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Bogus guru's -- "Tell a Lie So Big, -- No One Will Doubt It."

[PADA UPDATE NOTE: A devotee who knows Hansadutta says he does not support Mathias and his anti-semite program -- because he thinks it will create another huge publicity disaster for the German devotees. ys pd] 

[PADA: Hansadutta's Schloss Rettorshoff Castle was raided in 1974, where the police found German books by Hitler's associates, not sure which books they named in the German media exactly -- but there were those like Joeseph Goebbels, Third Reich books, Mein Kampf book and so on, found in Hansadutta's room. We had personally seen some of these books on his shelf in our previous visits with Hansadutta. This was reported in the German media and magazines like "Der Spiegel." After that, Srila Prabhupada said specifically that he did not want his followers to be reading books about Hitler. And he was talking specifically about Hansadutta. 

* Hansadutta has had an attraction to these Third Reich thinkers; 
* Jayatirtha had an attraction to Timothy Leary and LSD; 
* Kirtanananda had an attraction to Baptists -- and wanted people to dress like Christian Monks; 
* Harikesha was attracted to all sorts of weird theories and ideas; 
* Tamal went to a Christian college; 
* Jayapataka has his people ghost busted by tantrics, etc. etc. etc. -- all these leaders have had various outside influences that they tried to "add" to Krishna, -- and it has not worked. 

Neither will your idea of adding the anti-semite's ideas work, nor will Sanat / Mukunda / Prahlad's program of adding Illuminati's ideas work (some of the authorities listed on their site post anti-semite materials as well) and so on and so forth. These are all additions that were never authorized by Srila Prabhupada. We cannot have both Krishna, -- plus maya, its just not going to fly properly. We have already had your writings viewed by German media watch, and they wrote back to say -- you are an anti-semite.] 

Mathias Sabji: So therefore they were no such (Third Reich books found at Schloss Rettershoff in the 1974 police raid)  and they had no such books about mass mind control and lie techniques. This is only the British Zionist propaganda work and you repeat such lies always because you hate Germans (and I am in a Polish - German body).

[PADA: What? No, this was reported in Germany, by the Germans, in the German media. This has nothing to do with the British, the Zionists, or their media. The German police raided the German Castle, and this was reported in the German media, not by the British or their police. And in 1979, the USA police raided Hansadutta's temple and farm here in the USA. They found all kinds of stolen property, stolen credit cards, and lots of guns, unlicensed C-4 explosives and so forth. The police did not plant this, they found this.   

We also see Berkeley police around here all the time personally, they are not so much British or Zionist, most of them look like their grand parents are from places like Latin America. Our main contact was Officer Joe Sanchez, nothing to do with the British of the Zionists. The police did not plant all this to make Hansadutta look bad, they found it there at his temples. Hansadutta was running a criminal organization out of his temple, plain and simple. Sorry, the British, the Zionist, they did not make all this up, he was really orchestrating all these crimes.  

Anyway, Hansadutta had a machine gun in the trunk of his own personal car, and a devotee named Vipra told us he "took the blame for the machine gun" to "save the guru from being arrested." So Vipra was charged with Federal Firearms Felony just to protect Hansadutta. Again, none of this is British propaganda, it was all recorded by the local Berkeley police and many devotees testified that these crimes were going on here.]  

Mathias Sabji: Therefore Hansadutta Prabhu was not using such so called expert techniques of mass control because the Germans don't have such writings.

[PADA: Hansadutta was quoting Joespeph Goebbels here at the Berkeley temple many different times: "Tell a lie so big -- no one will doubt that you are making it up." We personally heard him saying that right here in Berkeley. And what was his big lie? That he and ten other GBC had been appointed as gurus. He knew it was a big lie all along. And Joeseph Goebbels was one of the people he was quoting. So yes, this is the type of mind control techniques that were used in the 1930s to make a huge personality cult based on Hitler, and the GBC's gurus (and Hansadutta was one of them) simply borrowed these same techniques to make personality cults based on themselves.

