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Partial List of Deceased Srila Prabhupada Disciples

[PADA: Thanks for this list prabhu. Yes we will post it and try to get it updated. We are sorry to hear that the web site that made this list and was updating it -- no longer exists. Yes, it seems that most of the Srila Prabhupada disciples are not getting any sort of memorial recognition from the current managers. 

Anyway, yes it would seem this list is old and not up to date, so we'll post it and hopefully people will comment on it with updates and maybe a brief paragraph about the particular devotee who departed. Some sort of memorial should have been made a long time ago, we could not agree more.  ys pd]     

Deceased Disciples of Srila Prabhupada and

Deceased Disciples of Srila Prabhupada's Disciples

01. Abhipraya dasa (ACBSP)
02. Acarya dasa (ACBSP)
03. Acarya dasa (KD)
04. Adiraja dasa
05. Advaita Candra dasa (PVS)
06. Ajitananda das (ACBSP) (Berkeley)
07. Aksobhya dasa (ACBSP)
08. Amara Stavya (ACBSP)
09. Ambarisa dasa (ACBSP)
10. Ambarish dasa (LOK)
11. Ananda Bhakti devi dasi (ACBSP)
12. Ananda prajnata dasa (HKD)
13. Anantadeva dasa (ACBSP)
14. Antardhyana devi dasi (ACBSP)
15. Arca Vigraha devi dasi (GRS)
16. Archi Devi dasi
17. Arjuna dasa (?)
18. Arjuna das (Gurukuli)
19. Artikha dasa (GKS)
20. Aruni dasa (ACBSP)
21. Ati Candra devi dasi (ACBSP)
22. Atita Guna (JPS)
23. Atmananda dasa (HKD)
24. Atmayoni dasa (HKD)
25. Atrimuni das (ACBSP)
26. Badarayani dasa (ACBSP)
27. Bahudaka dasa (ACBSP)
28. Bala Gopal dasa )
29. Baladeva dasa (SM)
30. Barhisati dasa (ACBSP)
31. Bhakta devi dasi (ACBSP)
32. Bhakti Dayal dasa (ACBSP)
33. Bhakta George prabhu (ACBSP follower) departed November 2013
34. Braja Kisora (ACBSP)
35. Bhakti Shakti dasa (HKD)
36. Bhakti Tirtha swami (ACBSP)
37. Bhakti Yoga devi dasi (HDG)
38. Bhaktipramoda dasa (ACBSP)
39. Bhaktivedanta Madhava Swami (ACBSP)
40. Bhava-priya dasi (BD)
41. Bidan Candra dasa (ACBSP)
42. Bindu Madhava dasa (SM)
43. Braja Kisora dasa (ACBSP)
44. Braja Jana dasa (ACBSP)
45. Brhaspati dasa (ACBSP)
46. Brishakapi dasa (ACBSP)
47. Buddhimanta dasa (ACBSP)
48. Caitanya Vallabha dasa (ACBSP)
49. Cakradhari dasa (ACBSP)
50. Caturbahu dasa (ACBSP) (New Orleans)
51. Chediraj dasa (ACBSP)
52. Cirantana devi dasi (ACBSP)
53. Daksina devi dasi (ACBSP)
54. Damayanti devi dasi (HKD)
55. Damodara dasa (KKD)
56. Damodara Priya dasa (GKS)
57. Damodara Svarupa dasa (ACBSP)
58. Devahuti devi dasi (ACBSP)
59. Devananda dasa (ACBSP)
60. Devyapati dasa (ACBSP)
61. Dham-Ishvari devi dasi (GGS)
62. Dhanurveda dasa (ACBSP)
63. Dharmaraja devi dasi (SDG)
64. Dhenupalaka dasa (ACBSP)
65. Dhiranayaka dasa (ACBSP)
66. Dhiroddata dasa (RSD)
67. Dhoumya dasa (ACBSP)
68. Dhrtavrata dasa (ACBSP)
69. Durjaya dasa (ACBSP)
70. Durvasa Muni dasa (ACBSP)
71. Dvarakesa dasa (ACBSP)
72. Edadasi dasa (ACBSP)
73. Ekatma dasa (ACBSP)
74. Gabhira dasa (ACBSP)
75. Gadadhara dasa (ACBSP)
76. Gananatha dasa (ACBSP)
77. Gaudiya Vaisnava dasa (ACBSP)
78. HH Gour Govinda Swami (ACBSP) (Bubaneshvara)
79. Gaurangi devi dasi (NRS)
80. Gaura-priya devi dasi (SM)
81. Gaurasakti dasa (ACBSP)
78. Gauri devi dasi (ACBSP)
79. Girimakha dasa (ACBSP)
80. Girisa Candra dasa (ACBSP)
81. Gokula-pati dasa (GPS)
82. Gopagopisvara dasa (ACBSP)
83. HH Gopijanavallabha Swami (ACBSP) (Texas)
