Saturday, November 26, 2011

Victim of GBC goonda's violence speaks up

[PADA: This is great stuff actually. "Dissenters" have been banned, beaten, assaulted and sometimes killed for the past 35 years, but finally more and more of these "victims" are openly speaking up. The fear of the goonda bully commission (GBC) is diminishing, and there are thus more and more folks speaking up, writing, starting web sites, posting on blogs etc. -- exposing this rascaldom. Had this "expose" style started at the beginning in 1978, these violent goons would have been exposed a long time ago. Anyway, better late than never! This new wave of brave vaishnavas deserve lots of credit because after they expose this type of thing, it saves others from falling into the same trap and getting victimized. ys pd]   

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