Thus, Hansaduuta was ready for the day he could declare he was the next messiah, because he had for many years studied all these cult mind control techniques from the writings of his other guru, Joeseph Goebbels. Tamal was meanwhile reading his other guru, Machiavelli, so they were reading outside materials for inspiration and direction how to take over the Krishna movement and make it their own personality cult movement. And it worked, they did that.]  

Mathias Sabji: And therefore I don't believe you that apparently Hansaduta Prabhu still thinks this is a good program.

[PADA: OK we did not say he still thinks that his actions in the 1970s and 80s were good. We said he has not come completely clean and he has denied the poison issue -- we think, because he still has sympathy for the disciples of Machiavelli. He is still holding back on details he could give us to help expose these guys. And you are not helping him by saying or implying he supports your revival of the Third Reich program. That means you are saying that Hansadutta is still with the Third Reich writings. That is what you are implying, that he has not changed. You are implying that, not us. 

We said Hansadutta's original 1978 idea was, "Tell a lie so big no one will doubt it." So Hansadutta's 1978 argument was, lets make up a huge lie to completely derail ISKCON, and mis-represent Srila Prabhupada. And his "big lie" technique was used to help him jump-start his program of 11 GBC's acting as gurus, by their combinedly making up their big lie that they had been appointed as gurus. Sulochana called this "the big lie." And it was and still is a big lie, there was no guru appointment. 

Hansadutta admits he was spreading this big lie. Their big lie has caused considerable irreversible damage to the lives of thousands of people, and to ISKCON. Almost all the devotees were banned, some were beaten, and some were killed. People committed suicide. People got depressed and drank alcohol and died. People got depressed and died a long slow death from cancer, ad infinitum. We know some of these people personally. 

They suffered terribly, they got back into maya, they got sick for decades, they died, they sometimes went against Krishna out of frustration, they were in sum -- victimized by Hansadutta's big lie program. Yes, Hansadutta knows that is a mistake now and he admits and repents, and that is all well and good, agreed, but that does not reverse the damage he has done already to these thousands and thousands of people; Or the damage he has done to millions of people by making them think Krishna carries a machine gun. 

And now the entire Berkeley temple is a basket case, because he burnt the place to ashes. We have seen all this take place personally, its not British and Zionist propaganda, its what happened here. We are eye witnesses. The people who have been damaged by this big lie will not come back to life by any means now, the damage has been done. 

It will take maybe a hundred years from now to recover from this mess here in Berkeley. So, making up lies like this has serious damaging consequences. Hansadutta already knew that? Joeseph Goebbels also taught people to lie, and he knew he was making up lies, and the result of his lies was -- many people suffered; Many lives were made topsy turvy; Many people were shot, bombed, and tortured in so many ways; And hundreds of thousands died. So all of the GBC knew that they had not been appointed as gurus, it was a lie. So they accepted Joeseph Goebbels as their guru and they made their big lie -- "A lie so big that no one would doubt it was true." It was all simply a Nazi style propaganda program; Jackboots on the heads of dissenters; Death to those who resisted. Hansadutta was an integral part and active participant of that party. All I am saying is, history cannot be re-written now, what happened has happened.]   

Mathais Sabji: This is a very evil offense and lie against your god brother. Hansadutta Prabhu was telling us personally that his maya was so strong -- all the time he was in his guru cheating -- that he was thinking that he was a real Diksa guru, and all the other Guru cheaters convinced him and not opposite.

