogs attacking one another? These are the rasika pastimes of the assistants to the gopis and this is rasika "guru lila"? When are these people going to wake up and realize that they are making a mockery of the post of acharya by saying acharyas are deviants, debauchees, and now we can add to that,  they say the acharyas are -- a pack of liars. What!

Then Bhakti Vikas Swami wonders why their temples are "empty shells"? Maybe because you guys keep saying that you are acharyas, then you fight like cats and dogs with one another? The mass of public will never join a religion where the messiah level acharyas are fighting like cats and dogs calling each other liars. 

Bhakta das has also come out in favor of the Mahanidhi team, he is saying the other GBC gurus are liars. Fine except, at the same time, he says PADA is bogus for saying the GBC lies about anything? Bhakta das can say the GBC gurus are liars, but no one else is allowed to make the same claim? Can these people even get their story straight? What is going on here? 

And now Prahlad is saying Bhakta das is right on, except Bhakta das is promoting a person who is associated with the sahajiyas of Radha Kunda, and he is voted in as guru by the same people Bhakta claims are, liars? So Prahlad thinks, liars vote in the acharyas? Sorry but -- nope! Krishna votes in (empowers) the acharyas, this is the whole problem, these idiots never read any shastra at all. ys pd ]     


  1. Many former "gurus" claim the GBC is in maya once they are thrown out. The foolish disciples believe the GBC are bona-fide when they make their guru a guru, then they come to have faith in their "guru". So when the "guru" gets caught with his hand in the cookie jar and the GBC says the guru is in maya WHY DO THE FOOLISH DISCIPLES SIDE WITH THE FALLEN GURU? It is because the "guru" has based his disciples love for him on sentiment only. Prabhupada said, "religion without philosophy is sentiment at best". These gurus encourage wishy washy sentimentalism for the fronts they put out instead of giving their disciples genuine purity. Since they have no purity they pretend, and their disciples only believe them because the disciples don't get to see what goes on behind closed doors.

  2. Yep we have all seen this story repeated many times over, (A) The GBC appoints a guru, (B) The guru then goes off the rails into deviations, (C) The GBC tries to reign in the bogus guru, (D) The bogus guru and the disciples simply discard the GBC and form their own independent personality cult -- and jettison themselves from ISKCON. ISKCON is spawning its own competition. ys pd

  3. Problem is that all this splinter groups have no resource to oppose kali-yuga. Practically we see they are all swept away like floating refuse in a torrential river.
    At one point these folks all slip back into mayas kingdom and thats the end of the story. Meanwhile much ado about nothing. Therefore Prabhupada instructed to conduct missionary activities conjointly under bona fide elected GBC. They might try all this and that, small is beautiful, home altar and doing your own Sundayfeast. However, to stop kali-yuga this is not sufficient. Unless we follow the order of the current link, the Sankirtan movement won't spread in every town and village.


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