Saturday, November 30, 2013

Oddly Some "Poison" Conversations Are Missing?

[PADA: Thanks for your question prabhu. Yes, the November 1977 "poison conversations" were hidden from the devotees all along. Parts of the conversation were posted in the 1990 "Bhaktivedanta Archives" conversations books. Only 1,000 were printed under the orders of Tamal Krishna. We had a copy of those books and we read about "conversation about poison in Hindi," except the transcript was not included, it just mentions that a conversation took place. Why are these tapes and conversations being suppressed, even up to the present day? Isn't this called re-writing history?

In 1997 a devotee came to Los Angeles and gave me copies of the 1977 archives tapes, which I had translated by a Bengali editor, so he was very good at translations. The devotee who gave me the tapes said -- he did not want his name mentioned in public, ever, because he was afraid for his life. He just wanted me to publish the contents, and I did. In fact this devotee has never wanted his name released ever since.

And so we then transcribed the Bengali man's translation and published the very first copies of the poison tapes conversation, and distributed them around Los Angeles temple -- and mailed copies to people like Rocana, Naveen Krishna, Nityananada das and others who then became involved in the issue. So yes, from 1977 until 1997, no one had copies of these conversations. I was the first person to publicly release the conversations.

Oddly, shortly after we began to publish these tapes the Sanat / Muknda / Prahlad group began to argue that PADA should not get any credit for releasing these tapes, never mind no one else had made these tapes public before we did. And no one else could release the tapes -- even if they wanted to -- because I was the only person with a copy of the actual tapes at that time -- who wanted to make them public.

And so the Sanat / Mukunda / Prahald team began to publish the name of the devotee who gave me the tapes, who specifically did not want to be mentioned in public, nor would he have ever made the tape public himself -- as he made very clear to us all along. Yes, they wanted to strike fear into our contacts by publishing their names, to dry up our contacts and sources, so they could help the poisoners. They also said they did not want Nityananda das to be involved with the case, because he wrote the first book on this issue, had the hair sample analysed and so forth. So they wanted to check some of the most important parts of the investigation and stop the progress of the poison issue.

The good news is, their attempts did not work very well and a number of other "contacts" came forward with testimony on the issue despite these attempts to make the contacts fearful and not give us more details. So this was very shocking to me, instead of saying, jeepers, this is terrible, Srila Prabhupada is saying he is being poisoned, these people did not care hardly at all about that, all they just wanted to do was to have a huge side - discussion about "who will get the credit" for releasing the tapes, saying we should not get any credit, despite we are widely known as the one who released the tape -- to confuse and to discredit the issue, and they wanted to dry up our resources for the investigation by making them fearful to come forward, by releasing the names of some of our contacts without their permission.

They wanted to sabotage the whole case. Or, why else would the publish the name of a confidential source, unless they wanted to dry up these sources? They have never explained why they tried so hard to sabotage this investigation.

So this is really amazing, a person is saying he is being poisoned and the GBC ignores that, then the Sanat / Mukunda team publish the name of the person who gave us the tape so they could strike fear into the entire investigation and stop our sources from giving us more information, to help the poisoners.

They either wanted to dry up our contacts on the case -- to save the poisoners, or if there is some better reason, we never hear about it. So anyway, this is a little history of the story of that tape. We have to say that the cat is now out of the bag (Nityananda's book on the issue was read by several thousand people) and too many people now know about those tapes, its pretty much public info at this point. At the same time, it is a little amazing that so many people still want to remain anonymous, yes it means many / most people perceive this as a dangerous operation even today. ys pd  


  1. There is no doubt about it, the leaders of today still have positions to keep by using men who will do their bad deeds for them, threatening people and actually following through with the threats. What a crime. First they poisoned their own guru, now they want to artificially take his position, and when confronted with their own faults, instead of taking the humble position and correcting them, they prefer to beat the crap out of the accusers in order to stay in power. this is my opinion

  2. For people in general it is of course depressing to hear that Prabhupada travelling at age of 70 via cargo ship to US, with no money and bad health, was poisoned ten years later by his own secretaries. Motive: greed for money.
    The very point Prabhupada would mention in almost every class he gave, illusion of material opulence, became the cause for his premature death. People in general might figure, wow, this is really horrible, is there anything more horrible? And those crime suspects presently living on top of Chandradaya Mandir in a luxurious penthouse? Don't have to work because 15,000 Bengali disciples are serving and massaging them 24/7... Isnt this bizarre? It is! So naturally there are some devotees who feel like to just crawl under a rock, wish the ground would open and swallow them up? Who can express annoyance or ill will at those devotees who don't want to believe it? Please step forward!

  3. Prabhus, why are you looking for poison? Wouldn't you rather look for honey?

    1. Alexander Shenkar, yes we want honey. But when a man pisses in our mouth and tells us it is nectar since he is a pure devotee guru and we just have to accept it otherwise his disciples will beat the crap out of us for blaspheming him, or if his disciples tell us to drink the "guru"'s piss as nectar or else they will beat us up for him, then I say this kind of "nectarine ambrosial honey' we do not need. Maybe if I piss in their mouths these gurus will be so much on the transcendental platform they will take urine as honey, but I am on no such platform. Are you?


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