[PADA: Yes, Hansadutta claims that the other Guru cheaters convinced him to do all these wrong things. He was always trying to rectify, but the other ten gurus would not allow him to do that. He is a victim of their program. This is just like what the comedian Flip Wilson said all the time on his TV comedy show. He would get into all kinds of trouble on the show (often by lies) and then his punchline was -- "The Devil Made Me Do It." This is a comedy act argument, its not a serious argument for adult human beings. Hansadutta could also have declared Berkeley a Srila Prabhupada temple and kicked out the bogus GBC gurus, because he had all of his own loyal people legally signing on the temple's legal documents. He chose not to do that, and to work with the bogus gurus, and that was his choice. He was not forced to do that. Neither were we forced to do that, we chose to oppose and he could have joined with us done that right out of the box in 1978. 

And that is the reason the Flip Wilson TV show is such a funny program, everyone knows that Flip Wilson was just doing the wrong thing all the time, he was over - stepping his position and trying to cook things up, and the Devil had nothing to do with his mistakes. The other gurus did not force Hansadutta to cooperate, he wanted to be a member of their cabal by his own choice. Hansadutta told us he was in the original meetings where they cooked up the whole bogus guru idea in 1978. He was there, he knew ALL ALONG from DAY ONE this was all a big fat lie, and he participated in that lie. That lie has caused us and so many God brothers and sisters to suffer like dogs. Personally, we can forgive and forget, and we have done that. We now feel really sorry for these guru people right now, there is no way they can compensate their thousands and thousands of victims now, the victims are for the most part vanished, lost, gone with the wind, and many are dead. Its really a question of whether Krishna will forgive all these problems being made for HIS devotees, and shastra says, that is not so easily done.]   

Mathias sabji: You are a great Vaisnava offender !! Hansadutta Prabhu is now a nice Vaisnava and he is sorry for his great mistake.

[PADA: OK, well you said that this whole problem in ISKCON was created by the Jews. Nope, Hansadutta is not a Jew? He is a German. And he has been caught by one of our very reliable friends a few years ago reading Aryan Brotherhood materials about the Jewish bankers and so on. You are the person saying Hansadutta has not repented and he is working with you on your anti-semite program. You are the person insulting Hansadutta by saying he has not changed. We are not saying he is still a diciple of Joeseph Goebbels, you are the ones saying he agrees with this propaganda.nbsp;

Bhajahari (UK) has posted a similar thing about the Jewish bankers and so forth. Bhajahari is simply getting into the same propaganda that Hansadutta had been getting into in the past. The Illuminati people have many anti-semite writing on various of their sites. Sorry, the problems in ISKCON are being created by all races and backgrounds, the Baptists, the Christians, the Germans, and these days, most of the followers of these gurus are in India. And a number of their gurus are from India. To say this is a simple race issue is an over-simplification and gives people a false idea of what the problem is. Bhakti Caru for example is not a Zionist operator of the British media, he is an Indian who is in the illusion that the 1936 Gaudiya Matha had the right idea of rubber stamping gurus. The Gaudiya Matha had no Western Leaders, period. They just made false gurus, that is the problem, its not that we need to start a race war. And even if you wanted a race war, many of these gurus are in the wrong race from the race which you are attacking. We want to address the entire party, not just those of one race, we want to identify the whole bogus guru program as an illusion, not just some of their members.

The Gaudiya Matha had many false gurus, and none of them are Jewish. And these bogus guru Gaudiya Matha people were the main assistants to our bogus gurus. The problem is false gurus, their race is not the important issue. 

To sum, when I was in Berkeley in 1984 Hansadutta told us "tell a lie so big no one would believe it was a lie," so he used the writings of Goebbels to make his guru position work. He lied that he had been appointed. So he used these mind control of the masses techniques. The problem with Hansadutta is that he helped the other gurus by giving them the arguments from his German writers, and this is how he made things way worse, he used expert techniques of mass control that he got from these writings. Srila Prabhupada wrote in his Bhagavatam not to read books about Hitler, it was his way of saying people like Hansadutta are going off the rails. Now you are saying, we need not listen to Srila Prabhupada, ok, that means you are making the same mistake the bogus GBC gurus have made. ys pd]

Berkeley Police -- with a few guns from the Berkeley Raid.