84. Goswami dasa (SDG)
85. Govinda dasa (ACBSP)
86. Gurucharan dasa
87. Haravapu dasa (HKD)
88. Harenama dasa (ACBSP)
89. Hari Bhadra dasi
90. Haribolananda dasa (HKD)
91. Harivallabha dasa (ACBSP)
92. Hayagriva dasa (ACBSP)
93. Hayesvara dasa (ACBSP)
94. Hladini devi dasi (ACBSP) (Africa)
95. Isvara devi dasi (HDG)
00. Jagganatha dasa (Berkeley devotee)
96. Jagannatha Prasadananda dasa (ACBSP)
97. Jananivasa dasa (ACBSP) (Mayapura)
98. Janaprana dasa (ACBSP)
99. Jaya Gopala dasa (ACBSP)
100. Jayakula dasa (ACBSP)
101. HG Jayananda dasa (ACBSP) (Berkeley)
102. Jayapatni devi dasi (ACBSP)
103. Jayaradhe Devi Dasi (ACBSP) (Berkeley)
104. Jayasri devi dasi (ACBSP)
105. Jayatirtha dasa (ACBSP) (Los Angeles)
106. Jiva dasa (ACBSP) (Berkeley)
107. Jnanavigraha dasa (ACBSP)
108. Jyotsna dasa (ACBSP)
109. Kalaksara dasa (ACBSP)
110. Kalpataru dasa (ACBSP)
111. Karana-jal dasa
112. Kamla devi dasi
113. Karmasaksi dasa (ACBSP)
114. Karttikeya dasa (ACBSP)
115. Kausika dasa (ACBSP)
116. Kirtida devi dasi
117. Kirtima devi dasi (ACBSP)
118. Krishnalila devi dasi (GPS)
119. Krsna Ananda dasa (ACBSP)
120. Krsna Devi dasi (BKG)
121. Krsnakanta devi dasi (ACBSP)
122. Krsnakaruna devi dasi (ACBSP)
000. Kulashekara das (ACBS) (Alachua)
123. Kumari dasi (ACBSP)
124. Kunti devi dasi (ACBSP)
000. Kusakratha das (ACBSP) (Los Angeles)
125. Labanga Mangala devi dasi (GKG)
126. Laksmihari dasa (ACBSP)
127. Lalitakumara dasa (ACBSP)
128. Lalitananda dasa (ACBSP)
129. Lalitasakhi dasa (ACBSP)
130. Laxmi Narayan dasa (PVS)
131. Lila Vrindavan devi dasi
132. Lohitaksa dasa (ACBSP)
133. Lokamangala dasa (ACBSP)
134. Madana Mohana dasa (ACBSP)
135. Madhava Krsna dasa (GKG)
136. Madhuprita dasa (ACBSP)
137. Mahasakti dasa (ACBSP)
138. Mahavirya dasa (ACBSP)
139. Mahimabhusana devi dasi (ACBSP)
140. Mamu Thakura dasa (ACBSP)
141. Manasatita dasa (ACBSP)
142. Mangalamaya dasa (ACBSP)
143. Manimanjari devi dasi (ACBSP)
144. Manisa devi dasi (ACBSP)
145. Markendeya dasa (ACBSP)
146. Markandeya Rsi dasa (ACBSP)
147. Mathura dasa Brahmacari (ACBSP)
148. Matsya dasa (HKD)
149. Mayamanusya dasa (ACBSP)
150. Mrda devi dasi (ACBSP)
151. Mrgesa dasa (ACBSP)
152. Muktananda dasa (ACBSP)
000. Mulaprakrti dasi (ACBSP) (Santa Cruz)
153. Nagendra dasa (ACBSP)
154. Nakadi dasa (ACBSP)
155. Nakula dasa (ACBSP)
156. Nama Hatta dasa (BD)
157. Narakantaka dasa (ACBSP)
158. Narendra dasa (ACBSP)
159. Nataraja dasa (ACBSP)
160. Navadvipa Candra devi dasi (DS)
161. Netra dasa (ACBSP)
162. Nigama dasa Brahmacari
163. Nimai dasa
164. Nimai Bhakti Pralad dasa
165. Nimai Sundara dasa (ACBSP)
166. Niskrodha dasa (ACBSP)
167. Nitaipada dasa (ACBSP)
168. Nitya Siddha devi dasi (NR)
169. Nrsinga Sila dasa (HAN)
170. Ojasvi dasa (ACBSP)
171. Omkara dasa (ACBSP)
172. Paila Rsi dasa (ACBSP)
173. Parambrahma das (ACBSP)
174. Parasurama dasa (ACBSP)
175. Parivadi dasa (ACBSP)
176. Prabhavati devi dasi (ACBSP)
177. Prabhavati devi dasi (ACBSP)
178. Prabhu dasa (ACBSP)
179. Pranava dasa (ACBSP)
180. Pratejas dasa (ACBSP)
181. Pratirupa dasa (ACBSP)
182. Pravadi dasa (BD)
183. Prayaga devi dasi (ACBSP)
184. Premaprayojana dasa (ACBSP)
185. Prthuputra dasa (ACBSP)
186. Purvacitti devi devi dasi (ACBSP)
187. Puspaloka dasa (ACBSP)
188. Radhamadanamohana dasa (ACBSP)
189. Radhapada dasa (ACBSP)
190. Radhavinoda das (ACBSP)
