Friday, November 29, 2013

Visakha Dasi Writes on Women's Issue

[PADA: Good basic quotes and concepts, unfortunately she does not address the over top heavy anti-women mis-management of current ISKCON. If the root of the problem is not being addressed, it won't be solved.

Vishaka's husband is YADUBARA DASA and he told me once "ISKCON is like a place where everyone is sitting around a big table, and there is a dead body hanging over the table, and no one wants to discuss it." I said -- that is really amazing, I am officially launching the poison issue this week, you are totally correct. 

In any case he is right on all levels, there are a lot of problems and not too many people are discussing, for one thing, because they will be banned and shunned if they do. Or worse. And if they do speak up, like we have been doing, then one will be attacked by just about everyone -- as we have been. Its called denial of the problem. And this is what has also plagued the Christian with abuses in their church also not being discussed and so on.

In any case, we are glad at least some counterpoints are being made by a few people. As we see with DUSYANTA DAS, he tries to argue against the ritviks, but he ends up giving all the best arguments of the ritviks, -- i.e. The guru is eternal; Serving the Vani is the real point; The guru lives on forever in his Vani, etc. -- ok he is saying what we have been saying all along. That means our arguments are filtering into the ISKCON society, like it or not. These people are parrots of us, even though -- they do not know it! Visaka now says the women are not being treated well, ok and -- thats what we said all along. She is now parroting what we said decades ago.  

If anyone knows who "" is, let us know, its looks like they support Gaudiya Matha, Sridhara Maharaja, Mahanidhi swami, ISKCON gurus, it seems to be a mish mash. ys pd]


  1. This is a disciple of Mahinidhi Swami --

    Registrant Name: Alexander Shenkar
    Registrant Address1: 6000 Ohio Drive
    Registrant Address2: 313
    Registrant City: Dallas
    Registrant State/Province: Texas
    Registrant Postal Code: 75093
    Registrant Country: United States
    Registrant Country Code: US
    Registrant Phone Number: +1.9728141209
    Registrant Email:

  2. I'm not anyone's disciple. I'm just an uninitiated bhakta nobody. Simple fact of the matter is that when I see a saintly person attacked, I will not sit with my hands folded. I will defend. I will stand up for what is right.

  3. Coming back to the original topic WOMEN ISSUE, I would like to encourage Visakha dasi to also point out the situation of children within ISKCON. After all according Prabhupada this is the responsibilty of woman.

    When totally isolating ISKCON kids - at this point these children are helplessly at the mercy of their parents - you have to 100% guarantee that these children are set for life - have no more financial worries.

    Not that later on you send them to karmi jobs where they are treated like garbage, suffer like dogs and contemplating suicide. First you let these kids grow up by telling them material education is maya humbug and later on you send them to karmi jobs where they require passed professional education. This is not only cheating your own kids but also fooling the public.

    This rascaldom is going on everywhere. These kids feel cheated by their own parents. Pseudo childhood with home-schooling and locked away from material society.

    And later on: You want to finance adequate family life? Go and check in at a karmi job where they tell you that you're an uneducated rascal and beat you with sticks. For the rest of life work like an ass for the karmis.

    So this is modern Vaishnava intelligence, humbug man demands submissive wife and both produce kids which are send like asses to work for karmis.

  4. Dear Alexander,
    pamho AGTSP
    How can a supporter/member of the illicit sex with men,women and children while in the Dress of a Sannyasi and Vaishnava Acharya(Diksha Guru) club like Mahanidhi Swami be considered "a saintly person"? He is simply a severe offender in the dress of a Vaishnava.

    You are very very mislead, because you have not understood the history of the movement after 1977.(And so was I myself, before actually sitting down and studying up on the facts, most likely all the ISKCON Devotees are themselves implicated in the bogus Guru programs and have been lying to you out of ignorance or lying to cheat you. Here we do not want your money or worship like in ISKCON, Prabhupadanugas are for real truth) My tip tip you, watch Purajana Prabhu's videos on what really happened after 1977:


  5. Dear Anonymous,

    How can you believe what the GBC declares while at the same time denounce their regime? Are you arbitrarily picking what fits your agenda or are you rationally weighing all evidences - or the lack there of? Think about it. You reject the GBC when they appoint a 'guru' but you accept them when they reject one. If you don't see them fit to appoint a guru, then why would you see them fit to discern a bona-fide guru from a bogus one?

    Just because many gurus have fallen it doesn't mean that all 'gurus' are bogus. This is a fallacy of inductive reasoning. Mahanidhi swami is a black swan. Of everything I've seen of him, his lectures and books - he is a paramahamsa. Unless you can provide evidence, I have no reason to doubt Mahanidhi Swami's standing.

    Also - I find that your choice to post as anonymous impersonal. Speaking to you feels like I'm conversing with a voice from Brahmajyoti. Please manifest your identity.

    Hari Hari!

  6. The GBC was told that Mahanidhi was failing by his secretary in 2001, they covered it up. I know the secretary personally and he was mistreated and vilified by the other leaders for his pointing out that their acharya was failing.

    * They were told Bhavananda was having homosex, they covered it up and even reinstated him.

    * When I told the GBC gurus Jayatirtha is taking drugs and having illicit sex, they covered it up and kicked me out.

    * And they covered up for Satsvarupa, Lokanatha swami and the list is endless here.