  1. Thanks, great article!

    Hansadutta wants a come back. Since 20 years he lives incognito in underground condition? Now he cant restrain himself any longer? Agreed, he has leadership ability, management skills. People naturally figure he is a big gun.
    Now it seems he wants specific conditions for his return. Those who are not his men have to leave? Reminds of his early days when Hamsaduta couldnt deal with so many other devotees? Anywhere where Hamsaduta would set up his headquarter immediately there were two camps. This is called polarizing personality/character what is kind of problematic for good leadership. Agreed, Vaishnavism is all about following superior authority. However, when it comes to leaders who have a long list of previous scandals, isn't it a better idea to have those leaders elected by the Vaishnava congregation? Thanks for any idea!
    Prabhupada: Therefore the botheration came, in Germany. Hamsaduta was waiting for sending the money for food distribution. In the meantime, they created trouble. The main business in Germany is to reply the charges and rescue the frozen money.

    Disciple: " Prabhupada has been especially encouraging Hansaduta Maharaja to help improve things. However, he is not putting him officially in charge. He is not very convinced of his ability to manage nicely because of all the complaints from Germany. He wants to see what Hansaduta is able to do first. As he told him: "First manage, then take charge.""

    Prabhupada, letter to disciple: In his last letter, Hamsaduta said as follows: I am exhausted, my brain is exhausted, I do not know what to do, so you can just tell me what I should do and I shall do that . . . I cannot understand your mind or actions, I do not know what you divine grace wants, or what you want from me. So, at this moment I am just going to sit and chant till I hear from you, because everything till now has come out wrong, so please just instruct me what to do.

    Letter to Brahmananda: Hamsaduta was giving stress to selling records using all tricks, by any means. The incident in Germany has caused havoc all over the world. It is hampering our reputation everywhere.

  2. It is time to unmask this dubious "Mathias Sabji" who is it actually?

  3. I also have seen Mathias writing, you are right, he wants the new Third Reich to rise again. Problem is, he is making Krishna devotees look foolish and racist. What an idiot. Yes, even Hansadutta is not behind his program, its too crazy even for him. Good job exposing these bodily illusion fools in dress of devotees. This is the last thing we devotees need right now, bad publicity in the shape of re-boot of WW II Germany. This Mathias is so foolish, its beyond our imagination, but there are many fools like him with same idea over there, they never understood they lost the war. And now their idea is not welcome in civilized society. They still think its 1935.

  4. I had the ill fortune of seeing Hansadutta one time only. He walked through the temple and asked me if I would surrender to him or to someone else. I told him I had already heard about his antics and would never surrender to him. He then THREATENED me by telling me to keep it to myself or I would see what further antics he can do to people TO ME PERSONALLY! Such an offender has no place in any position in Lord Krishna's temples. These former gurus are so hungry for position. He used his position to have sex with women and take drugs, go crazy and shoot things and make money by illegal means. We do NOT need people like that in ISKCON. Not in any way. Only if he is censored by the Gbc to be allowed to come to Janmastami once a year would I welcome him, and only if he wore a sign the whole time around his neck saying "I'm sorry for being such a sinful rascal" then I might be able to tolerate this fool.

  5. Most people do remember Hansadutta in a bad way. He caused so much pain to so many people. As bad as he is, he is not that stupid as the Mathias person to speak in public about the the Nazi ideas. Good news is, normal people will not be attracted to this race bait idea of the Third Reich, its pretty dead idea these days. Hansadutta read about these things, but at least he never spoke open public that this is the right idea.

  6. Hansadutta should wake up and speak against these deviant fools. He still seems a hippie who let it all happen. Mathias Sabji (Urdhvargha das ) was his main secretary. When seeing this man doing so many crazy things Hansadutta should stand up and tell this coward to refrain from doing mischief.

