Sunday, November 10, 2013

Jadurani Assaulted / Beaten Incident Reviewed

**** DASA: THE JADURANI INCIDENT In the summer of 1980, Jadurani became convinced that the eleven gurus had never been appointed by Srila Prabhupada. So she left the LA temple to join devotees in Pittsburgh who were attempting to form an association to rid the movement of the eleven gurus. She began to work on her papers, explaining why the eleven gurus could not possibly be bona fide. Foolishly she allowed Jayadvaita, the editor of Back to Godhead, to convince her to take shelter of Kirtanananda.

She agreed to make some paintings for the Palace. However, she could not refrain from telling anyone who would listen that Kirtanananda was not a bona fide guru. Two New Vrindaban women complained to Kirtanananda. These women, Parayani and Isani, wanted to physically attack Jadurani. They were given the go-ahead by Kirtanananda, who said: "Do the needful, but don't tell me about it." They fell upon Jadurani and severely beat her, kicking her in the face and not stopping until she was literally drenched in blood. Then, they attempted to take her bloody sari to hang on a post as a warning to anyone else who would "dare to blaspheme" Kirtanananda. Svarupa dasa managed to save Jadurani and took her to the hospital. She stayed in Pittsburgh until she joined devotees in Buffalo who were also involved in the anti-"guru" campaign.

**** Das: She was Monkey on a Stick number one. The opening of the Sulochan's drama.

**** Dasi: She has been very traumatized by this experience in iskcon.

**** Das: She would have been better off in Los Angeles with us. Here Rameswara, would not have touched her. Over our dead bodies.

[PADA: She was attacked at the LA Rathayatra right after being beaten in West Virginia, a devotee who knows karate pushed back her attackers. Otherwise she would have been beaten again.]

**** Dasa: Demons attacked her, now Ishani has been eating meat - from the frying pan into fire.

**** Dasi: And Parayani, where's now? Hoping that Isani was not a S.P.disciple.

***** Dasa: Parayani when I was in New Vrindavan West Virginia ---she was less than a slut sleeping with any man ---1982 and I left 87 --- she was crazy.

**** Dasi: Prabhu, Was Isani a S.P.disciple?

**** Das: Yes she was. There were 12-14 mothers who beat her up --- best is ask mother Jadhu rani----she has more details. It is all very sad. When Kirtananda wanted to introduce the robes --- I strongly opposed -- giving them great pointers stating that this movement became successful knowing the term Hare Krishna guys --- when non devotees see someone in robes that would not think of them as Hare Krishna, --but rather some weird cult --or Christian cult ----he screamed at me --- finally one of my senior G od brothers said -- leave new vrindavan or they will kill you and your family ---- so he kicked us out ---this was blessing in disguise by Krishna's mercy.

[PADA: We visited New Vrndavana right after the Jadurani incident and the people there were saying "she got what she deserved." Sulochana had moved there and we told him, "Get out of here while you can, this place is a ticking time bomb." 

He decided to wait there and stay, but this was also part of the greater plan for us to work together later to take down that regime. Yep, there are still some residual idyoots out there saying -- we should not have opposed this regime because we "created bad publicity." They wanted hundreds of more Jadurani's incidents to occur. 

Sorry, we had to try to stop that from happening to other women ...  of course now the Prahlad crew wants us to work with the people who promote the worship of Radhanath, because as soon as he sees the leaders of the program which orchestrates women devotees being assaulted, he has to lick their boots and call them his new messiahs. Sulochana was right, we had to expose these folks, they are dangerous! ys pd] 


  1. ANON: It is very sad what happened to Jadurani it reminds us that these people these Iskcon thugs are just religious fanatics. Some of them (not all of them) do not have a spiritual bone in their bodies. Quite often the people who perform the actual violence are flagged to do so by so called spiritual leaders, as in the case above Kirtananda who is now buried in a Samadhi all thanks to Radanath another one of Kirtananda's henchmen and now the poster boy of Iskcon who imitates Lord Chaitanya. Jadurani left Iskcon to join Narayan Maharaja which I have no issue with, after all its Lord Chaitanya's movement and the philosopy is eternal (Sanatan Dharma) nobody owns it. Narayan Maharaja's position on the abused children of Iskcon was (verbatim) "It was the childrens Karma!". Jadurani now tours the world and whenever she is asked about the abused chidren of Iskcon she never mentions that it was a henious crime she simply says "It was the Karma of the Children!". Sorry time out this is not a ...

    [PADA: Correct, NM camp supported the bogus gurus, now they claim the victims of the bogus regime they supported are -- getting their karma. ys pd]

  2. The next time any of the leaders of ISKCON, the Gaudiya Math, or any devotees ever say anything about the kulis "getting their karma" we should all respond back, "And you are getting yours! Because you mistreated so many devotees they have all left and now you are constantly fighting and bickering over what is left, instead of being able to enjoy it all for yourselves like you thought you'd be able to do.".


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