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Dayarama Das / Varada Krishna Das -- ISKCON Mayapura's Goonda Enforcers

[PADA: Dayarama did write to PADA once to say yes, we often find that the GBC gurus are engaged in illicit sex and other bogus activities, he admits he knows that. OK, but he still supports and defends their regime? Why? Is he getting paid, and that is his motive to serve them? ys pd]

Dayaram Das – Badshah of intimidation and Grandsire of deception

By: Krishna Das, New York, USA

Dayaram Das has a few accomplishments under his belt, which he can be proud of. He is the President of ISKCON Kolkata and he heads the legal team of the ISKCON gurus in their fight against Prabhupadanugas in ISKCON Bangalore. However, there are some controversies he has been entangled in.

1. On November 16, 1999, a devotee, Madhav Krishna Das, was found hanging from the ceiling of his room in ISKCON, Mayapur. It is alleged by devotees who claim to be eye witnesses, that he was tortured and beaten up by Dayaram Das for some minor offense and was made to give a confession letter in duress. In the course of his torture, he was killed. The whole incident was made to appear like a suicide. Many questions were raised about this but all of them went unanswered.

2. On June 29, 2000, Sureshwar Das, a devotee of ISKCON Kolkata was framed in a rape case and sent to jail. Distressed at the trumped up charges, Sureshwar Das took an extreme step. On August 3, 2000, Sureshwar Das got up early in the morning, finished his chanting and then hung himself with his clothes from the ceiling of his prison cell, leaving behind a note that he was innocent. He had been left with no alternative to prove his innocence to the world. The frame is alleged to have been masterminded by Dayaram Das at the behest of his guru, Jayapataka Swami and the GBC, ISKCON’s highest management body. Sureshwar Das, made a damning entry in his dairy before his suicide, naming 8 people for framing him – Jayapataka Swami, Dayaram Das, Satadhanya Das, Bhadracharan Das, Birchandra Das, Krishnalata Das, Basanti Das and Subrabhrata Das.

3. Dayaram led the planned physical assault on ISKCON Kolkata on Friday, 27th April, 2001 with about 150 dubious characters dressed as devotees. 72 of them were arrested on charges of unlawful assembly, rioting and assault and had to spend time in the local prison. This was the outcome of the GBC giving a free hand to Dayaram Das to use all unlawful and intimidatory tactics to overtake the Kolkata temple from the devotees there who had declared their refusal to accept the ISKCON self appointed gurus. Dayaram subsequently managed to oust all the devotees from the temple. As a reward, the GBC made him President of ISKCON Kolkata – though he spends practically no time there, being busy handling his multimillion real estate business in Mayapur and various other business like selling Krishna dolls, apart from leading the smear campaign against ISKCON Bangalore in Bangalore.

4. On Saturday, 13 Oct 2001, Babu Ghoshe, a security guard of ISKCON Mayapur was killed when he and his cohorts which included one ISKCON devotee, Amit Das, were making crude bombs in the Mayapur Chandrodaya Mandir premises. The police recovered four fresh bombs and arrested a few people – all purportedly “security” staff of ISKCON Mayapur. It is alleged that Dayaram Das masterminded the making of the bombs to attack ISKCON temples who stood up against the ISKCON gurus – ISKCON Bangalore being one of them. However, the full story may never be known now, as Dayaram Das is reputed to cover his tracks well.

5. Dayaram das also masterminded a frame up of Madhu Pandit Prabhu in a rape case similar to that of Sureshwar Das’s. The diabolical plot also involved abducting Madhu Pandit Prabhu after the frame up to some God forsaken place in Uttar Pradesh (known for nefarious criminal activities) and have him beaten up and having all the bones in his body broken. However, his plan failed and he could not enforce his plan as the devotee who was acting as his henchman realized his folly in being part of such a heinous crime against a Vaishnava of good standing and pulled out. Dayaram Das subsequently tried to exhort this devotee to again pull off the crime, but the only result was that he was beaten black and blue by the wife of this devotee with her slippers for trying to brainwash her husband into such an abominable crime and vaishnava aparadha.

6. One of Dayaram’s henchmen was apprehended on 28th April 2008 at the Delhi airport with Rs 6 million in cash. Dayaram Das managed to cook up his accounts with the help of a disciple of Radhanath Swami in the West and managed to get the money released. Grapevine has it that this money was meant to be used for some under hand dealing to, again, frame Madhu Pandit Prabhu in a Supreme Court case, though again, the full truth may never be known.

7. Dayaram Das’s shenanigans in the Bangalore media are well known, the latest being recruiting a professional blackmailer to fabricate audio clips to make it look like the devotees of ISKCON Bangalore are involved in financial impropriety. The result is that the matter was reported by ISKCON Bangalore to the local police, who in turn, have handed it over to the CID for investigation. This has proved to be a set back for Dayaram Das, since Varada Krishna’s and his involvement is reported to be under investigation by the CID and he is sitting on a hot seat now. However, it is rumored that Dayaram Das will most probably make Varada Krishna the scape goat when the case becomes too hot and he will make a silent escape.

The latest in Dayaram Das’s brimming cup of achievements is the “Bangalore Correspondent” pseudonym – a title he has assumed so that his insane rantings and wild mud slinging at Madhu Pandit Prabhu cannot be taken up for legal action. Coming from a person of such dubious character, it is indeed, surprising that there are people out there in the world of internet to support him by publishing his treacherous words of trickery and deceit. After all, Dayaram Das is the Badshah of intimidation and Grandsire of deception.






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