191. Radha Vrndavana Chandra devi dasi
192. Radhika-devi dasi (ACBSP)
193. Radika Sundari devi dasi (VBD)
194. Raghava dasa (ACBSP)
195. Raghava Caitanya dasa (ACBSP)
196. Raghava-Pandit dasa (HKD)
197. Raghumisra dasa (ACBSP)
198. Raghunandana dasa (ACBSP)
199. Rajanya dasa (HKD)
200. Rajarsi dasa (SDG)
201. Rakta-Patta dasa (GPS)
202. Ram dasa Adikari
203. Ramabhadra dasa (ACBSP)
204. Ramacarya dasa (ACBSP)
205. Ramakrsna dasa (ACBSP)
206. Ramananda dasa (ACBSP)
207. Ramaranjana dasa (ACBSP)
208. Ramgovind dasa (JPS)
209. Rantideva dasa (NS)
210. Rasajna dasa (ACBSP)
211. Rati devi dasi (HKD)
212. Ratnaranjini devi dasi (ACBSP)
213. Rayarama dasa (ACBSP)
214. Revatiramana dasa (ACBSP)
215. Ruci dasa (ACBSP)
216. Rupa Manohara dasa
217. Saci Suta dasa (HKD)
218. Sadbhuja dasa (IDS)
219. Sahasranama dasa (ACBSP)
220. Samba dasa (ACBSP)
221. Samjata dasa (ACBSP)
222. Sankara devi dasi (ACBSP)
223. Santi devi dasi (IDS)
224. Sarvaksa dasa (ACBSP)
225. Satyasena dasa (ACBSP)
226. Satyavak dasa (ACBSP)
227. Somaka dasa (ACBSP)
228. Sridhama dasa (ACBSP)
000. Sridhara Swami (ACBSP)
229. Srimati Tulsi Priya devi dasi (ACBSP)
230. Srinatha dasa (ACBSP)
231. Sripati Pandita dasa (JPS)
232. Sriranga dasa (ACBSP)
233. Sri-Sakti Devi dasi (GPS)
234. Subhacara dasa (HKD)
235. Subhacara dasa (IDS)
236. Sucisrava dasa (ACBSP)
237. Sudhama dasa (ACBSP)
000. Suhotra swami (ACBSP) (Mayapura)
238. Suklamvara dasa (ACBSP)
239. Sukirti dasa (ACBSP)
240. Sulocana dasa (ACBSP)
241. Sunita devi dasi (ACBSP)
242. Surendra dasa (ACBSP)
243. Sureswar dasa
244. Suvrata dasa (ACBSP)
245. Svastika dasa (ACBSP)
246. Syamali devi dasi (?)
247. Syamapriya devi dasi
248. HH Tamal Krsna Goswami (ACBSP)
249. Tapomurti dasa (ACBSP)
250. Taracandra dasa (ACBSP)
251. Tarksya dasa (ACBSP)
252. Tarksya dasa (ACBSP)
253. Taru dasa (ACBSP) (New Vrndavana)
254. Tattvavada dasa (ACBSP)
255. Tejo Gaura (GM)
256. Tirthasadaka dasa (ACBSP)
257. Tribhuvanatha dasa (ACBSP) (UK)
258. Tribhuvaneswari devi dasi (ACBSP) (Berkeley)
259. Tridandi dasa (ACBSP)
260. Tridandhi dasa (SDG)
261. Trilokesvara dasa (BD)
262. Triveni dasa (ACBSP)
263. Tusta Krsna dasa (ACBSP)
264. Upendra dasa (ACBSP)
265. Urukrama dasa (SDG)
266. Usika dasa (ACBSP)
267. Vaidyanatha dasa (ACBSP)
268. Vallabha Caitanya (HKD)
269. Valmiki dasa (ACBSP)
270. Vamana Dev dasa (ACBSP)
271. Vamsidhari dasa (SDG)
272. Vararoha dasa (HKD)
273. Varnasrama dasa (ACBSP)
274. Vasudeva Purayana (ACBSP)
275. Vasupati dasa (ACBSP)
276. Vedapriya devi dasi (ACBSP)
277. Venudhara dasa (ACBSP)
278. Vidarbharani devi dasi (ACBSP)
279. Vidvatpriya dasa (HKD)
280. Vraja-lila devi dasi (IDS)
281. Vijayadvaja dasa (ACBSP)
282. Vijnana Rupa dasa (ACBSP)
283. Vilasini-devi devi dasi
284. Vilasini-devi devi dasi (ACBSP)
285. Viraha dasa (ACBSP)
286. Virendra dasa (ACBSP)
287. HH Visnujana Swami (ACBSP)
288. Visnupada dasa (ACBSP)
289. Vitanka dasa (ACBSP)
290. Vraja Lila devi dasi (IDS)
291. Vraja-loka dasa (PVS)
292. Vrajalalana devi dasi (ACBSP)
293. Vrindavana dasa (JD)
294. Vrndavaneswari devi dasi (IDS)
295. Yadavanada dasa (ACBSP)
296. Yadunatha dasa (TKG)
297. Yajnanga dasa (ACBSP)
298. Yajnapati dasa (ACBSP)
000. Yamuna Dasi (ACBSP) (Alachua)
299. Yamunacarya dasa (SDG)
300. Yasoda Dulala dasa (ACBSP)
301. Yasodamayi devi dasi (ACBSP)
302. Yasodavatsala dasa (ACBSP)
303. Yogendra dasa (ACBSP)

