Friday, November 22, 2013

Dulal Chandra's Web Site / Women Guru's Issue

Tamohara das: Dulala Chandra's Website; Gaudiya Vaisnavism, Real and Apparent, upon visiting, appears to me to be elitist, and supportive of deviant asampradayas, such as Tripupari Swami and women gurus. Tripurari tries to say Srila Prabhupada is a deviant from the real tradition and that he, Tripurari Maharaja, will correct him. In this incidence, in the online comments, he says that in Gaudiya Vaisnavism there are many female gurus, and that only in Srila Prabhupada's example is that not so.

He supports the many women who want in on the guru pie; they want to be worshiped as as good as God, along with their hundreds of gooroo God brothers of the itsacon co. CIA sampradaya. I would not recommend them to traditional followers of Srila Prabhupada at all.

[PADA: The first problem is, we ALREADY have a huge mess on our hands with the current lot of MALE bogus gurus falling down left, right and center. Now we are going to make a bunch of equally neophyte FEMALES into gurus as well, and -- expand the problem of neophytes posing as gurus? This is like saying -- the cure for cancer is for people to smoke more cigarettes? 

Does anyone have the actual web URL of Dulal chandra's site? 

The only good argument we can see is -- that women gurus would probably have not allowed all the child abuse to have taken place, since women tend to have a more natural sense to protect children. The bad news is, once a neophyte becomes a guru, all types of madness seems to ensue. So even of these women become gurus, there is no guarantee they will also not go just as mad as their male counterparts did as well, and we will see similar deviations if not abuses taking place. 

Just because a person has a woman's body doe not mean they can or will not become tyrant maniacs like some of these men gurus have done. In sum, no one is allowed to imitate pure devotees, just as the Nectar of Instruction says -- this will produce evil effects, one will become degraded. And as we often see, this degradation happens very quickly. Tripurari swami seems to be avoiding the main issue, we have an epidemic of neophytes posing as acharyas, and its creating havoc. Whether the neophyte is male or female is not the real issue. ys pd]   


  1. ISKCON promotes that Jesus was a humbug criminal - in this way their living guru program is saved?,4143/

  2. If I had a choice of a guru who was some greedy bastard club member or another one who was young and pretty with the same spiritual qualifications I would choose the woman every time. Women are more religious than men by nature, and the male gurus often want nothing more than to go to bed with them. The problem is neophyte male bodied devotees will want to have female gurus for the same reason the male gurus want female disciples, because of sexual attraction and nothing else.


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