Sunday, November 10, 2013

Message to the GBC from Paramananda das

Dear devotees
Please accept my humble obaisences. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.
One devotee from Mexico wrote to me about 3 devotees there that are practicing homosexuals, that are openly gays or bisexuals
Akincana das: Disciple of Hanumat mhj Bhakta wiliam: Bir krishna mhj Bhakta Ceasar: Guru prasad mhj Then there is Param Gati swami who is also gay, who dances around at Rave festivals dressed as a karmi, and he is still allowed to be a sannyasi and preach in ISKCON. Various so-called investigations have been made, but nothing has really been done. This is demoniac Bir Krsna Swami has another openly gay disciple in Mississippi. He also allows his mother to walk around smoking cigarettes and his disciples bow at her feet. Bir Krsna is a rascal and must be rejected by all his disciples. He also promotes women who agree with his program to be his co-GBC and Gurus. Hrdayananda Swami blesses gay couples, and gay marriage, and he never chastised his gay disciple Param Gati even once that we know of. What is this, making ISKCON into a society for gays????????
GBC WAKE UP OR RESIGN. Today is Gopastami: Gopastami does not mean to have the mentality of an ignorant cow or ass: This is the vers Srimad Bhagavatam 10.84.13
yasyatma-buddhih kunape tri-dhatuke sva-dhih kalatradishu bhauma ijya-dhih yat-tirtha-buddhih salile na karhicij janeshv abhijneshu sa eva go-kharah
One who identifies his self as the inert body composed of mucus, bile and air, who assumes his wife and family are permanently his own, who thinks an earthen image or the land of his birth is worshipable, or who sees a place of pilgrimage as merely the water there, but who never identifies himself with, feels kinship with, worships or even visits those who are wise in spiritual truth — such a person is no better than a cow or an ass.
your servant Paramananda das


Dear devotees
Please accept my humble obaisences
All glories to Srila Prabhupada
Ajit Krsna das has been attacked by Jayadvaita Swami because he is opposed to the many unauthorized changes done to Srila Prabhupada's books. The fact is that Jayadvaita Swami can not be trusted for one second. He always defended his homosexual and pedophile God brothers like Kirtananda and he even told Jadurani to have faith in Kirtananda, who then had some of his bogus followers assault and beat Jadurani until she was bloody. And then she left ISKCON as a result.
He has lived as a parasite of ISKCON for years and been part of destroying the integrity of ISKCON. He supported the New York temple leaders even when they had a bingo hall there with meat being served, as well as all kinds of other bogus program like demigod worship, etc -- as long as he gets his free travel tickets and free food and free accommodation paid. The fact is the BBT operates as a mafia. There is 3 mafia leaders at the BBT, Svavasa, Brahma Muhurta and Bhima, Persons that are just there to make personal profit for themselves and with zero interest to spread the book distribution mission.
your servant
Paramananda das
[PADA: We cannot verify all these claims, but we are presenting this as a message of interest from a long time devotee who has distributed many books etc. ys pd]

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