Deceased ex-kulis:
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  1. sridhar swami, bhakti tirta swami, yamuna devi. there is 3 real big names u missed. so, im sure there are many more missing from the list

  2. unrelated news; jagat guru Kripalu maharaja just passed away thus morning at age 91. link:

  3. Bharata Das is missing, he died recently in Sweden.

  4. The absence of His Grace Kusakratha Prabhu's name is a significant omission...

  5. Suhotra Swami is missing, this list is at least 12 years old.

  6. From <>:

    Yasogami devi dasi, Detroit, August, 1975

    She left her body a few years ago.

  7. From <>:

    Sadaputa dasa, Atlanta, September, 1975

    He left his body a few years ago.

  8. Vrsa dasa ACBSP passed away in 2007 in Australia initiated in 1973 he is not on list

  9. HH Ksirodaksayivisnu Maharaj(ACBSP) (Vrndavan), HG Aindra Prabhu (ACBSP), HG Vrajavadhu Dasi (ACBSP), HH Purnachandra Goswami (ACBSP), HG Adiguru Prabhu (ACBSP) (Mayapur), HH Mahakrama Swami (ACBSP), HH Narmada Goswami (BBT ISKCON Mumbai), Bhakti Swarup Damodar Maharaj (ACBSP), Kirtanananda Swami (ACBSP), HH Jayatirtha Maharaj (ACBSP)...

  10. Nirguna prabhu from Atlanta, Ga


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