  7. "to speak in public about the Nazi ideas"

    When news media finds out that in secret Hare Krishnas figure that Nazis were doing fine than what will happen? Western nations will simply kick them out faster than you think. News media always look for headlines. As soon they start a global campaign something like HARE KRISHNAS CONSIDER HITLER AS GREAT - then just imagine what happens. Western nations all have Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, lawyers in constitutional law, department of public prosecution, etc. In sum, this might throw back the global Sankirtan movement. First we had bad propaganda of begging monks doin all kind of criminal fraudulence. Then came the huge era of cheating gurus who spoil the lices of thousands. Next, Hare Krishnas are worshipers of the Hitler regime. Hm, at one point people figure, what the heck these folks should be escorted to West Bengal never to come to the West?

  8. PADA: Mathias now says that those of us who are not promoting his neo-Nazi ideas are severe offenders and we should be arrested by the police, and have our teeth knocked out. Umm, that is what the Gestapo did in the 1940s? He has now officially put on his jackboots.

    In the 1930s - 1940s, anyone in Germany who did not promote Mathias's neo-Nazi program was arrested by the police and had their teeth knocked out. And he says we are bad for attacking the Sanat / Mukunda / Prahlad / Pancali program, because they are helping him attack the Jews with their Illuminati de facto Nazi program.

    OK, has anyone not yet figured out, it is no longer 1940? Sorry, the mass of public is simply not going to accept these Illumi-Nazi-ness folks. Its just not going to take off! Sorry to have to be the one who has burst your guys little bubble here. Take off your jackboots, and watch some re-runs of I Love Lucy, you guys need to slow down. The good news is, these people are losing credibility everywhere. People are also writing us privately saying these folks are just as bad, or worse, than the GBC gurus. ys pd

    1. Oprah Winfrey has been to one of our temples. She made a statement recently that the white people who are raised prejudiced from birth are just going to have to die out. They will not change.

      The Greedy Bastard's Club, so called "Gurus", and "Stalwart Prabhupada Disciples" in the same way must all have to die out as a whole before anything good can happen in ISKCON. It is happening already, and it brings joy to me every time I hear one of those old geezers leaves their bodies. All glories to old age and Lord Krishna who comes in the form of death to save His devotees from those who abuse them.

  9. PADA: Unfortunately there is a lot of resentment towards many of the original disciples of Srila Prabhupada. And even more unfortunately, we tend to understand why. A few leaders deviated (commission) and not hardly anyone protested (ommission). And so the movement went haywire and created a lot of victims, including some of the children of the original disciples.

    As one devotee described to us, "A few pirates hijacked the ship, then the ship's crew went off in the lifeboats, and left the rest of the passengers to die in the sinking ship. And most of the original disciples did not even care that ISKCON was sinking all along, and they care even less now."

    Thats about the opinion of many.

    At the same time, the only cure for any -- all -- of these problems is to get back to Krishna's and Srila Prabhupada's original process for being a devotee of God. There will be no other "fix" for the mess other than to get back to their original process,

    Anyway, the above writer is correct, time and tide wait for no one, and most of the original disciples are on their way out, or are already out. Time will work to gradually eliminate the whole group, but that does not necessarily mean life will be a bowl of pie and ice cream easy for those who remain. There will still be challenges and problems. The only good news is, these leaders will not be a problem anymore.

    The bad news is, the leaders have created a lot of problems that will take a lot of work to get ahead of. Anyway, we wish the future generations well, and we wish them the best of progress and luck. Hopefully, they will learn from all the mistakes of our generation, and they will avoid these mistakes for their generation. ys pd

  10. Ok, this is getting weird, remember Schindler's List from Steven Spielberg?
    Authorities figure that Mathias Sabji (Heinz Schindler) is Jewish and can't be prosecuted. On the other hand people in general will be fooled that Prabhupada was teaching Hitler's ideas. In any case, what can be done. Majority of modern Vaishnavas are nazi freaks? Mathias Sabji:

  11. Thanks for your suggested post, yes, if we wanted to remove the religion that supported Hitler, we would have to get rid of Christianity, at least in Germany. Of course various so-called Christians also supported Mussolini and many other dictators. We'd have to get rid of Christianity in many places if we blamed their religion for support of dictators.

