Sunday, November 17, 2013

ISKCON to Participate in Inter-Faith Band Competition,4148/

[PADA: You can hang out with other faiths, but not the ritviks? ys pd]

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  1. "Moment of Truth are hoping that their deep philosophical lyrics will get the UF crowd to "

    "Shelter"'s DEEP PHILOSOPHICAL LYRICS instead of Srila Prabhupada's? LOL. They are hoping alright, but they are hoping against hope. A knock off band of Shelter? Will the Youth of Today even care?

    ONe time, in the Lilamrta, Prabhupada was also invited to a gathring of debaters who were using his fame to spread their own philosophy. After the meeting he said they did not want to hear about Krishna and he never would go to such an event again.

    But still this sounds good to me, despite all my joking about it. I hope a ritvik goes there with a camera and films the crowd's readctions during the program, espeicallly the devotee's, and puts it on youtube so everyone can get the real reaction to a band that "covers" another band they probably never even heard of or care about. Now that would be entertaining.

    As far as the poetry reading with the Rabbi what would Prabhupada say? He probably would condemn it because why not just go and listen to a rabbi instead of the devotees if the rabbi carries so much weight?


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