    So all of the other gurus are the ones covering up these bogus activities in the name of Krishna's guru successors, that makes them not pure also. There are no examples of acharyas covering up for the fall downs of other acharyas, because acharyas are not falling down, and I am surprised you do not even know that? ys pd

  7. Dear Krishna1008,

    You were told one version of the story.

    Mahanidhi Swami told another version of the story.

    So it best it sounds like a He-said vs She-said affair without conclusive evidence to confirm one way or another. I give you that there are allegations, but the point in question is whether these allegations are true. You haven't provided me any evidence aside from hearsay. So should I believe the unsubstantiated hearsay or the overwhelming positive evidence you can find through books and lectures?

    Yes there is a long outstanding history of coverups and fall downs. You're operating under the premise that if other 'gurus' have fallen and been protected, that the same thing must be happening with Mahanidhi Swami. But thats a huge leap of faith, one which cannot be rationally justified.

    If you can show me strong evidence that in fact there was a 'fall down' - then I will publish the details. But - I will follow the AP (Associated Press) standard of ethical values, and will not publish pass-me-down hearsay.

    You accuse the 'acharyas' of covering up, but by promoting a story without supporting evidence, you're actually guilty of covering up the truth in the name of fitting the events to your predictable narrative.

    Ys -Alexander

  8. OK, well as I stated earlier, his former secretary Gaurnagasundara stated that he caught Mahanidhi in the act of embracing a woman in 2001, and he reported that to the GBC. The fact that his disciples are reporting the same thing now simply confirms earlier reports.

    The same people who reinstated Bhavananda voted in Mahanidhi, so he has been certified as guru by the same people who certify known homosexuals as gurus, that is a fact and is not heresay because Bhavananda admits he was doing these things.

    Jayatirtha was caught having sex with a follower and there was a photo of him engaged in illicit sex, taken by a woman disciple who sneaked into to see her guru in samadhi, only to see he was having sex.

    The GBC was presented with that photo, it was not heresay. He was also taking drugs, because he was stoned on drugs and yelling like a fool on his Vyasa seat, this was seen by thousands of people. After the photo was seen, and the drugs were reported, the GBC kicked me out for saying gurus are not debauchees and they kept Jayatirtha on the Vyasa seat as their acharya.

    This has happened in many cases, they were reported all kinds of things and they covered it up. When I said there was child molesting program going on, they said so what, who cares, take us to court. So the issue was taken to court and they were sued for $400,000,000 and they pleaded no contest. In other words, they wanted it to go to court, they even said that, take this to court. So they covered up the problem and that is the pattern.

    You have not answered the original questions, which previous acharyas voted in deviants as acharyas, covered up for deviants posing as acharyas, reinistated deviants posing as acharyas, orchestrated murders of those who dissented deviants posing as acharyas -- etc. etc. ys pd

    1. Alexander, hang in there, you will find a true guru in ISKCON one day. Pada, you ask which previous acharyas voted in deviants as acharyas? Covered up for deviants posing as acharyas? Reinstated deviants posing as acharyas? The answer is, Srila Prabhupada. He set up the GBC system of voting in acharyas by allowing them to choose new "gurus as needed" without giving them any other system. He covered up for K. Swami when K. Swami fell down by saying not to advertise when devotees fell down, and even saying not to print his letters (that letter is in the printed letters book) and he reinstated K. Swami after K. Swami fell down, along with every other devotee who left ISKCON and later came back while Prabhupada was on the planet that he allowed to come back. etc etc ys Anonymous

  9. Srila Prabhupada covered up for Kirtanananda when he was posing as an acharya? That never happened. Kirtanananda was never declared an an acharya when Srila Prabhupada was here. Srila Prabhupada never said these people are acharyas.

    He said the GBC are always causing him problems, giving him headaches, he cannot sleep at night because of their schemes, where does he say they are acharyas?

    Sorry, you are re-writing history here. He said they are kindergarten, ABC, like washing coals, not following, not chanting, he said so many things about these leaders, but he never said they are acharyas.

    Yes, Srila Prabhupada allowed even Bali Mardan back, but he never said, this man is the next acharya? You are mixing up forgiving neophytes with allowing fools to pose as acharyas.

    As for the letters, yes the letters were being hidden and not published, and as soon as Sulochana began to print them, he was assassinated by the GBC guru program for printing them. ys pd

  10. You are truly missing the point. Acharya or not, Prabhupada chastised his men when they told him they no longer wanted to call Kirtanandana and Bali Mardan by their devotee names. He allowed them their big "positions". He put them up there above the ordinary devotees. He hid their letters that he wrote to them. Yes the very same people who were giving him so many problems he hid things about, never exposed them to the justice system, etc.

    [PADA: Sorry, that does not make Bali Mardan, Kirtanananda and other acharyas? The point is that Srila Prabhupada made many critical comments about his leaders that were known to all of us, he said they were giving him headaches, they were not following, they were motivated, they were not chanting, they were after pounds, shilling and pence, he never said they are acharyas. If you think an administrator is a messiah, you need to re-examine your ideas, He also said if someone is committing a crime, call the police. And we did call the police when a devotee was caught stealing from the temple. ys pd]

  11. Jesus was liberal with his disciple Judas, and so, Judas should be the successor? Not sure what this person is saying.

  12. Show us a religion that does not have troubles? Good luck!


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