    Then again the neo-nazis in the southern usa claim at least to be Christians. And lets not forget who started slavery in the USA. So if we wanted to blame religion for all these evils, it would never end.

    And its true that the British were expert at propaganda, they had taken over giant areas of the world by military force. And in the process, they messed up or destroyed indigenous cultures. And of course the American Indians were more or less wiped out after the British "took over." Ooops, they were also supposedly Christians.

    And the British populace always felt this mass exploiting was good, due to propaganda.

    The German Church fully backed Hitler, and elevated him to near messiah status. Srila Prabhupada said, Hitler was great man like Hiranyakasipu, that means, he was saying Hitler is a demon. Yes, powerful demons can do a lot of damage.

    In India many people appreciated Hitler because he knocked down the power that had taken over India, namely Britain. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, as the saying goes. Srila Prabhupada ultimately said, we do not read about Hitler, he is not important for what we are doing. In any case, if we wanted to blame "religion" for backing bad leaders, it would never end.

    And India has had no shortage of problems with their leaders, and cultural problems like mass abortion of female babies and so on. You could blame the religion, but they are not following their religion?

    The people who attacked the Jews in the inquisition, who made the Crusades, who killed off the Aztecs, who attacked and took over India, and took over half the planet in the name of the British empire, were the so-called Christians. Srila Prabhupada never addressed this much because, he was not trying to alienate the Christians, but its a fact, their history is filled with more exploitation than any other so-called religion.

    So, blaming the religion is a little silly, we have to see if the people follow the religion first of all. So if we are not supposed to read and discuss Hitler, then we should not. At the same time, if we did discuss Hitler, we would then have to ask, who supported him? It was ultimately the so-called Christians, but yes its true that the 1940s Hindus were glad for his help to drive the British out of their land, but they did not actually see Hitler as the sort of messianic leader as he was being viewed in Germany at the time. Hitler was seen as a counterpoint to drive out the British, and he did help on that count.

    Then again the USA has been blamed for backing all kinds of dictators, and they have done so, but whether that represents real Christianity is another thing. Anyway 1930s Germany was a cult off-shoot of the Christians, and not bona fide Christianity.

    Some ex-devotees now Christians are complaining to PADA about Hitler, well, he is the result of deviations in their religion, not ours? Their religion made Hitler a messianic leader, not ours? They better go look at their own religion, and its centuries of exploiting others, before attacking other religions, they need to address their own. ys pd

  12. I have not changed the subject. I said that the people who supported and almost worshiped Hitler were the Christians in Germany. The Hindus were not all goose stepping around him, and saluting him, they knew Hitler was a ego-maniac.

    If your religion is Christian, then deviated parts your own religion worshiped Hitler, not the Hindus.You have not told us what religion you are supporting? I think the reason you are not admitting your religion is because you are part of the religion whose German cult-like off-shoot supported Hitler.

    We cannot reply to your post unless you identify what you yourself stand for and support, because we have no idea what you do support. Otherwise it has no meaning, you are against everything and for -- nothing?

    You have to tell us what is the right idea, not just that you do not agree with our idea, otherwise this is called neti neti, you disagree with everything and support zero. That is not a valid point even in karmi debates, you cannot chop down the other side only, and not make your own points of what you do support. Unless you tell us what you do support, you are a zero. You would not be allowed in a karmi debate even, you cannot attack only and not support anything, its not allowed. Tell us what you support and then we can take it from there, otherwise arguing against zero has no value to anyone. ys pd

  13. Just for reminding what Hitler created - huge war machine for mass destruction


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