Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Updates At Causeless Mercy Site

From <http://causelessmercy.com/w/?CS=4>:

November 26, 2013

In the Lectures/Conversations section, for the past 6 weeks, numerous enhancements were made and all known bugs have been fixed.

[PADA: Great service you are doing Pratyatosa dasa! ys pd] 


  1. Amazing, Henry Makow adopts Prabhupada's preaching style

  2. Who is this Narayan Das (henrymakow.com)? Never heard of this fellow before. ys pd

  3. Narayan Das and Henry Makow are not the same person. He just want's to make sure that his website gets credit if someone copy/pastes an article.

    The very next article, for example, says:

    by "Spectator"

  4. Unfortunately Makow's website is disputed. Many people reject him because they figure he is a neo-nazi constantly attacking Isrealites. This is unnecessary botheration. Prabhupada showed us how to preach and present vedic knowledge to all kind of people without offending anyone. There is now a class of so called followers of Prabhupada who think they know better and preach like polical groups. This is creating disturbance.


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